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Sometimes you just gotta see your fam .. #neworleans #family #impulse #timeout #readingpoetry While you, my Lord, the rural shades admire,
And from Britannia's public posts retire,
Nor longer, her ungrateful sons to please,
For their advantage sacrifice your ease;
Me into foreign realms my fate conveys,
Through nations fruitful of immortal lays,
Where the soft season and inviting clime
Conspire to trouble your repose with rhyme.
For wheresoe'er I turn my ravish'd eyes,
Gay gilded scenes and shining prospects rise,
Poetic fields encompass me around,
And still I seem to tread on classic ground;
For here the Muse so oft her harp has strung
That not a mountain rears its head unsung,
Renown'd in verse each shady thicket grows,
And ev'ry stream in heavenly numbers flows
How am I pleas'd to search the hills and woods
For rising springs and celebrated floods!
To view the Nar, tumultuous in his course,
And trace the smooth Clitumnus to his source,
To see the Mincio draw his wat'ry store
Through the long windings of a fruitful shore,
And hoary Albula's infected tide
O'er the warm bed of smoking sulphur glide.
Fir'd with a thousand raptures I survey
Eridanus through flowery meadows stray,
The king of floods! that rolling o'er the plains
The towering Alps of half their moisture drains,
And proudly swoln with a whole winter's snows,
Distributes wealth and plenty where he flows.

Ja sam vašar. Eto šta!
Ja sam tristo čuda!
Muzika sam. Gužva. Smeh.
Vrteška. I luda.
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"But he never forgot how once by not knowing time,
He escaped into the clockless land of ever,
Where time hides tick-less waiting to be born."
Can someone please suggest me more poetry please? I'm very greedy. It's almost sinful. Thank you ❤
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Trimakasih untuk rejeki hari ini Tuhan.

Terimakasih kepada Oi Merah Putih yang menjadi perantara. Selamat untuk adik-adikku yang menjadi juara. Aku bahagia dan bangga kepada kalian. 😍😍 Aku nampak manis hari ini. 😄😂 #readingpoetry #poem #wsrendra

ΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗ ΦΩΝΗ "...να ανακαλύπτω το Θεό απ'τη λαλιά της, να με πηγαίνει στ'αστρα, στον Αυγερινό. Στ'ασπρα ντυμένη λυρική άγγελου θυγατέρα, να με κοιτάζει μ'ένα βλέμμα ταπεινό"
Σταύρος Τζανής

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Dopo tanta
a una
a una
si svelano
le stelle

Il fresco
che mi lascia
il colore
del cielo

Mi riconosco

Presa in un giro

Giuseppe Ungaretti 🔹🔹 #readingpoetry 🔹🔹


Feels #surreal #readingpoetry losing myself in this #simplicity and #happiness

I was raised in a very religious household. We went to church twice a week. My brother and I did everything our youth group offered. My parents volunteered to head committees. We did charity work. We all participated in the church service, as acolytes, altar guild members, vestry. I searched for God in the worn down pews my great-great-grandparents sat in. No one tried harder. But something wasn't right. When I left home I left the church. No big proclamation. That would have wounded my parents unnecessarily. I just stopped going. The church by my college wasn't my church, and God didn't seem to be in their soft carpeting either. For a few years I drifted. I took religion and philosophy classes, I used my body to transport my ever-expanding brain. But even as a child I had been a bit of a mystic. The world for me was prismatic with synchronicity and symbol from an early age. My spirit in those early adult years was pretty sick. The shame and pain I carried from my life experiences found no harbor or safe release. Except in one place... For those years poetry was my religion. I experienced it as a conduit to something greater than myself. My spiritual practice (though I'm not sure I would have articulated it this way at the time) became the slow, immersive, attentive reading of poems. The absolute quiet in which the words dropped, the still pond of my inner world where the words reverberated and revealed myself to me. I still read poems that way. They operate on a different time scale from our ordinary lives. They require deep presence. And every time someone reads one of my poems I feel so honored. Honored that they would pause their ordinary mode of living for a moment and drop into this eternal space with me. #poem #poetry #originalpoem #originalpoetry #poetryismyreligion #religion #spiritual#spirituality #spiritualpoem #spiritualpoetry #spiritualpractice #readingpoetry #reading #spiritualreading #reader #poetryreaders #poet #poetrycommunity #howtoreadapoem

