What do you do to reach new limits?
I do daily personal development. I try new recipes, I hike new places, I plan adventures to places so I don’t go to the same place twice, the list goes on. I can’t wait to hear from you. .
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So great to see my Dave Schools yesterday! Last time I saw this guy we were in college together over 8 years ago. Great day!

Leaving Las Vegas

Great week of location scouting in Las Vegas. This statue feels like a fitting note for “The Beast in Me” to end this trip on...

Great to attend NAB again! See you next year this time Vegas!

Had a great time at #nab this year! Great conference and grateful to attend. Also a lot of great new meetings and progress made on the next movie!

Happy #nationalsiblingday ! I am so incredibly thankful for my best friends, my sisters! Thicker than blood and always there for me. Love you!!

Great to be back at NAB in Las Vegas!

Off I go to Las Vegas for a week to attend NAB and start location scouting for my next film “Beast in Me” - let me know if you are in Vegas this week!

I went to Nepal knowing that I wasn't going for any one reason in particular, but that ultimately the reasons would find me. And they did. 😊

The Himalaya Environmental & Cultural Awareness Center is a children's home in Kathmandu, where I met 13 bright and promising kids whose future is dependent on having a healthy, stable home. HECAC costs just $1,000 a month, which covers the kids' tuition, home necessities, and healthy meals. Though HECAC is a government-approved home, there are no government funds available.
In cooperation with John Waller (Uncage the Soul) we have kicked off a fundraiser in order to cover 6 months of costs for HECAC. As a thank you for your donation, we're offering limited edition gifts that include photo notecards, large format prints, and metal prints featuring stunning photos by Uncage the Soul. 🗻📷 I know there is no shortage of needs in this wide world, but when children smile at you despite hardship, despite compromising circumstances, the wide world becomes quite small, and their needs become mission critical. We greatly appreciate any support that you can offer.

Learn more about our fundraiser, the home, the kids, and why we're connected at https://www.kathmandukids.org/ (link in bio). 🙏
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We had nearly 200 people show up to the Ritz Theater today for the encore screening of “Generational Sins” - it was a very packed house!

Look at this very full house we had today for our encore theatrical showing of “Generational Sins” at the Ritz Theater in Clearfield, Pennsylvania!!

Absolutely amazed at the full house we had today in Clearfield, Pennsylvania at the Ritz Theater for “Generational Sins”!!! Thank you so much for everyone who came out.

Amazing turnout for our latest film “Generational Sins” and the encore theatrical screening we had today! More Hard Faith films are in the works!

It’s always great to be at the Pantages and see a live show. Tonight I got to see again the sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera” - “Love Never Dies” and it was better than I remembered it when I saw it a handful of years ago in London.

Super grainy but that’s one of my favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix, at a screening last night!

“Swim in every Ocean” 🌊🏊🏻‍♂️ According to Wikipedia there are 5 oceans in the world, I’ve swam in 3 out of 5, missing the Artic and Antarctic oceans, who’s up for the challenge and joins me to swim in every ocean? 🤣😂 #swim #swimming #swimmer #swimlove #ocean #quotes #inspiringquotes #philosophy #gettingthemessage #swimineveryocean #gobeyondyourlimits #reachfarther #achieveyourgoals #motivation #yesyoucan #thanks #gracias #happysaturday 😊

Goodbye for now Florida! Thanks for the memories. See you soon La La Land!

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