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At Dr appt the other day, I gained 1 lb in 2 weeks. Putting me at 43 lbs gained this pregnancy.
I've mentioned before that I gained 41 with first pregnancy (left pic). So crazy that I gain around the same amount with both pregnancies but how different I look and feel this time around.
I know my lifestyle and working out πŸ‹ this whole pregnancy up until the last couple of weeks🀰 has helped tremendously.
Working out while pregnant if able and cleared by your Dr has so many benefits.
Did you or do you workout while pregnant?! #fitmomma #fitpregnancy #37weeks #raynacastillofitness

Workout done! Pumped my liquid gold while listening to our Monday National Wake Up call, changed Austyn's diaper and put on his clothes. Started working out...got the warm up and first moves done then baby woke. Nursed her and then I was able to do half the workout before she just wasn't having it.
First workout since I had our beauty and it felt so good! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Three things that are stress relievers and my sanity...spending time with my family & bonding with the kiddos, cleaning/clean house and working out. I am so glad to be able to workout again. 😁

No excuses, got my babies right by me and I also had to dodge toys from a two year old. Ha ha.
Any mommas relate?! βœ‹πŸΌ
#postnatal #6weeks #breastfeeding #liquidgold #mybabiesaremywhy #myreason #mydrive #iamworthit #settingtheexample #fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #raynacastillofitness

So I tried these grapes a year or so ago and they didn't really taste different than a regular green grape to me.
I have a couple of friends that love these Cotton Candy flavored grapes. There is also a Coach I follow and look up to that loves these too.
I finally bought some the other day and to me they still don't taste much different than other grapes. I must be crazy. Ha ha. As I keep eating them everyday, I can taste a small hint of flavor but not as much as I am expecting, I guess. Lol.

Have you tried these?! If so, what do you think?! #healthyeats #snacks #grapes #cottoncandy #raynacastillofitness

Do you Lenny & Larry?! These cookies are so good, so many amazing flavors.
One cookie goes a long way as a 4 oz cookie has two servings in it. I can also make it last longer by just using a small piece to crumble on top of yogurt, Halo or Enlightened ice cream.

Click the link below to order your cookies today...
#lennylarry #cookies #mmm #raynacastillofitness

One of my favorite quick healthy recipes, mini meatloaves with 93% Lean Hamburger but you can use turkey for even healthier.
#raynacastillofitness #healthyeats #mealprep #protein #lunches

Got our hospital bags packed the other day. I have a post it with "don't forget items" to throw in my bag the night before our beauty will be born.
Now I need to get on making the nurse gifts and Austyn's big brother goodie bag.
I was waaay on top of things when preparing my first pregnancy. I had our bags packed 2 months in advance and the nurse gifts made like 6 mos in advance. Making the nurse gifts today.
I am just as excited this pregnancy but for some reason slacking majorly on getting things ready for the hospital. Not sure if it is because I know I have a schedule c section this time or what?! Yes, I could go in to labor before and it could change it all so I am glad to be packed and ready to go for the most part now.
Parents of multiple children, did you feel this way?! Were you more prepared the first time around?! #3moreweeks #soexcited #babygirl #familyof4herewecome #raynacastillofitness

Went and bought a few groceries to make these freezer meals to cook after baby comes.
We ran in to my parents at the store and Austyn left with them. I got 4 meals done in a little over an hour. Thank you Mom & Dad for taking Austyn. *Shepherds pie
*Black bean casserole *Butternut squash quinoa casserole *Hamburger taco quinoa skillet

About all our freezer has room for but it will def help out.
#foodprep #foodforafterbabyarrives #freezermeals #raynacastillofitness

Say what, black bean brownies?! Don't knock it til you try it...they are delicious!! Will you share this to your page to use in the future?! Recipe from...
#mmm #brownies #fitmomma #fitpregnancy #raynacastillofitness

One pan Italian Veggies & Sausage and a side of mashed Cauliflower.
Dinner and/or meal prep doesn't have to take a lot of time or be super involved. 15 mins to prep, 30 to cook.
#raynacastillofitness #healthyeats #dinner #yum #colorful


