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Today I tried this amazing onion wrap from Tannyraw. This is really one of the best I had so far. #raw#tannyraw#onionwrap#rawwrap#wrap#saladwrap#nyers#nyersvegan#nyersetel#rawvegan#rawvegantravel#traveling#france

This time I will try #rawvegan sushi, spaghetti 🍝 and papaya soup 😋💚 in my favorite #atsumirawcafe 💫#veganlunch #rawveganrestaurant #rawvegantravel #vegantravel #veganphuket #veganthaifood #се #веган #сыроед #секафе

In a few days I will be here, Oahu Hawai’i! I will be hiking up amazing trails to sacred waterfalls, drinking fresh coconut water and swimming in the ocean (hopefully learning to surf) I will be staying on the west side with the locals and can hopefully meet some amazing people and fellow raw vegans!! I am looking for vegan friendly intensional community farms, communes and good spaces to possibly return to and live on for a year or so after my visit, I can work on the land for room and board and have a permaculture design certification I would love to put to good use if ending up on a farm or farming commune. I Can’t wait to share some amazing experiences with you guys!! More to come! #hawaii #oahu #traveling #communes #rawvegantravel #dreamscometrue #motivation #inspiration #societalvacation #intensionalcommunity #communes #vegancommune

My family wanted to go to the mall. I was thinking “ok probably a wilted salad for me” I found THIS!! Too excited. Just goes to show you can make it work anywhere. #rawvegan #rawveganfood #coconut #makingitwork #rawvegantravel

Banana take over for Christmas holiday. Who says you can’t travel cross country. 🤣 #rawvegan #banana #rawvegantravel

wherever i go, may bananas come with me 🍌 🍌...
✈️ TULUM here we go ✈️ -
donde quiera que vaya, las bananas me acompañan 🍌 🍌 ✈️ TULUM aca vamos ✈️ -
#rawvegan #travel #rawvegantravel #fruit #bananas #fruitarian #801010 #raw #plane #travelling #tulum #beach #holidays #flying #healthy #healthyeating #health #viaje #avion #fruta #crudivegano #vegano #saludable #happiness

There are only 2 things you can be 100% certain about: [1.] The ‘mass’ opinions are always wrong....
I like to ask myself “what would MOST people do in this situation?” And then remind myself that MOST people are broke, all jacked up, unhappy, sick, and that I don’t want to do what MOST people would do...
[2.] Staying where you are is going BACKWARDS.
The world is moving, advancing…
If you’re the kind of person who ignores the truth of that and simply does the same thing cause it’s all you “know,” might never reach that level of health and success.
The people at the top FIGHT to get there… and sometimes fighting to get there looks a lot like doing what I did (and countless others have done since): going all in… refusing to put up with the way things are… and forcing the change you know you need to see in yourself, your health, and your business…
Our lives are comprised of our choices, which compound over time, and the better our choices the better our end results…
P.S Never follow the advice of a person you wouldn’t gladly trade places with. If they’re not ahead of you then what business do they have giving you any kind of advice? @viktoriyaandoksana

// WALL STREET JOURNAL // There’s an old story about two young men.
Growing up, these two young men were very similar.
They both had above average intelligence, above average work ethic and above average grades.
After High School, they both left their small hometown and went off to college on opposite sides of the country.
25 years later, both of these men attended a High School reunion. They were both married to beautiful women, lived in a nice home and great children. However, there was one difference. One man was a manager of a division of a multi-national company, while the other man owned the entire company.
This story was initially told in the Wall Street Journal over 30 years ago, but it went on to make a serious point:
In our lives, we have moments where we have a big decision to make. For many of you, that decision is whether or not to invest in your health.
It’s a big decision because you need to FULLY COMMIT in order to fully transform.
Right now, you’re standing at the crossroads.
Turn left, and in one year’s time your body will look almost exactly the same as it does today. You’ll have the same amount of muscle, the same level of leanness, the same feeling of confidence when you look in the mirror.
Or you can turn right… [+] Turning right means you’ll pack on slabs of muscle faster than you have in years (you’ll be growing as quickly as you did when you first started working out)... [+] Turning right means you’ll get leaner than you’ve been in years, with a metabolism roaring faster than a Lamborghini and 6-pack abs popping like a fitness models... [+] Turning right means you’ll have a sense of control over your life that comes from taking control of your body (giving you an unstoppable confidence).
Turning left means you continue doing what you’ve always done. Going through the same old workouts and eating the same old meals.
It’s safe. It’s comfortable. It’s what most people will choose to do.
But then there’s a second option: putting yourself in the challenging environment with leaders who will push you over the finish line.
Where are you heading, left or right? - Oksana

