It’s all ❤️in the lone star state! #TexasLove

Color appreciation @idealsupermarkets Sugarcane Island fully stocked! Tell a friend, tell a friend! 🌴🌴🌴

Good morning. You can make all orders by calling 0244445035 or by sending is a dm on Instagram or Facebook.
Ig - @rawcanejuicegh
Fb - raw sugarcane juice
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Dos for Cinco 👍🏼 @ Good Food for less

Sampling @ Natural Frontier Market - Cortelyou Rd

For the most delicious 100% natural limeade known to man, squeeze 1 or 1.5 lime into a bottle of Sugarcane Island cane juice. #IssaFact

100% pressed from farm fresh sugarcane stalks. Made for you to flourish™️

Raw Sugar reminds me of Welcome Chicken + Donuts of how old the building is, yet how modern it looks like inside. 10/10

Some HPD love 👍🏼 Tried it and bought a case of 24 bottles 💪🏼😀 Enjoy officer! 🙏🏽

Katie serving up samples at Specs in Houston. She’s at this location 3902 Bissonnet St., Houston TX 77005. Stop by and enjoy some Sugarcane Island!

Tgif. Enjoy this tasty Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. Super easy to make. 3 ingredients (Cachaca, lime & Sugarcane Island cane juice) + ice. Recipe on our website

Get your #mastercleanse on now! Shown to help cleanse the body, flush fat and boost immunity✨ simply pick up a gallon @sweetcanecafe and sip it throughout the day!! Available for single 16oz purchase as well:) #cleanse#hilohawaii#eathealthy#drinkhealthy#detox#rawsugarcanejuice#hawaii#septembercleanse

Cane-dy Crush. 😍😋

Re-stocked at Garden of Eden - 7 E 14th street. Also check out the store locator on our website to find stores nearest you where Sugarcane Island is available. We are adding locations weekly!

We always find it interesting when we are talking sugarcane juice with someone who is not familiar with it and the first thing they say is “oh, i’m not doing any sugar”. Oh really, so how is your body supposed to function properly?. The source of the sugar is what is most important, there are good and bad sugars.
Every cell in your body needs energy to function. The main source of energy is sugar aka glucose. Blood sugar is essential to proper brain, heart and digestive function.
Sugarcane juice is not processed or added sugar. There is a huge difference between that and refined sugars.

Do some research yourself and don’t fall prey to marketing propaganda.

Do you know that during chemotherapy, a combination of beetroot, carrots, apples and lemon are awesome in cleansing the body and fighting cancer.
Beetroot is a fantastic antioxidant, nutrient supplier, energy provider and controls blood sugar 💃 .
Sugarcanejuice helps the body to fight against cancer especially breast cancer, instant energy booster and helps with acne. It also facilitates development of bones and teeth. .
When it comes to fueling your body, you must be determined and have eating patterns. You can't afford to do "anything goes "
What is going into your mouth today 🤔 .
📷 : Moi/ Pinterest .
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Island vibes with @rose_luxury_boutique 🌴🏝🌴🏝

Looking forward to this!
#Repost @caneclubco
Just a little R&D for an upcoming course that focuses on the long history of sugar cane, its cultivation in the Caribbean, and eventual transformation into rum!

Thanks to everybody that stopped by our booth yesterday at the West Indian Day parade! We had a great time! 📷 by @alifebalanced

Ready!!! Come see us on the parkway! Corner of Eastern Parkway and Albany! 🌴🏝🌴🏝

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