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The multi-functional room! Play + sew + music + guest accommodations —it's got it all. In this room, I'm most thankful for closets, closet organizers, and large baskets to hide toys in. Happy Monday, friends. ☺️
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Silliness reigns in our house.

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Glimpses of wildflower blooms from @tulsafarmersmarket for your Sunday viewing pleasure.
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@janiesupholstery baked 101 mini blueberry muffins for Caroline's party. That's love.
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Succulent wall returns! 🌵
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Thanksgiving morning fire 👏👏 #rdathome #lifeonabeautifulbackground

Renovation = everything is out of place. Can I handle it?😬 #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome #currenthomeview


It’s Wednesday. It’s beautiful outside. I need to water my front porch mums. Our shop is full of pretty new things. These are the facts of my life. ☺️ My girl is sick today, so sweet @janiesupholstery is watching shop for me. Go give her a high-five for being so awesome and making it easy for me to take care of my Harriet. We open at 11!
What are the facts of your life today?
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A little #mug☕️shotmonday for you. My yellow vintage German iris mug that I love dearly for whatever reason. This morning I did the dishes with a screaming toddler and made myself some coffee. After that, we assembled a scarecrow, so things looked up! How's your Monday going? #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome #rdthingsthatmatter

Palmer paired little Caroline's artwork with a pumpkin for a sweet vignette. Parents and child feel good seeing this scene. Maybe we have a budding artist on our hands? ⠀

Meanwhile, go check out our A-List Reading blog post where we round up some really pretty content from around the internet for you to soak up. :-)⠀

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Our client and friend Tasha (of @housesparrownesting) described her bedroom as a dark place she hated spending time in. Yikes! No one deserves to feel that way about their bedroom. ⠀

After an hour home styling session with us, Tasha's bedroom was on its way to the colorful 80s boho retreat she envisioned. We also left Tasha with specific actions to continue her bedroom's journey to greatness. ⠀

Swipe to see the bedroom before the hour-long session and then head to the blog to read and see more!

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Some of us enjoy decorating for autumn (Palmer!) while others of us don't (Daly!). Take a look at Palmer's fall home tour on the blog this week and also read about why Daly doesn't have one. Both are intriguing. ;)⠀

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It's finally time to get out those knit blankets for the fall weather here in OK. I love cozying up with mine from @housesparrownesting. Wouldn't you like to cuddle with it? ⠀

This week on the blog, I'm sharing my fall home tour complete with pumpkins and plaid table runners. Also, my fall home tour includes Daly's explanation of why she doesn't decorate for the season. See, there's something for everyone. Hop on over to read!⠀
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Happy October friends! We’re starting out this week with #mugshot☕️monday because I just got my new hand-thrown mugs by @foxypots.pottery and now own a mug of which to be proud! It’s a big step for me.
Join in the fun that our buddy @wiseapplevintage started and share your mugs today. Cheers!
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Until I looked at the before pictures again today, I had forgotten how far this room has come! Thanks to some simple home styling tips by the @retrodentulsa Ashleys, I love being in this space now. On the blog today I detailed the couch selection process (they are amazing couch coaches by the way!).
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Here's a vote for living #lifeonabeautifulbackground. Little Harriet and her dad preparing food in their almost finished renovated kitchen. Such a sweet moment! ⠀

Take another few moments to appreciate beauty by checking out our design round-up from around the web, A-List Weekend Reading. #linkinbio #rdathome Photo: @mollythrasher

I keep rearranging my furniture. This time it's because I want to make room for my plants to get closer to the sunshine. Palmer and I agree that function + beauty are the best places to start when planning a room. Plants needing light is super legit. ☺️🌱 // If you ever want us to come help you rearrange a room, we do that! DM us or check out our styling services on our website.// #lifeonabeautifulbackground

So many home projects, so little time. I've been trying to find time to paint our entry way a wonderful warm peach, but haven't succeeded so far. Maybe this week? Tell me, what home projects are on your list? #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Picked up some little friends to take with me to my new apartment. 🎈
#rdathome #lifeonabeautifulbackground

Palmer sewed up a few pillows for her kitchen banquette this week using beautiful modern @owlanddrum fabric that reminds her of her fireplace stone and backsplash (and also paint by numbers). Check out A-List Reading on the blog for more design inspiration from around the web!⠀

#lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

I finally framed this photo of Ryan and me after keeping up with it since 2009. I've always struggled with framed family photos being out as decor, but I've added them to this shelf along with a strange mix of other art, photos, plants, and brass animals. Do you use family photos as decor? #lifeonabeautifulbackground

Look at that little stump pillow on @ahdaly's floor! So cute. We've always got home design on the mind, so hop on over to the blog to read about our favorite design content this week from around the web! #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

We were super pumped that Palmer's patio was featured on @apartmenttherapy this week. Palmer intentionally matches her design color schemes to her pet's fur colors. The patio was inspired by Siggy. ⠀

Hop on over to the blog for our other A-List Weekend Reading recommendations!⠀

#lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Mighty decent to come home to this sight after an honest day's work. It's a reward for sure. It was a brave decision that makes me smile every.single.day. Sometimes it's what scares you that brings you the most joy—children, sushi, sea-foam colored houses...It did come at a price though, we painted this little bungalow ourselves. Read that story on the blog and see more photos. ☺️ ⠀

This summer, I've spent several mornings a week here! Ash drops off C at school, and I sit in her home and work until she returns. It's super weird and super great to spend time quietly in a space that's so familiar but not mine. This morning childcare situations have changed, sooooo we've picked a different location. I'll miss you perfectly worn leather sofa! #lifeonabeautifulbackground

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