Back to the diet and exercise tomorrow when I’m back home In the UK! #realistic #realbody #fitness #journey

Winnie wasn’t impressed that she couldn’t reach me. You can hear her whining if you turn the sound up 😂

I was struggling to keep my balance and didn’t feel warm or stable enough to go any higher than the calf on my tree pose.

There is strength in a strong foundation and honouring your body with what it needs 😍

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Self acceptance , self love, self esteem all things I struggle with. Self doubt ? I got that one done pact. I have been struggling the past few days. Regardless of “knowing” about the post show feels and thinking how I can handle them “better” the next time around they still hit me like a ton of bricks. On a positive note I have managed to control my eating thus far, no binges or out of control eating which is win for this girl. But here is the kicker despite being on track with my nutrition (maybe an extra bite here and there) the scale still was all over the place this week and it really got to me. I mean if I’m gonna pack on the pounds I want to at least enjoy some food , am I right? I am at one of the lightest scale weights of my adult life yet I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin. Our mind and self perception are insane. One week ago I strutted my stuff on a competition stage feeling proud and secure. Yet yesterday I went to the pool with my family and I was so embarrassed that I let my insecurities ruin my day. I snuck these selfies in the pool bathroom so I could analyze myself 😐 I can’t explain what I see when I look in the mirror but I have a feeling it’s not what others see. I have walked this path before and I know I am strong enough to do it again. But I see no shame it sharing my vulnerability and honesty. I know this is the tough part and i just need to take it one day at a time.
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I had not known deprivation until I met you. Ever since then, I have only starved and for what not.

I was held close by only those 2 a.m. moments when you kissed me so fire, even love couldn't pull us apart.

Photography: @bhavya9514

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Proporții realiste oferite copiilor.
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I'm not into doctoring my body with Photoshop so yes I have rolls like most of us!

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If you’ve ever stayed at a resort in Cabo. They tell you to stay off the shore because those Waves will wipe you out!! Well because I’m a rebel and I sometimes like to believe that I am untouchable when I’m faithful to God I just feel like nothing can faze me. (My thoughts😂) anywho. I jumped from the pool at the resort down to the beach. I just felt the urge to do some grounding and praying. So I went out there and I stood there for a good 4 mins. Praying and walking around in the water, kicking my feet up and Thanking God. It wasn’t until I was finished praying and ran back towards the resort when A guy (Looked like beach patrol I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ )Started running towards me. I think he was going to tell me to get out of the water. But, he was already too late🙄. I’ve already stood there for awhile. Praying and Grounding. I’m not going to lie that was the only time those waves were calm. Because after a few days they started getting Huge, and the water started getting closer to the resort. A Friend who invited me on the Trip shared a few stories about a couple of people dying last year due to the strong currents,rogue waves, and rip tides. I definitely didn’t feel like I was going to die. Why? because, I had faith in MYSELF and I knew I was protected. There was no fear or worry. I felt Guided and at peace after praying. Oh yea, and I wanted to share those LEGSSSSS too with y’all!!!! Come through Body!!! I’M so proud of all the progress I’ve made over these past years. Mentally and Physically. Before when I used to get on IG I had this messed up mindset. I gotta post a picture looking “perfect” abs on deck. V-cut. “Let me pull my pants down to show these cuts.” Y’all I was sick. I wasn’t happy because I had to constantly keep up with that Look and the likes!! Now that I’m living my best life I don’t givaF!! I’m more happier with this extra meat I put on. My Glow up.Pulling my pants up High and giving y’all the bare minimum post.I fell back from this mess because I felt like I had to constantly keep up with the “TREND” not knowing the whole time “I AM THE TREND” I create whatever life I desire. (continued in the comments) #NicB #Fearless #FREE #Faithful #RealBody

Cellulit ✌🔥
Just a reminder that cellulite , strechmarks tummy rolls are NOT flaws, just a normal part of a real body.
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