Please help me congratulate not one but TWO winners from my "HIIT September Hard" one week free group. This is the biggest group I have run...had lots of ladies ready to SEE what they are truly capable of when they set their mind to it in just minutes a day. They showed up daily and put in the work even on days that they struggled, no excuses they got it done. Thank you all for joining, you all did wonderful and are all winners!
Rosa, one of my newest coaches did a great job running the group with me and she also had several ladies and a couple men.
Congratulations to Laura Brooks and Terri Miller for being my two winners.
#freegroup #winners #hiitseptemberhard #minutesaday #weareworthit #changeyourmindset #changeyourlife #raynacastillofitness

Workout done! Pumped my liquid gold while listening to our Monday National Wake Up call, changed Austyn's diaper and put on his clothes. Started working out...got the warm up and first moves done then baby woke. Nursed her and then I was able to do half the workout before she just wasn't having it.
First workout since I had our beauty and it felt so good! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Three things that are stress relievers and my sanity...spending time with my family & bonding with the kiddos, cleaning/clean house and working out. I am so glad to be able to workout again. 😁

No excuses, got my babies right by me and I also had to dodge toys from a two year old. Ha ha.
Any mommas relate?! βœ‹πŸΌ
#postnatal #6weeks #breastfeeding #liquidgold #mybabiesaremywhy #myreason #mydrive #iamworthit #settingtheexample #fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #raynacastillofitness

Got the kiddos to bed, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. Then the baby woke up, nursed her then back to sleep. Got the floors swept and mopped. Now just need to vacuum tomorrow.
Set up for success tomorrow...I have my workout clothes sitting out and ready to go, something I have not done in about 2 months. Here is to starting my journey again πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ When will I get my workout in tomorrow, that is the question. Ha ha. Plan is to wake before the kids to get it done just as I used to when I started my journey at 5 mos post partum in February 2016.
We shall see how it goes. I am definitely taking it slow and going to do postnatal workouts with the trainer that changed my life and who I got to meet and take a picture with 😁πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ‘¦πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸ»β€οΈ
#postpartum #6weeks #breastfeeding #liquidgold #fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #mybabiesaremywhy #iamworthit #icanandwill #raynacastillofitness

I am 6 weeks post partum today, had my follow up yesterday. Dr informed me that I have lost over 20 lbs and that my incision is healing nicely.
I asked about working out again and he said to take it easy and light to build back up. Was so happy to hear that!! Working out is my ME time and something that helps keep me sane along with a clean house (which I have been able to do, it just takes lots longer with stopping for the kiddos). I wanted to start today but I have this weird thing about me and I like to start at the beginning of the week not in the middle or at the end.
Not sure what time I will be able to get my ME time in but I will even if both kids are up and right by me and even if I have to stop to tend to them or nurse baby that is ok. She has been sleeping so well that I think I can wake early, pump her liquid gold and then workout.
I started at 5 mos pp with our son and used to wake at 3:50 am daily to get it done. I CAN and WILL because I am worth it and my kids are my biggest reason. They are watching and soon I will have both kiddos doing it with me not just our son.
Stay tuned for posts of my workouts as I ease back in and with these posts, you all help to hold me accountable as well.
#postpartum #clearedtoworkout #breastfeedingmomma #liquidgold #twobabies #fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #raynacastillofitness

Pretty happy moment this morning when I put these shorts on. I hadn't tried to put regular shorts on since I had our beauty. I had just been wearing maternity shorts.
Today at 6 weeks post partum, I put on a regular pair of shorts and was doing the happy dance that they went right on. They are a size 6, these were too big for me before I got pregnant from my awesome journey.
Size of clothing and number on scale does not define anyone. I do know that I will get into all of my shorts and pants again once I am cleared to workout again.
Going to Dr, excited to see what he says about being released.
#postpartum #fitmomma #breastfeeding #liquidgold #momwin #raynacastillofitness

I've said it before and I will say it again...my superfood shake is THAT GOOD. So many options to make it. *Reduce junk food cravings
*Provide healthy energy
*Support your digestion and regularity
*Too many other benefits to list 😊

Fiber and probiotics help support regularity so you can eliminate waste naturally from your digestive system.

Proprietary blend of prebiotics, fiber, and probiotics help support a healthy intestinal tract.

Digestive enzymes also help your body to support the absorption of nutrients.

