Being grateful for the day despite not finishing what I set out to do.
A pct-er told me that there was a bear up ahead on the summit. I was already debating on cutting it short for my knees and with that Bear sighting in mind I did not hesitate to cut it short.
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💪🏻🐼Three a day keeps my doctor away! #smilesformiles #raymiller50 #patagonia #hokaclifton

Pre workout mandatory selfies 🤳🏻 #raymiller50 #orcas100 #ciele #smilesformiles

Grateful for yesterday and grateful for today #raymiller50

Throwback to my first and only 50 miler....not for long tho:) #raymiller50#tnf50

My greatest memories are always outside. I’m so excited to be following a program that will keep me disciplined in training that will allow me to be outside. Thanks Jesus for giving me this life 🙏🏻 #raymiller50

Sitting on a rock in the middle of the trail, being pounded by 70 mph winds, throwing up, at midnight on my 40th Birthday, made me realize that the San Diego 100 wasn’t a destination, it was a journey. One that i had just begun. The months after have been important. I took care of the problem that landed me my dnf, and i fought through 3 tough races. A 50k that i barely finished, and two 50 miles that were definitely a fight, but very successful all around - probably my most successful ultra finishes since the AC100 for multiple reasons. In a few short weeks i will find out if I’m lucky enough to be at the start line again for San Diego. Every day i think about going back. I can’t wait to finish what i started! #raymiller50 #ultrarunner #ultrarunning #trails #trailgirl #100milerun #sandiego100 #malibu #mountains #orangemud 📷 =@howiesternphoto

Took a little morning birthday recovery ride this morning to start the day with @iluvmylife77 and @laststepp. Also in my new @bikereligion kit. Felt good to move the legs again, though I'm surprisingly tired still after the #raymiller50 outing

If you’re going to run 50 miles, you might as well run in a beautiful place... The views during last weekend’s #raymiller50 didn’t suck.

Well, Saturday I logged my first DNF in a race. I went to the #raymiller50 in a weird spot. My training has been stellar and my last long hard training run I crushed. Then I immediately got sick and it's taken me many weeks to recover. And apparently I'm still not there. My lungs and heart were still weak and I started to suffer after the halfway point. On top of that I had lost my #muirenergy gels that I rely on heavily, and the aid stations had no bananas. It sounds so trivial but those calories are super crucial for my plan. The course was also much toughe than I anticipated and I made the call to pull out at 33. It really crushed me to do it. But I've got a 100k coming up and hopefully the SD100. So it's all looking forward. On the bright side I know I was well ready physically had it not been for the sickness. And also the #1 goal this weekend was to get @iluvmylife77 her first 50, and under 13 hours. And she did. Finishing under 12. Thanks to @aubyngrantfitness for getting me ready. Thanks to @milestonerunning for always getting me the right gear. Here's to the next one #blackcanyon100k

@cpt_ronald getting some well earned, if not totally awkward, rest. Not even his copy of #unbreakablerunner could keep him awake after his #raymiller50

Congratulations @yosef on completing the #raymiller50 yesterday!

Beginning to end it was a great day (albeit painful at times)
Truly grinded this one out, not smart but grateful to be able to have the ability and strength to accomplish these feats!
There truly is a lot of mental toughness that goes into these races.
Pushing through discomfort and pain.
Overcoming the little voice that says I can drop and no big deal.
Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Embracing the suck.

【 #RayMiller50 🏃 #レイミラー50 】
The race which uses a part of my most favorite trail, and also close from Ventura. Actually, I have registered 50miler and started as well, but dropped down to 50K due to an accident that I fell down when I was running on a downhill with 7min/mile speed. Hit my right shoulder, right knee, and both hand, and a strap of my handheld bottle broke (so sad!), so I dropped down.
Then ran back slowly/easily to the finish and finished 50K+ officially.
I got the accident, but I spent a good time with my friends from Japan and my wife, and on the other hand I won a lottery (which was happening during the race) for a special big event, so it was a very good day, anyway.
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The Ray Miller 50 Miler... By far the toughest thing I’ve done in my entire life!!! This was a very very difficult race. Thank You @estherp1e and @yosef for believing in me, for motivating me, inspiring me, and giving me assurance that I’d be able to do it. The support from you both leading up to this race has been everything. Your friendship is beyond valued and I️ wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank You!!! Also, thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to support, almost made me shed a tear at the end, like fa real fa real lol. #RayMiller50 #Running #UltraRunning #UltraRunner #KoreatownRunClub #MovementRunners #StravaRun #Garmin #NikeLA #Run #Running #Runner #TrailRunning #Family #Friends #Thankful #Grateful #Love #TheBig3

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