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Jalebi, pakodey & kachori 😍 yummy breakfast!! #indianchef #cheflife #travel #rdh #masterchefindia

And just like that, im a dental hygienist. When you put your mind, heart, and soul 10,000% into something you want, there's no doubt in the world you can achieve it all. Here's to a lifelong rewarding career, thank you NYU & everyone in my life who's stuck by my side and been so supportive 💜 #classof2017 #HolyMolarIDidIt2017 #RDH

#Karthyayini has been running strong and taking me around for close to two years now. She brought me home alive, from my first ever #RaidDeHimalaya attempt and numerous trails around the country. While I take a quick break and plan on my next trails and a better attempt at the #RDH this year, I would like to take a moment to thank Mahindra for building a kickass engine. Closing in at #90K Km's, she has shown no reasons to slow down. If you have ridden with me you know that I don't take it slow, I explore all possibilities and push myself and the bike for the best. #MojoGoesEverywhere #Broketraveler #MotorcycleJourneys #motorcyclesofinstagram #motorcyclemadness

Low quality picture, high quality moment 🎓 #graduated #graduation #dentalhygienist #RDH #lookout

Thanks @flavaaflavvv for taking this pic! #RDH #classof2017

Heard of the Nubird suctioning mirror? It's definitely a hygiene game changer. Watch our latest video on how to use it plus win one for yourself! Check out Hygiene Edge to enter.

Live life to the fullest!#tbh #rdh


Looking for a list of websites that offer free online CE if you're missing a few credits before renewal? We have a list on Hygiene Edge full of websites that have FREE classes. Check it out!
Where are you favorite place to watch CE classes?

Oops my Ptula is showing! When you have to wear scrubs for work but also have to workout on your lunch break you wear both! I love the Ptula line, everything is so soft and very comfortable.

NeoDrys provide the ultimate parotid saliva control. Super absorbent core outperforms cotton rolls and other absorbent pads. Protects your procedures from moisture contamination for up to 15 minutes! Available in small or large, original or reflective backing.

I didn't even see it but my husband spotted THE perfect Thirty-One photo bomb! Not only is this a great group picture, but look at that cute "T" bag 😆 It was a gorgeous day spent with special friends. Congratulations Loren and Candyce! I'm so proud of you both!
#RDH #2017grads #theydidit #dreamjob
#myHOTisbetterthanyours #ima31girl #heknowshis31stuff #ivetrainedhimwell😉

Live life to the fullest!#tbh #rdh

A perfect accessory for all you dental hygienists. Keep-collective.com/with/Lindadubois. #dentalhygienist , #rdh #dentalassistant #dentalschool

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