76/100 - What I'm enjoying most about learning about all these poets is seeing how they're all connected. Reading about Elizabeth Bishop leads to Robert Lowell and Marianne Moore and the list keeps growing.
The Armadillo
for Robert Lowell

This is the time of year
when almost every night
the frail, illegal fire balloons appear.
Climbing the mountain height,

rising toward a saint
still honored in these parts,
the paper chambers flush and fill with light
that comes and goes, like hearts.

Once up against the sky it's hard
to tell them from the stars—
planets, that is—the tinted ones:
Venus going down, or Mars,

or the pale green one. With a wind,
they flare and falter, wobble and toss;
but if it's still they steer between
the kite sticks of the Southern Cross,

receding, dwindling, solemnly
and steadily forsaking us,
or, in the downdraft from a peak,
suddenly turning dangerous.

Last night another big one fell.
It splattered like an egg of fire
against the cliff behind the house.
The flame ran down. We saw the pair

of owls who nest there flying up
and up, their whirling black-and-white
stained bright pink underneath, until
they shrieked up out of sight.

The ancient owls' nest must have burned.
Hastily, all alone,
a glistening armadillo left the scene,
rose-flecked, head down, tail down,

and then a baby rabbit jumped out,
short-eared, to our surprise.
So soft!—a handful of intangible ash
with fixed, ignited eyes.

Too pretty, dreamlike mimicry!
O falling fire and piercing cry 
and panic, and a weak mailed fist
clenched ignorant against the sky!
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75/100 - I thought about taking a sweet photo of us gazing into each other's eyes to illustrate this poem by Akiko Yosano. But this is so much more like us. Here's looking at you @kenmir.
"Not speaking of the way,
Not thinking of what comes after,
Not questioning name or fame,
Here, loving love,
You and I look at each other."
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Chinatown Poet, 1995..
I remember composing the frame when the homeless man walked into it. He turned it into a complex and meaningful image.
#silvergelatin #fiberpaper #sanfranciscochinatown #performance #streetphotography #womeninphotography #homeless #readingpoetry

Aprovechando el impulso de una vuelta sol, de un año más de vida, el sábado a la noche por primera leí, desnudé un poco de mi a través de poesía y así finalicé el inicio de la vuelta 29.

Foto: @carminabelop
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Thia poem has a grammer problem.Sorry for that🙏
After watching recent video I guess why I dont do so,it would be fun.
Hope U dudes like it💙
Title:Our Age
What's the mean of love
Your gonna tell to me
What's the down of luck
Your gonna tell to me
What's the......Stop
I'm going yo tell you their meaning
They,didn't have any meaning in our age
But,I have an Idea about them
Now,your going to silent
And listen to me
Love,means the thing that
You,have in your heart
About,your country,it's soil
And,the people who live in there
Down of luck,mean's your away from them
But,That stupid guys think
Down of luck,is to be away from your GF
Down of luck,is to be away from your love
By:Sepehr Es'haghi
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#text #textpost #minimalist
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siji, loro, telu
diborong karo IMWU
😍😍 Sisa kemarin. Saat lomba membaca puisi. Saya bangga dengan pencapaian 2 adik-adik saya ini. Pada suatu waktu ketika kami latihan bersama, saya berkata pada mereka "kalian harus bisa mengalahkan saya. sudah gak jaman murid mengekor di belakang. sekarang jamannya murid harus berlari lebih kencang."
Mereka telah membuktikannya. Selamat adik-adikku. 😘😘 #anniversaryOi #readingpoetry #deklamasipuisi #imwujuara

"It's hard for a girl to be sure if
She wants to be rescued."
U. A. Fanthorpe is delightfully English. Her poetry often revolves around life and death with focus on the later. She won the Queen's Gold Medal For Poetry in 2003. I think she deserves a bigger audience. Cherry on the cake? She's funny.
#readingpoetry #uafanthorpe #bookstagram

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