Why you'll love drinking this superfood shake... You'll not only be healthier, you'll feel healthier and happier, along with minutes of working out. Who doesn't want that?! If you would like more info, let me know.
#dailydose #ima365erplus #superfoods #sogood #fitmomma #postpartum #breastfeeding #liquidgold #raynacastillofitness

Amazing!! Crazy when we set our mind to it, invest one time in us, have the help of a Coach and accountability group...what amazing things we can achieve.
#joinme #youareworthit #minutesaday #nonscalevictory #beproud #ilovewhatido #myclients #RaynaCastilloFitness

Oh you're a mom?! You will need a better excuse than that! It is so easy for women, wives, especially mothers to think that we cannot take care of us.
Being a Mom is one of my BIGGEST reasons not my excuse. My children are my reason and my why!! Yours should definitely be your BIGGEST why too...why you CAN do this, why you CAN take care of you, why it's NOT selfish. In order for momma to keep on keepin' on...it is a must to also care for you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It is not about "having" 30 minutes a day, its about making it because you are worth it!! Make you and your health a priority!! Once you do, the family follows. It all starts with us as mommas and parents to set and be the example. Soon they will be living this with you instead of being your excuse as to why you "can't" do it.
Austyn has watched Chris and I since he was 5 mos old. He has 1 lb weights that he got before he was a year, he is now 2 and still loves to workout with us. Cannot wait for our daughter to be able to join the three of us as well.
#postpartumfitness #breastfeedingmomma #liquidgold #fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #coupleswhoworkouttogerher #busymom #momoftwo #baby #toddler #raynacastillofitness

Checked in on all of my clients, always love to hear how they are doing. They all make me so proud!! #raynacastillofitness #ilovewhatido #changinglivesdaily #youareworthit #joinme #minutesaday #postpartumfitness #fitmomma #breastfeeding #liquidgold #momoftwo

Love my awesome new cup from my brother and sister in law, Victor & Cami. They gave it to me with stuff for the baby. "Mama needs her coffee" except I don't do coffee while pregnant of breastfeeding so my delicious daily dose of superfoods it is in this mug for at least a year.
#fitmomma #fitfam #fitkiddos #blessings #mamaneedshercoffee #mamaneedsherdailydose #densesuperfoods #raynacastillofitness

Who can relate?! When you need to get things done...meals, laundry, etc and baby just won't let you?! You wear baby and get it done 😊. I love this Baby Bjorn carrier. Wish I had known about this with Austyn. I like it lots better than the other 2 I have like this.
#fitmomma #busymomma #gettinstuffdone #babywearing #babybjorn #breastfeeding #liquidgold #handsfree #raynacastillofitness

As most of you know, I took August mostly off to enjoy our new baby and my little family. I am back to running my FREE groups and couldn't be more excited.
I still am unable to do the workout moves BUT I can live working out through all of you when you join my groups 😊. Something exciting this group as well...I have my newest team member and Coach running it with me.
I know alot of you have been waiting for my next FREE group...here it is!!! Group starts Monday Sunday September 10th, so act fast πŸ™‚

#raynacastillofitness #itsacoachthing #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #joinme #minutesaday #youareworthit #postpartummomma #breastfeeding #liquidgold #fitkiddos #fitfam

My health matters and I love my daily dose that I have had since Feb. 2016

I love how many options I have to make it. One thing that is always in my daily dose and a non negotiable for me is spinach along with the other stuff.
This formula filled with 72 superfoods, antioxidants, enzymes, pre and probiotics, fiber and so much more gets me and my body everything I need daily in one dose.
#dailydose #365erplus #workingon720plus #sogood #healthy #favepartofday #withbreakfast #superfoods #densenutrition #breastfeeding #liquidgold #healthymomma #healthykiddos #fitfam #raynacastillofitness

Good morning! Happy September!! A new month for new goals, time to start something new, time to work in you.
Stay tuned for my FREE group coming up as I will be running them again starting this month.
Those of you that have talked to me about one of my longer groups, now is your time to start working on you...let's do this!! Have a wonderful day!!! #newmonth #newgoals #helloseptember #workonyou #youareworthit #fitmomma #fitkids #fitfam #postpartumbody #breastfeedingmomma #liquidgold #raynacastillofitness

***HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT*** If you know this beautiful lady and even if you don't...please take a moment and help me congratulate her on not only having an amazing transformation and loving the lifestyle she lives so much that now she is helping others have their own transformation story and getting them started on reaching their goals too!

