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Thinking about a @gusmodern sofa? All their upholstered pieces are 20% off for three more weekends (until August 13th). We are happy to answer questions and help you test out our floor pieces! #lifeonbeautifulbackground #rdathome

"Pink is my life," says the girl eating the pink cupcake. #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

The multi-functional room! Play + sew + music + guest accommodations —it's got it all. In this room, I'm most thankful for closets, closet organizers, and large baskets to hide toys in. Happy Monday, friends. ☺️
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#bestofdad @ahdaly
Silliness reigns in our house.

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Glimpses of wildflower blooms from @tulsafarmersmarket for your Sunday viewing pleasure.
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@janiesupholstery baked 101 mini blueberry muffins for Caroline's party. That's love.
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Thanksgiving morning fire 👏👏 #rdathome #lifeonabeautifulbackground

Busy getting in the holiday spirit over here. How about you? 🎄
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Oh @_katie_, your home is so so lovely! We love your color combinations!

Share your Retro Den finds with us using #rdathome 😊🏠
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Thinking about a @gusmodern sofa? All their upholstered pieces are 20% off for three more weekends (until August 13th). We are happy to answer questions and help you test out our floor pieces! #lifeonbeautifulbackground #rdathome

We love looking and reading about pretty things. Like this little plant vignette I sat next to and admired in @ahdaly's home. Check out other pretty design fodder from the web on our A-List Weekend Reading round-up on the blog now! #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome ⠀⠀

Spent some time at my partner in crime's home this week and I can't get her living room colors out of my head. Blushes, peaches, pinks, mossy greens and a little terra-cotta. Mmmmmm. Color heaven! // We want to think about your home's colors on Friday nights too- see our home styling services on the website. 😉#lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome #plantladyisthenewcatlady

This week we scoured the web for beautiful interiors to create A-List Weekend Reading for you from this little corner of my kitchen. My renovation is 85% complete, but the last 15% is taking FOOORRREVVERR (said just like the kid from The Sandlot). Enjoy the round-up and happy Friday! #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome #alistreading

Today Palms and I are meeting at my house. I'm putting things up with giddy glee; I love spending time with this gal. We've got a client's home to discuss (you know who you are!), and some delicious cold brew to drink. I feel like a tiny ceramic pony prancing on some cool art across a pale pink background—that's how excited I am about this day. //If you want us to be your design buddies and help make your house feel complete, check out our design services on our website.// #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

"Pink is my life," says the girl eating the pink cupcake. #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Walter says don't forget about the @gusmodern 20% off upholstery sale now until August 13th. Gus* changed his life for the better. ☺️ #lifeonabeautifulbackground #gussummersale

We love how you made our vintage bird prints look fresh and beautiful with new mats and frames @rubylaurel. Vintage art is just waiting for someone like you to see it's full potential. Thanks for sharing. 😘 #lifeonabeautifulbackground

Welcome to my newest Craigslist acquisition, a vintage German beer table for dining under the trees in my backyard. Yay! You know where I'll be tonight...meanwhile, check out our most recent inspirations from around the web on our A-List Weekend Reading blog post. #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Y'all, I've been with my Gus* Modern sofa for around a month now, and it's been the best CSI watching of my life. No joke. TV watching has been so comfy. If you've been thinking about getting yourself a Gus* upholstered piece, now is the time. Enjoy 20% off upholstered furniture now until August 13th. AND free in-store shipping. See you at the shop 11-6 today! #gussummersale #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Folks keep asking to see the rest of my kitchen...it's not done yet. We have a few things left to do–DIY kitchen renos are for real hard work, y'all. On the blog, there are a few details about what's left to do, and then I leave you with so much pretty stuff to look at from around the web for our A-List reading this week! -@ahdaly #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Good morning Wednesday! Scheduling my stag-horn fern's weekly shower on Wednesday makes hump day greatly anticipated for both me and the plant. Does anyone else do a Watering Wednesday? See you at the shop at 11! 🐫 🌱
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I've been working on my den, making it a place were I enjoy spending time. It's gotten so much better over the past few months! We recently added these vintage pendant lights to provide additional lighting. Right now, either the whole room is lit up, or it's absolutely dark. I love the lights, but thought they looked a little off, so I had Daly come over and take a look. She told me to raise them up to floor lamp height as opposed to table-top height because they were looking a bit heavy. Excited to make this change and see how they look! /// Want us to come into your den and help you with your lights? See our home styling services on our website. ;) -Palmer⠀

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The plant shelf wall is my favorite original feature of our mid-century patio. Not only do I love the stone colors, but I love how the floating shelves lead the eye up and away towards the water! We've been working all spring and summer to create a modern, eclectic patio where we love to spend time. Check it out on the blog this week! #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Y'all, flip pics to see a modern day miracle. Palmer left this at the shop for me with a note saying, "Is this for you?" And I had forgotten about this spot and thought I was bringing it home in vain, then look. Just look. How does she know what I need when I don't even know?! Just a reminder, you know, that vintage magic is real. You can find it. 🙌 #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

It was a nice and busy weekend. Happy to be looking at my pretty kitchen my husband mega cleaned earlier today. You're pretty nice @okwordsandpictures. Also, just hung up my hanging handmade pottery planter my grandpa gave me. A fellow petroleum engineer made it for him, which I think is funny. Hope your heart can glow like this window this week. ☺️ #lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome //Also, hey, we offer collaborative home styling services that are so fun and so happy and so satisfying, for you and us. Check out details on our website.//

Our patio has come a long way in two years! When we moved in, it was a crumbly wreck with giant bushes covering our water view. After a lot of work, this is now a beautiful space we use every day. Read more about our modern eclectic patio on the blog this week! -Palmer⠀
#lifeonabeautifulbackground #rdathome

Need some pretty internet waves to surf? We have our weekly round up on our blog full of links to beautiful inspiration. (This is Palmer's pretty house. Check that vintage blanket on her bed.) #lifeonabeautifulbackground

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