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Tonic brunch with this cozy boy #newenglandpride #theresacupofojinthepicture

The board is still up for grabs. If you're guessing over $3 in change, you're tripping. #realamateurhour autographed @ernietorres @realskateboards deck. Signed by @antwoine @davistorgerson @aperelson @kwalks @brockel @jakedonnelly and #90smassimo

Guess the correct amount of change I vacuumed out of the can after the #realamateurhour trip and I'll send you a signed board from the crew on the trip.

I'm not giving this bum a dollar. @og_biggs end of the #realamateurhour

Check out @aperelson first instagram photo of @jakedonnelly .#realamateurhour

Later @jakedonnelly, safe flight. End of the #realamateurhour

@jakedonnelly let's go party Chowse #90smassimo

Yeah right, @davistorgerson working the back noseblunts. #realamateurhour

Going to shoot with dude. @aperelson #realamateurhour

NBD!!! @brockel with the fakie ski jump over the curb. #realamateurhour

Slumbering hour. #realamateurhour

Give a follow to @aperelson. #realamateurhour . I stole this photo from @plgsk8, good seeing you today!

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