I'm a firm believer in leavening competent musicians with novice ones. Because I think people grow by being exposed to their heroes.

Back in the day I deliberately rostered good musicians next to emerging ones. Sometimes this frustrated "good" musicians, but I persisted. Because elitism doesn’t build futures, it just preserves the past.

These days I work with GREAT musicians, and it makes me play better. Partly because they're not just musicians.

Look. At. This. Crew.

There are three music degrees in these photos. Three teachers. And three Tropfest finalists.

There are four music directors. At least four songwriters. And four pastors.

Six people who make or have made their living from music.

And one kid who (cough) has been playing music in church since he was 13.

As a young Christian I found the parable of the virgins confronting. It seemed unfair to me that bridesmaids were excluded from a wedding—not because they were late—but because the groom was. Now I get that the parable reflects its era; the groom was EXPECTED to be late. What has stayed with me is the idea that you need to be prepared for a longer journey in life and faith than you were expecting.

What these photos show is Endurance. Constancy. Longevity. These are people who have stayed. Their faith informs their practice. Specialisations have emerged. We're not all killer guitarists—we're a killer TEAM.

One more thing. If you think you'll get very far without a great sound and lighting crew you probably won't get very far. So many of our leaders learnt their craft serving on the desk, delivering solid performances without a light ever shining on them. We are BEYOND privileged to be served by such giants of humility.

Oh. Sneaky shot of me tuning up ;) Because #5stingsFTW

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Amazing morning at @c3churchryde welcoming pastors from Kazakhstan, Russia, Indonesia, Serbia, Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh. Fantastic celebration and refreshing in the Holy Spirit #pentecost #deeperwider #reachandbuild

What a joy being with these great people today @c3lanecove
@simon.ambler.92 @mandyambler
You guys are an inspiration! We love being with you & your family...your leaders...your great church!
The foundations are deep...building a sustainable legacy, a credible Pentecostal witness. We love you!


It's going to be a great weekend in Church! We have @timothymadden and @andrewpocknall preaching over all our services. Who could you extend the invite to?
#WhoWillYouBring #ReachAndBuild #c3churchryde

Easter 2016 at C3 Church Ryde. Who will you extend the invitation to this week? #c3churchryde #easter2016 #reachandbuild

Can't wait to have Pastor John Pearce with us across all services THIS WEEKEND! Ps John is our National Director & the Senior Pastor of @c3kawanawaters .
Who could you invite & bring?
See you soon @john_pearce ! #c3churchhub #c3churchryde #reachandbuild

Vision Sunday was inspirational! This Sunday we'll be looking at the Great Commission - how God wants us to reach and build those around us!
#reachandbuild #c3churchrousehill #c3churchryde

The CIRCUS!! We've had over 100 kids here under the "big top" at Top Ryde! A seriously world class event, only made possible by the team of dedicated volunteers! This may not necessarily "look" like Reaching + Building People, but that's exactly what it is! Thank you team! #c3churchryde #ReachAndBuild #ChurchIsActuallyFun

Will Green one of the many great young leaders at C3 Church Ryde. I am absolutely loving this God-breathed momentum - it is pure joy - its pure grace. R.Y.D.E Reach Young Disciples Everywhere #c3churchryde #c3ChurchHub #reachandbuild #buildtoreach

Beautiful night @c3churchryde Ps Cathie and Ps Kirsten "The women in our world"

LADIES // Thursday night (19th) Don't miss this gathering with Pastor Cathie Green & special guest @natjtaylor . 7:30pm - 9:30pm in the Auditorium. #ReachAndBuild

Looking forward to being a part of this night with Ps Cathie Ps Kirsten and the women of @c3churchryde this Thursday 7:30 #ReachAndBuild

None of us are as good as all of us. It takes a church of generous people and a long term committed team to plant churches. Incredible days, planting churches and our church keeps growing. GOD IS GREAT & the team fantastic. Thanks team. @loubrady @chrisbrady_brady @bgilesy @katekendrew @timothymadden @aggiepalu @lukedhewitt @livjane @lizhewitt @gailmsinclair @andrewpocknall @williamsgreen @joelbp the whole team at c3 church ryde. You are incredible. #c3churchglobal #c3churchryde #reachbeyond #reachandbuild

Great weekend coming up #c3churchryde #c3churchhub #reachandbuild

Thank you in #Advance! .. To the many who are serving across the weekend! Making music that points to Jesus.. Let's prepare our hearts and ensure Christ takes #FirstPlace . #ReachAndBuild @c3churchryde #Advance

As we #ReachAndBuild, Christ takes #FirstPlace

Prayer Meeting kicks off in 30mins! Would love to see you there. #reachandbuild #engineroom

A brilliant start to #visionweekend with our Leaders' Day. Continues across all services this weekend! #reachandbuild #seeidoanewthing #newsprings

Testing the new flags for our weekend services! #reachandbuild

Welcome to the family! A brilliant night with beautiful new faces. #reachandbuild

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