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Happy Monday morning! A few words from The Advantage that I just had to share : "One [euphemism] I heard years ago comes from the military: 'A plan is better than NO plan.' And it was General Patton who said, 'a good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed next week.'" This encouraged me to DO something this week. To DO something today. As my friend @Laraacasey always says : "Progress, not perfection" & "DONE is better than perfect." Cheers to taking action! #mthconference #makingthingshappen #nancyrayreads #readsplendid (Sending a big insta-hug to @thinksplendid who has selected some incredible books for the #readsplendid book club! Thank you friend!)

After a double wedding weekend and going to sleep at 1am, I am grateful for this rainy slow morning with the #whitebeasts on the front porch! Green tea, quiet rain, and finishing my #readsplendid book is a great way to start my Monday. I told @willrray this morning how much I love working hard with him, giving it everything we possibly can. I honestly love serving couples, getting soaked in the rain to get "that shot," double wedding weekends, driving home with wet feet and knowing that we gave it our all. Work hard, play hard, rest well. Give it everything you've got today, friends. Happy Monday! #grateful #monday #morningroutine

"Your career clearly needs to be A priority but not THE priority. The truth of the matter is that all your stakeholders (aka clients/brides/etc) would prefer you to have balance, health, perspective, and personal fulfillment, because you'll simply be more effective on the job, not to mention more pleasant to be around." Excited to start May's book a few days early! No, I'm not aiming to be the CEO of a corporate job, but I am always wanting to better myself as a business owner and leader. These words were just what I needed after an amazing social-media-free inspiring weekend! Loving this book already @thinksplendid ! #readsplendid #nancyrayreads

No Equation where emotional exposure=weakness // #daringgreatly #readsplendid #isleofviewreads

Catching up on this book tonight before bed. Such a good read. What's everyone else thinking about it? #readsplendid #daringgreatly

Joining the #readsplendid movement and finally reading #daringgreatly! I've heard so many good things about this book!

Loved book 1 in the #readsplendid book club! Follow @thinksplendid to join us. So inspiring. Thoughts on the importance of vulnerability. #nancyrayreads

Y'all, #daringgreatly is so good. Allows for a ton of introspection. This paragraph (like many others) hit a cord with me. I've been a critic more than I've been a friend at times. And I'm sorry. #ouch #readsplendid

Perfection is the enemy of done.. #readsplendid

So true. I like ordinary.. #readsplendid

I've always loved this quote from @unmarketing! #readsplendid

How we can show more compassion for those who are suffering #readsplendid #daringgreatly

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