She has fibromyalgia, arthritis and severe muscle spasms on her back and around ribs. She like so many was also tired all the time, tired of being tired. She just wanted to learn how to be healthy & fit. And in her words "losing weight was a plus, but more importantly I learned alot about myself, gained my confidence back, have energy, and enjoy my life." Rosa and I have known each other for years. She was not a big FB user but she was liking and commenting on my fitness posts. I always thought, "one day, Rosa will ask me for more info on how to start on her health journey" AND she did. One of our mutual friends, another client of mine inspired Rosa.
She took a chance on me, on my challenge groups where she not only had one on one support but daily accountability and a community of others that were there too in reaching their health and fitness goals! Talk about motivating!
It's amazing what happens when you have one on one support, accountability and the WANT to reach your goals! Amazing what you, your mind and body can achieve when you trust and believe!! Please help me congratulate my newest team member, my friend and now online health and fitness Coach.....Mrs. Rosa Gallegos!! #raynacastillofitness #welcomenewcoach #teamstrengthunited #teamfulleffect #changinglives #inspiring #itsacoachthing

Loved getting these messages from a client. She is so sweet and rocking her journey!! #myclientsareawesome #ilovewhatido #itsacoachthing #clientsuccess #lifestyle #weareworthit #raynacastillofitness

Funny Mom share here. As most of you know I breastfed our son and am doing so with baby girl. I have always been a member of the itty bitty club in the boob department. Except during both pregnancies and while breastfeeding...they are big. Ha ha.
A year ago, I bought a really pretty dress to wear to my brother in laws wedding Oct 2017. I said "guaranteed way to make sure we are pregnant with #2." Well baby #2 will be two months old by then. I tried the dress on the other day and it fits even with the extra baby weight I am still carrying for now. But the bummer, it isn't breastfeeding accessible.
So today I found a pretty tube top dress with a zipper in the front over the boobs, yay for easy breastfeeding access!! The funny part of this share...since I have always been in the itty bitty club, I never thought I would have a problem zipping something up over these bad boys. They were super full when I tried it on as well since baby had been asleep awhile.
Anywho, I bought the dress and it is really cute but sure wish the first dress I bought would have worked.
#breastfeedingproblems #liquidgold #mysuperpower #makingmilk #raisingbabies #noittybittyjugs #raynacastillofitness

Please help me congratulate my last challenge group winner, Teresa!!! I ran this amazing group with my Coach and other coaches on our team. It helped huge to do it together since I was at the end of pregnancy, then gave birth and trying to settle and find balance at home. Thanks again Coach, Kally!
Teresa not only got results with our newest program out but she also shifted her mind too. The creator of the program...Chris is so inspiring, encouraging and his words just hit straight to the heart daily especially in his posts for our group.
Teresa lost 5.6 lbs and 4" in just 3 weeks. She has been on her journey with me since the end of May. She started with the same program that changed my life and since has done a couple others. Total she is down, 10.6 lbs and 13.5" She feels amazing and looks it too!!! She saw the changes in her before and after pics with this round BUT I took her original pics from the end of May to now and did them side by side for her to SEE how far she has come and she said "wow, I am going to cry." I am so proud of her and she needs to cry those happy tears because she decided to invest one time in herself, she trusted me as not just her friend but as her Coach, she has been provided the tools and she is succeeding. Her husband also does the workouts with her when he can, how awesome and encouraging is that!!! She also has more energy to keep up with their three beautiful girls. She started this for herself and her family because she knows that she is worth it and how much it means to all of them for momma to take care of herself and be happy.
Are you tired of being tired?! Are you tired of yo yo dieting?! Are you tired of not seeing or keeping results?! If you answered yes to any of those...let's talk about your goals and getting you started with me 😊. #myclientsrock #soproud #shiftedminds #shiftedbodies #getfitwithme #youareworthit #seewhatyoucando #gottatakecareofus #fitmommas #raynacastillofitness

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