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Diving into the pristine waters of the most beautiful island is both an honor and a responsibility. 😉 An honor to see and experience the gift of nature, and a responsibility to preserve the beauty of the island.
As a responsible human being, we should respect nature. Quoting John Muir, "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time." we can preserve the beauty and grandeur of the The Most Beautiful Island in the World, #SiCoron , for the next generation to see and experience too and also help the Tagbanua Community to sustain their livelihood.
#Rayniyel #SummerWithHumanNature

"The Splendour of His Majesty", this is what came to my mind when I first saw this rock formation.
Located at the nowthwestern tip of Ilocos Norte, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is one of my highlights during our visit to Ilocos.
Showing off God's power and artistic side through these creamy white rocks that cannot be seen in other parts of the Philippines.
It could be so hottttt to go there, so I bought bottled water along the way, and kept the empty bottles with me until we reached the place with trash can. :)

Summer means going to the beaches. But for us, it means sweating it out at the local rock climbing crag. Climbing these awesome rock walls constantly pumps a fresh dose of adrenaline and adventure in our system.
This summer, we're planning regular climbs in one of our favorite crags---Chocolate Mountain in Danao, Cebu.

Let us protect this rock climbing treasure by not leaving trash behind. Crag erosion can be prevented by using the recommended glue-in bolts rather than standard expansion bolts. Lastly, as a community declaration, the LGU and the locals should say not to any attempt to mine or destroy this limestone cliff.

#SummerwithHumanNature #pinaytraveljunkie #humannature #pinoytravelfreak #rayniyel

Lagoons, limestone cliffs, white sand beaches; where else? El Nido has it all. El Nido has been on top of my bucket list for years and I can only think of one word when I hear of this place... Paradise. Finally, when I set my foot onto it, indeed, it is paradise in every angle.

The gems of El Nido are not just found in one spot, they're around the entire Bacuit archipelago. How to explore them? Island hopping always saves the day!

As early as 8AM on our second day, we're already braving the huge waves on our way to the first stop of island hopping Tour A. I remember what our tour guide, Abel, said during our quick briefing, "'Wag tapakan ang 'di dapat tapakan. 'Wag kunin ang 'di dapat kunin. Itapon ang mga kalat sa tamang lalagyan". So did we.

3 short and simple but meaningful reminders which made me realize that they rely on tourism for their living. Above all, it's not only the locals', but everyone's responsibility to preserve everything that makes one the best islands in the world. "Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller". ~ Ibn Battuta
Don't be speechless. Share travel stories to spread awareness on how we can preserve our natural wonders and be responsible travelers.


The reason why Boracay is my favorite local summer vacation is because of the beautiful sunset and the chill vibes that the island provides. I can help preserve the beauty of this island by keeping my trash in my bag and pocket while doing activities and disposing it in designated trash bins afterwards.
#SummerWithHumanNature #rayniyel

Enjoyed the serenity of the place by waking up at 6am to enjoy one of the best infinity pools in the Philippines found in San Juan, Batanggas.
By waking up earlier, we closed our room air conditioner, lights, and saved electricity thereby lesser emissions to the nature; little things consistently done goes a long way.
I also had the place by myself since most of the guests are still asleep from last night's wedding.☺️ #JocyTheMaximizer #nofilter #rayniyel #SummerwithHumanNature

A place with crystal clear water, pure white sand, different rock formations, fresh air, and a virgin island that is never been destroyed by humans. We should all do the PAC ganern in Coron, Palawan. PROTECT the biodiversity and culture as we take ACTION to CONSERVE this beautiful Island. ❤️🙌🏼🏝 #rayniyel #summerwithHumanNature

Have you ever heard about the sleeping giant in Coron? 🙌🏼❤️ #coron #rayniyel #summerwithhumannature

Coron, Palawan is a place wherein imagination meets reality. A paradise we can never deny. My Summer will never be cool without experiencing this kind of beautiful nature and being cared by the hospitable Tagbanua people who protects Coron. This place is a perfect destination for fun and adventure! Explore and Expose yourselves in the sun while you conserve and protect this amazing paradise! #rayniyel #summerwithhumannature #coron

#SummerwithHumanNature I always use Human Nature Safe Protect sunscreen before hitting the beach, this way I know that I protected our seas from harmful chemicals that will destory the beautiful corals. Mangodlong Paradise Beach, Camotes, Cebu. #pinaytraveljunkie #rayniyel #pinoytravelfreak

🍃 Masasa beach
This is one of the hidden gems in Batangas. You can destress from this nature trip. Seeing green everywhere, glad they we're able to preserve its natural beauty (especially now that a lot of people are visiting this place). I hope people can keep the area clean by picking up all the trash around the area. 🌊
#SummerwithHumanNature #rayniyel @humanheartnature

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Batanes is truly an amazing sight to see and it's like hitting two birds with one stone - seeing New Zealand's undulating grasslands and Iceland's oceanic waves. There's no doubt it's my favorite local summer destination. By blending in with nature, you'll get to appreciate this place more and preserve its beauty.
Sharing your favorite local summer destination and telling us how you can help preserve the place's beauty with the hashtags #SummerwithHumanNature and #rayniyel can bring you to places and win goodies from @humanheartnature plus a 3D2N stay for two at Coco Beach Resort in Puerto Galera! Just don't forget to follow them here and on Facebook.
Contest ends on April 21. I'm stoked to see all your entries!

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