Happy National Nonprofit Day! Thank you to everyone who makes the work we do—the books we make—possible.

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@theurbanbirder has taken over Bird Fact Friday again! Head to our blog (link in bio) to learn about the Black Redstart.

"Here is a deep, heartfelt, and quite simply brilliant book that gives us a needed theory of decolonization in the everyday work of care in impossible circumstances." —Donna Haraway

Sweet Comfort Inc. is please to bring to you Da Breakfast Book Club. This program is an adult book club that encourages positive social interactions, positive lifestyle habits and intellectual development.
The program also functions as a mentoring program for high school students through our ReadUp! Initiative. This initiative involves establishing book clubs at various high schools in the country. The students are given the necessary tools and training to conduct meetings and maintain the club thus empowering them to take on leadership roles and responsibility.
For more information, feel free to contact us at breakfastclub242@gmail.com or follow this program on Twitter @dabbc242. Look out for updates and get added to the list server to receive book schedules, mentoring opportunities and pop-up events!! #SweetComfortInc #BreakfastBookClub #242Readers #ReadUp

My mind wanders to the long, long moment of bliss I had lived. Or was it many moments? To know more buy on : https://www.amazon.in/Mystic-Journey-Jyoti-Anand/dp/1480859664/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534174477&sr=8-1&keywords=the+mystic+journeyTheMysticJourney#AstralTravels#Astral #Writer #Books #FollowforFollow #LikeforLike #ReadUp #Books #BuyToday #Amazon #JoeyAnand

The Spot Where Rosa Parks Boarded The Bus -reaLLive- #TheRealist #StayinSuckaFree #BlackLivesMatter #ReadUp

‼️VOLUNTEERS NEEDED‼️ Are you in Greenville, SC and looking to do some community service? 💛 Or are you a book lover who wants to help other book lovers?! 📚💕 We need volunteers at #ReadUp2018 so consider applying today by emailing volunteer@readupgreenville.com 😊

Back 2 Back like Drizzy 😎 FRIDAY 8/18 we in Orlando widdit for #CloutSeason by @eventsbyblaqvisionmgmt & @steezstalkers 😈 then Saturday we back in Tampa with @ongoboyzent where @flexwinter will be battling the competition for all the beans 💪🏽 hop on the wagon now, our prices going up 🤷🏽‍♂️🗞 #WINTERISCOMING #FRANKIEX #READUP

Due to an outbreak of toxic algae blooms which has scared away tourists and strewn popular beaches with the stinking carcasses of fish, porpoises, and other wildlife, Florida has declared a state of emergency.

Our timely release, A GUIDE TO CYANOBACTERIA by Mark A. Nienaber and Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, addresses blue-green algae (also known as cyanobacteria) and its toxins that can pose serious economic, environmental, and public health problems worldwide. Written for nonspecialists in a clear and straightforward style, this guide will help students, landowners, and citizen scientists identify different kinds of cyanobacteria and understand its impact on waterways from neighborhood lakes and farm ponds to major river systems.
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Susan Cushman, editor of SOUTHERN WRITERS ON WRITING, will be at the 2018 Mississippi Book Festival! Will you? #LiteraryLawnParty #ReadUP

Today, as newspapers and news organizations around the country publish editorials calling on Americans to question what elements are necessary to promote a #FreePress we would like to recognize FOUR THEORIES OF THE PRESS, long considered a foundational text in communication and journalism studies.
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New! A narrative on Grant’s hopes for American Indians and a journey through hope, despair, and faith in a better future for ALL American citizens. From Mary Stockwell, Interrupted Odyssey: Ulysses S. Grant and the American Indians. #readup #universitypress #grant #america #history #siu #siupress

Why is it that dogs bond so well with humans? This week’s edition of The Dog Days of Summer examines that question. Head to the blog (link in bio) to learn more.

This week’s edition of The Dog Days of Summer is all about how dogs transfer information to one another. Learn more on our blog (link in bio).

I think this is the first time I’ve been quoted in this format. Getting geared up for the @msbookfestival kick off party tonight @fischgall . Make sure to stop by @ferrissandcompany to see some work from @kristen_ley @kelliegrantham and @gingerwilliamscook
Listen for me on-air around 10:15 am on MPB’s Next Stop MS on Friday—I’ll be sharing some info about this Saturday’s Book Panel
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Ginger Williams Cook, illustrator of THE ARTFUL EVOLUTION OF HAL & MAL'S, will be at the 2018 Mississippi Book Festival. Will you?#LiteraryLawnParty #ReadUP

Завжди думала, що читати кілька книг разом неправильно, а виявилося, що якраз навпаки. Так інтерес до читання не звикає, бо є вибір і не потрібно мучитися над чимсь одним, щоб нарешті його завершити. Проблемка лише, що персонажі починають перестрибувати з однієї книги в іншу😅, тому краще поєднувати зовсім різні жанри, де заплутатися неможливо і тоді зникне питання "Що б це почитати, щоб не отупіти?"😃, бо читати захочеться постійно ☺️

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