// Biggest threat in your growth // It blows my mind how some people can KNOW (emotionally, rationally, etc) that the place they are in right now is not ideal/optimal and KNOW exactly what they need to do to fix it...And yet....Do NOTHING....Think about it.
The only thing holding you back is your choices. Wherever you are (health and otherwise) you've chosen to be there.

- you control your environment - you control your activities - you control your education

So stop wishing it would be better and start making choices that push you OUT of your comfort zone.
Or settle and enjoy your current situation.
It's simple as that. If you really can't do it by yourself, you have to put yourself in the ENVIRONMENT that will empower you, motivate you, inspire you, and help you grow. ------------->
I don't know how many times Viktoriya and I had to say NO to things in order to say YES to things that will get our closer to our goals. [+] those weekdays and weekends (+summers) I spend in the research lab and at the library studying and carrying out experiments. I remember getting in an argument with my sister one day and she would drive over and surprise me with homemade snacks (that she made of course) as a peace-offering hahah. And those late evenings she would wait for me at the library until I was finished with work and studies. [+] when Viktoriya moved to LA to work on an Emmy Nominated Kid's TV show and I would fly out to surprise her on my way to a conference just to spent the day together. This was the longest we were ever apart.
[+] when we drove through the states back in 2013 to study with Dr. Michael Klaper (medical doctor who has appeared in the new What the Health and Cowspiracy documentaries) and got home the night before Christmas (exhausted... drained...yet filled with new knowledge and information). [+] when we took credit to enroll in courses and seminars to expand our education and experiences. ✨
From now on, when people ask me "how did you grow in research so fast.. how did you get lean so fast??" or "what do you think was the biggest difference maker for you guys" or "why is it taking ME so long?"
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My husband @scottoldner and I had such a wonderful meal this past weekend at RASA Kitchen & Juice in Santa Fe. We enjoyed these ALL Raw Life Force Energy Salads. This little, no frills Vegan restaurant is a MUST visit if you find yourself in Santa Fe - the service is impeccable and the food is deliciously nourishing🙏🏻😋✨ #rasakitchenandjuice #veganrestaurant #santafe #newmexico #rawandcooked #realfood #vegan #vegano #veganfood #rawvegan #vegantravel #rawvegantravel #santafevegan #mindfullifenutrition #holistichealthcoach #detoxspecialist #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #veganfoodlovers #plantbased #lifeforceenergy #sayyestohealth #loveyourself

Bye New Mexico, we’ll see you real soon, hopefully covered in snow🙏🏻❄️ Don’t these clouds look like they have lava flowing just under the surface?? #sunset #clouds #viewfromaplane #lava #newmexicoskies #newmexico #vegantravel #rawvegantravel #beautyiseverywhere #happiness #love #loveyourself #traveler #upupandaway #mindfullifenutrition #holistichealthcoach #detoxspecialist #expandyourhorizons

Stages of Last Night’s Sunset ~ Free Show Every Night, No filter required. Thank You Mama Nature, I LOVE You🙏🏻❤️ #sunset #santafe #newmexico #newmexicoskies #inawe #awe #happiness #glow #nofilter #love #ilovemyhusband #rawvegantravel #vegantravel #mamanature #artshow #featurenewmexico

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