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Work 😝 but so early 😴

Breakfast I had a banana. Lunch I had a banana and a tuna sandwich but I only ate the bread and a milk strawberry ice cream. When I got home I had shrimp cocktail with corn chips. And until now PINT PARTYYY YEEE I got 2 scoops one being Reese’s peanut butter cup and chocolate chip cookie dough but I recommend the Reese’s hehe. And I also had a kind of white vanilla pastry which was good also. And right now my dad is going to bring me fries with avocado, sour cream, beans, and meat oh my
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Not my average post but proof I eat stuff other than peanut butter 😜

Honesty time... this is the first time I’ve had a full size candy since I can remember when 🙊 I usually am not a big candy person. It’s just too sweet for a snack all the time personally and can upset my tummy but we have a 3 hour car ride and I was hungry and we had these in the car so I had them! #recoverywin 🎊 My head was saying no because I keep eating “too many” carbs and fats and never enough protein but honestly I have been feeling alright and macros don’t matter, what matters is that I am fueled and feeling good 💁🏼‍♀️ and the same goes for you all! Eat what you enjoy, not what society says to or what is deemed healthy 🤦🏼‍♀️ I promise you will feel so much better 🙌

I know I’ve posted this pic before but I love it. 😂 Today was long and busy. The one veterinarian there today didn’t even get a break. 😩 But I felt so on top of things and felt good. I love how I feel when I’m there and actually doing things instead of bored out of my mind. I don’t go back until 12 on Monday. 🎉 I came home and started making dinner because all I’d eaten all day were pretzels and Gummy Life Savers in between appointments. My mom and I kinda got into it because she thinks I’ve lost weight and wants me to gain 5lbs. I’ve only lost like 1lb since I’ve been working here. Plus I’m wearing a sweatshirt and baggy pants so I have no idea how she could even tell?? Either way I ate dinner. It didn’t affect me at all like it would’ve in the past. It’s only 8pm and I’m really tired. 😪 Gonna watch Trisha Paytas’ and Shane Dawson’s videos together because I love them and they make me laugh so hard. I have a #Trane shirt that I cherish. ❤️
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Dinner :
my favourite soup 😻 (vegetable minestrone 🍵)
4 gingerbread cookies 🍪
4 social tea cookies 🍪
10 lemon cookie hearts 💛🍋
Annie’s chocolate cookie bunnies 🐰 🍫
Annie’s gummies 🍭🐰
2 bags of raisin cinnamon apple granola bites 🍇🍏
Popcorn 🍿
Apple cinnamon oatmeal 🍏
Honeydew melon 🍈
2 apples 🍎 (one unpictured)
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First post 😇
Strawberries 😍🍓🍓
Hi everyone!! 🌝🌝🌟
New to this so bear with me haha.
#recovery #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #realcovery #fruit #snack #healthy #strawberries ... Been scrolling thru ur posts and loving the positivity so far! 🌻

A quick snack as I started feeling a bit nauseous and that’s my body’s way of saying “hey I need to eat”

tonight i had four cheese pizza !! i think this is the first time i’ve had pizza totally without guilt since i began my recovery !! i had this slice + 2/3 of another one. pizza is so so so good. i’m satisfied and i feel happy !! i hope u all had wonderful days 💛 ;
#edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #edfam #recovery #realcovery #prorecovery #minniemaud #positivity #selfcare #selflove

Night snackin😛 haven’t had these in AGES n had been hoarding them so thought why not🤷🏼‍♀️ alongside my usual options hot choc🍫 Hope you all sleep well and remember that tomorrow’s a new day🧡

N/S was a orange and a sugarfree proteinbar🍊
I have had this bar in my cupboard for a long time and been scared of it since i haven't tried it and might not like it. Tonight i built up the courage to finally eat it and i really did not like it at all(i usually love all things licorice) but i ate it anyway since i get anxiety from changing things in the middle of meals since i dont know how much to replace and stuff. So it feels like wasted calories but i have to convince myself that there is no such things and that i can have a new bar that i know i will like tomorrow if i want to, no calories are wasted. I just feel really bad about not liking it and i guess i feel it more today since Anorexias voice has been so strong has been so strong so i took some anti Anxiety meds to calm me down and now im going to sleep.🌚 Anyway really proud of all the people here that challenged themselves with pints and other things today, good job!❤️❤️❤️

