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The blue Lino performed better than I hoped but still... I want thinner, sharper and straighter lines. Moving on to real Lino next. #linocut #linoprinting #reliefprinting #printmaking #inkonblock #linoblock #readycut #get_imprinted @artyinc #lino_now #justprintmaking #carouselhorse

This serpent-y sister will be available next week 〰 this is an old block that I never got around to printing. I like her. 〰 size is 10 x 10” 〰 I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Spending this snowy Saturday night test printing a new #linocut #dropcap ❄️⛄️

Getting my hand ready before drawing weekend marathon ✨🕺🏿🤣 it’s a CATURDAY before finishing all my to do list!

Here is a printing process video! Turn up the volume for printing sounds if that’s your thing. I’m using Readycut rubber, Super Graphic Black ink by Speedball, and some lightweight cardstock for test printing. Let me know if you have any questions. This lady will be available on 2/28! ⋒ ⋓ ⋒ ⋓ I’m planning to take a petit pause from social media (one week) to focus on printing & getting organized. I hope you all have a lovely week! ♡ ♡ c u soon!

Experiment with #goldenopenacrylics on multimedia paper. Used lino block like a #gelliplate to add simple color and texture. Pelican is Speedball Supergraphic Black. I’m glad I tried but it will be acrylic paint for gelli plates and oil for relief printing. #linocut #linoprinting #reliefprinting #printmaking #inkonblock #linoblock #readycut #get_imprinted @artyinc #lino_now #justprintmaking #pelican

Test printing! I made a teeny tiny stamp to fill in the part that I carved away. Haha! This print will be available in my shop at the end of the month. 💐💐💐 thanks to @brikoral for the stack of paper; it’s excellent for making test prints.

Who else starts a new project before completing the last? Oops. Making a few cuts this morning before starting on the tiny details. Flowers because I miss them! (I’m using Pfeil tools 🔪 to carve Blick Readycut rubber)

Finished this lady with a top hat this evening. This is a 4x6” block and it was definitely a challenge to carve the little details. 🧐🎩

Carving this #wip on a Saturday night. 🤓 #printmaking

The dining room table works for now but I’m dreaming of starting a real press one day ✨

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