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بعد ابداع باولينهو...
من تفضل باولينهو ام الدبابة كاسيميرو؟🤔
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اكسبلور؟؟فلو بالله
اكسبلور؟ فلو ل@jalad4kora
فلو وشوف جديدي🤐

You can't buy happiness,
But u can buy a Bullet and that's pretty close ❤❤❤ .
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ところで、最近さらにいろいろ美容についてチャレンジしている中で、なかなか手軽で便利な美容機器を見つけたのでご紹介❤️ @ReBorn_Official_Japan

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Woah 👈🏻😍
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Stepping into third year #RE #classic350 #royalenfield #madelikeagun

Uncharted the lost legacy 💛

Played this game until the game refused me 😂😂💔 Yet another great game from naughty dog they never fail to deliver like really i enjoyed every single game they made !!
As you all know i love the uncharted series and i was so excited for last legacy i knew it will be good but what i didnt know that it's was gonna be this good !!
First of all I'm happy that Chloe is back and to play her as the main character was amazing her character is cute cool and funny with beautiful story they add this time !!
I really liked the chemistry between her and nadine these 2 are a power duo !!
Smart idea for them to let us play with these 2 and to get to know about them more it was really interesting the interactions were great sometimes serious and funny moments were there as well !! I really laughed at whatever sam saud he's halirious 😂😂😂😂😂 i think thats the drake blood line both him and his brother are sp funny 😂❤ I'm so glad he was in the game it mafe it even better 😍😍😍😍👍
And let me talk about the freaking graphics 😍😍 it made me speechless most of the time because of how stunning it looked 😭😣😣😍💘💘no matter how many times i see the beautiful views in tge game i can't get over how beautiful it is 😍😍 And the game play was fun as every uncharted + they went open world in chapter 4 and it was great because it made me explore more and spent much more time in the game i played the whole game twice got the plat and it wasn't enough i want to play it again 💘😢😣 the game was unexpectedly not short !! I don't know why but i thought that it was gonna be short but thankfully it wasn't 😍😍😍
The plat wasn't hard at all it was super fun and i loved the icons 😍
At the end I'm sad that this is the last uncharted 😭😭 i want more uncharted pllllz this series is love i enjoyed every game and still want more :')❤❤ glad they wrap it up with these lovable characters as we see at the end there was a happy feeling 💛
Thanks naughty dog for uncharted and for all the hard work and love you guys put into it ❤❤
One of the best ❤
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