So true: The poise that gives us that look of confidence comes not from forcing our body to hold a physical posture, but from truly knowing our worth and fundamental lovability. ❤ @EmilyJoyRosen @The.Secret.Keepers

It's been one of those days where I've really reflected on my past and how far I've come. I was stalking my IG back to the very start and I've seen how much I've grown as a person, mentally. It's amazing to see the progress and the ups and the downs and the entire beautiful messy mess that is recovery from mental illness ❤️
I just want to reiterate how grateful I am to have this account. I started this account as a complete last resort, I was completely isolated, lost and needing a friend who understood and who I knew I could talk to and share my experiences with. And I've gained so much more than I ever believed I would have. I'm so fucking grateful for every single person supporting me in my journey. You all mean the absolute world to me. And I mean that, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you 💘
I feel hopeful as today I had my first GP appointment about my mental health in 4 years, meaning I'll be finally 'in the system' again. After a bad experience with mental health services before, I was dreading it. However this was totally different. The doctor spoke to me and he truly, truly cared. And he told me, that if I was ever reach a 'low point' and feel very alone and unsafe, all I need to do is walk to the surgery (it's a new local NHS surgery down the road from me) and somebody will be there to talk. He genuinely cared and I've never had such a positive experience regarding NHS services. I feel respected and trusted and ADULT. Anyway, I understand not everybody is lucky enough to have this experience therefore I'm not going to go on about it as it's unfair - however I hope this gives you faith that there IS hope in the mental health services. We will get there. We will beat this stigma together 💪🏼
Have a beautiful start to your weekend angels. Sending love and light ✨ xxx #bethebiggerbully

Favorite Dinner after a work shift🥪

Eating disorder doesn't affect just you: it affects everyone around you. It changes the way you feel about you, and it surely convinces you that everyone thinks the same way about you. That everyone judges you as harshly as you do. But that isn't true.
And want to know something else?
You are loved even if you don't love yourself 💜

I want to highlight the fact that ED changes the way you think about youself. You may be very judgemental of yourself and judge yourself harshly. But remember that it isn't the absolute truth: no one else sees you the same way.
Don't let your ED to lurk in and convince that everyone thinks the same about you because that is a lie. Your ED is a liar.
So if you're in a relationship, your partner has fallen in love with you for a reason, and that reason is you 💜

Talk. Speak. Be open about how you feel. Do not turn quiet and expect your partner to read your mind because no one can do that. If you fear being touched, speak about that.
If you're ashaimed of something about your body, speak about that.
I know, this is far from easy but please, try to speak, or write a letter if speaking openly is too hard.
Find a way to tell how you feel 💜

I struggle daily with my changed body. Many days are "ugly days", days when I feel the ugliest person on the planet. That can affect my mood, but instead of turning to silent treatment like before, I speak. I tell to my bf that I'm feeling so unattractive, I'm bloated, I'm not feeling my best. And it helps. It doesn't turn the ugly day to pretty day, but talking about it helps. And when my bf tells me how pretty I look and how fabulous I am, it helps me to realize that this is all in my head, that others do NOT see me the way I see myself!
Yeah.. My bf compliments me like dozen times a day which I'm still getting used to 🙈💜.
It's scary, relationships, because you put so much emotional capital in that, and ED is often a coping mechanism, but don't turn to it anymore. Work your way to full recovery, and I strongly recommend you to be honest and open with your partner.
Work on your bodyimage and selflove.
Because everything you invest in you can be seen in every aspect of your life 💜

⭐️ It's time for the PINTPARTY with my girls (I can't tag you all, because we are so many)!!🎉🎉😍😍 #fannyspintparty ❤️❤️
⭐️ I'm nervous!😯 But I can do it, with all your support!👌🏼 And I will of course support all you lovely fighters who are doing this together with me!! ⭐️ WE CAN BEAT ANA TOGETHER!! 🤛🏼❤❤ Let's enjoy our pint - I will have “Half Baked” and it’s my first time I try it, I hope I like it!!😋😍 ⭐️ Remember that "the more you challenge yourself, the weaker ana will be"💕💗💕

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lunch today was so very yummy w/all the veggiessss and yes I DID clean my plate 😋😋😋😋😋

Dinner is 2 potatoes, 1 veggie soypatty, sundried tomatosauce cooked veggies and salad + skim milk🍼
I ATE THIS ALONE! I drank my milk, i had some fat in the pan with my burger and i had cooked veg since my mom told me even though its one of my biggest fears! 💪💪

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