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"When somebody cares for you, it is so apparent. In their words, in their gestures, in their actions - it is obvious. Don't settle for anybody who leaves you wandering." @momentaryhappiness ❤️❤️❤️


She turned her can'ts into cans & her dreams into plans 🍀 #dreambig #reachyourgoals #thebestisyettocome 🙌 .

Excuse the smol crappy clip, but here's what I did ⬇️
🥔Deadlifts 5x5 🥔Hip thrusts 4x20(ow) 🥔Step ups 4x15 each leg 🥔Split squats 4x12 🥔Walking lunges to failure 🥔Farmer's walk back and forth for a good long while to work on my weak lil grip.

If you're looking for a challenge add this superset to your next Upper Body Day: 🔹10 Uneven Push Ups SS w/ 🔹10 Weighted V-Ups
I did 4 sets of these at the end of my Chest/Back Day and my arms and core were on fire 🔥 #workoutideas #upperbodyworkout #coreworkout #workoutvideo @gymgirlvids

I have been training for about 4,5 years now.
One thing that still makes me a little angry is the common assumption in our society that there must be some sort of tool, special diet or magic pill that will eventually speed up the process and bring you to your 'fitness goal' straight away.
In fact, there is no secret. To be successful on your journey there are few, but very obvious things you have to commit yourself to. Two of them being consistency (part 1) and patience (part 2).
Putting in maximum effort 3x a week and then letting it slip the other 4 days won't get you anywhere - actually you'll just become frustrated.
In order to succeed you have to do the very small tasks leading to your goal over and over again, every single day.
Don't worry about the past or the future, try to focus on the things at hand in the very present moment.
Ideally create a routine for yourself and stick with it. As we all know by now - getting into a habit takes around 30 days.
(part 2 will be addressed in the next post 😊)


IT'S F R I Y A Y 🙌🏼 I've just been to the gym working on a few minor things such as abs and my lower back. I like to have an additional day per week where I just focus on my weaknesses. 😊
And here's part 2 of yesterday's post talking about things that'll keep you on track during your fitness journey. Check out part 1 if you haven't already. 👉🏼
Most people quit before they've even started. Finding out that there's no magic pill or shortcut to success and nothing else apart from pure hard work and dedication often results in disillusion.
B U T - Change takes time and nothing great ever comes easy - you need to allow yourself to enjoy the process rather than getting discouraged by how many hours of effort you have to put in.
Stick to your routine, and once again - focus on the things that you have control over such as nutrition, training, recovery and mindset.
Time will pass anyway, it's up to you to use it wisely.
That being said I hope you enjoy your W E E K E N D. 🙌🏼

After a #killerworkout 💪🔥 I still #keepsmiling 😄 the #gym has some #good #quotes and it keeps you #motivated to #reachyourgoals 🗿 #clubpellikaan #clubpellikaanalmere 🏋️‍♀️

Recording my favorite and marvelous song! It's coming soon..🐬☺️💃🏻#singing #pure #artinmyeyes #singer #creative #createyourself #reachyourgoals #main #lovelyday #microphone#formylove 🍒🌺🐅🐾🔥❤️💓

It's DAY 1 of the 24 day challenge through ADVOCARE. I am so excited to try something new and to make a change! I will try and update everyday. Currently drinking my spark and LOVING IT.
Gotta get my morning devos/workout/Woody cuddles in before I get ready to go to work! Let's do this thang 🙌🏼😅💪🏼 #advocare #24daychallenge #cleaneating #reachyourgoals #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #kaylaitsines #workout #motivation #makeachange #devotional #lifting #hiit #5ktraining

Flex Friday! Just finished Cardio Fix Extreme and the sweat is pouring off of me! I despise regular cardio but in extreme, weights are added in. For me makes it a little more fun and a lot more challenging! I didn't get those muscles overnight, I had to work for them. My favourite part of this journey is finding parts of me I didn't know where there! #flexfriday💪 #21dfx #cardiofixextreme #weightlossjourney #fromplussizetofit #findingnewmuscles #fitafter40 #fitteachermom #feelssogood #inspire #igfitmoms #reachyourgoals

Guten Morgen an diesem Vize-Freitag!
Dem☝ ist nicht mehr viel dazu zu fügen 😊
Macht das, was euch glücklich macht und erfüllt. Lebt das Leben, was IHR mögt und welches euch zufrieden stellt. Ändert step by step Dinge, die euch nicht erfüllen. Eure Arbeit nervt euch nur noch? Macht euch auf die Suche nach was anderem. Aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass das zwar oftmals kein leichtes Unterfangen ist und man Geduld benötigt, aber es ist es wert!
Ihr fühlt euch durch die Menschen, die euch umgeben schlecht, weil sie zb negativ über euch reden oder ständig nur ihren seelischen Müll bei euch abladen oder ihr euch immer nur rechtfertigen müsst weil sie euer Leben nicht verstehen ? Lasst sie dahin gehen, wo der Pfeffer wächst! Eurer Partner behandelt euch nicht wie ihr es euch wünscht, ihr leidet unter der Beziehung? Beendet sie und brecht zu neuen Ufern auf!
Wenn man sich selbst erst mal beigebracht hat, dass man was wert ist und das kein Mensch und keine Arbeit der Welt das recht hat, euch zu zerstören oder auch nur ansatzweise traurig zu machen, lebt es sich besser und auch eure Stimmung und eigene Wertschätzung verändert sich immer mehr ins Positive, versprochen 😎
Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Tag! ✌

Simple words to remember. The last one, be yourself, is the most important to me. Be yourself no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, and no matter what anyone tells you.
Be you and start living the life you want! CLICK LINK IN BIO @interestinglyinspired

She turned her can'ts into cans & her dreams into plans 🍀 #dreambig #reachyourgoals #thebestisyettocome 🙌 .

There is so much going on in every moment. We have a limited programmed perception but by frequently practicing mindfulness techniques, we begin to open the pandoras box of wonder that exisists in every moment. 📸 by: @azaliowo

#TOMI #ActivatingPotential

Dylan Eynon is kicking things off at @the_whaler_hobart tonight at 7:30, followed by @thebootlegginsluggers right through til late! 🙌🏼🎵

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