Days when you make memories with your humans are the #bestdays Today I opened the gate for them & we played tag all around the neighborhood. I went into someone else’s house and they gave me lots of pets. My humans gave them hugs bc they helped them win at tag. Should I tell my humans I let them catch me? #cantwaittoplayagain #catchmeifyoucan #readmybio

listening to frank ocean while taking a bubble bath is so relaxing

one of my favorite harry suits 💕

My favoritest boy in the whole wide world 💙 #king #pitbull #momlife #pitbullmom #obsessed #readmybio

— maybe i snapped? PLEASE STOP ASKING, CHECK MY HIGHLIGHTS, READ THE CAPTION. i use cute cut pro, layout, picsart, vsco, polarr, & magic eraser. now stop asking me puh-lease (: / #whatapp #iuseccp #whatappdoyouuse #stopasking #readmybio

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

#believeinyourself #quotes #quotesoftheday #Hatersgonnahate #Lifegoals #Moving #summer18 #smile #vacation #beauty #readmybio #readmyblog

Good morning ✨ I know you guys haven’t seen me POST in a while‼️ However, I am back🤪 The DEVIL really tried to discourage ME and I was on the verge of GIVING UP AGAIN, for the oomphteen time😔 I went into a depression MODE🤐 Where I became MUTE and just was doing hair for those that inquired about my work wanted me to. I started to give up. ONLY because I THOUGHT I couldn’t compete with what was ahead of me. I became impatient and I didn’t TRUST or believe in myself ONLY because others did and PUSHED ME! To my SISTERS❤️ Thank you. My BOYFRIEND😍 Thank YOU too HONEY for everything. To MY GRANDMOTHERS❤️ Lord I couldn’t THANK you two enough and to my SON😩 My HEART❤️ my PRIDE and JOY😊 because of you all I KEEP going, I KEPT on going! And because of him UPSTAIRS who’s apart of ALL of this and making this HAPPEN! I’m extremely grateful and THANKFUL! So please NEVER EVER GIVE UP GUYS‼️ Ever! EVEN if God takes you on a whole journey to get where you need to be. TRUST me, it’s worth it! I have now learned to TRUST myself, and THE LORD! Only because he planted these seeds for me! I will continue to perfect my KRAFT and become BETTER! It’s not even about how you START, it’s really about how YOU finish! Become 🔛🔝🔜 and LEVEL UP📶 Thanks to those who REPOST my work, every like, every share! Please I’m telling you it doesn’t go unnoticed! Every inspirational stylist I’m following, I see y’all, I see y’all posts. Please don’t think I’m not watching or not subscribing or not looking BECAUSE I am seeking HELP in all areas to improve❤️ I appreciate YOU all and love you all so much! Thank you. #kraftedbykia #miamihairstylist🌴 #browardhair #backtoschool #fauxlocs #myfirsttime #experiencethekraft #readmybio


Perfection! ✨✨ #equallybeautiful #beauty #perfect #girl #girly #women #beautiful #readmybio
@nataliegage_ you are amazing just the way you are😍


being home alone is great

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