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Sunday evening with closest friends #rawstar #friendstime #thaifood

I give thanks for talent and opportunities. For constant growth and development. To feel, be and become the different characters I have the responsibility to bring to life. To give a voice to the voiceless. #RealFriends coming soon.

Rawstar Moments...
#rawstar #darshanraval #darshaners #darshanravaldz
Happy Birthday... @darshanravaldz

@Regrann from @darshanravalffc - Gabbbbuu.👀😂❤️
// I either spam you with memes, or dont post at all. There’s literally no in between.😂// - #darshanraval #spreadlove #darshanravaldz #beingdarshaner #rawstar

We don't remember days, we remember moments.❤
@darshanravaldz #darshanraval #IRS #Rawstar #spreadlove

Shape you of 💕Laung Gawatcha . It's not a #rawstar after party without more impromptu music! The key is a little high but we managed! Thanks to the band for letting us jam in and @freedomsharmaofficial for the video! And my most handsome audience @darshanravaldz hehe - you know ure sexayyy, but I'll tell you again anyway 😘#worldmusicday #aboutlastnight #highonenergy


@Regranned from @sonymusicindia - - #regrann Gujarati version 😍😍🙈🙈❤❤❤
He is just killing with his magical and tempting voice manhh!!!! 😍😍😭😭 #Mustwatchit!! @darshanravaldz #darshanravaldz #sonymusic #spreadlove #terazikr #gujarativersion #rawstar #indiasrawstar @sonymusicindia ❤❤

@darshanravaldz A PROMISE MADE.

Not just a promises but promises. Even if you dont read some promises you should know. Its literally I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E for me to reach back and hold hand of someone else. Its next to impossible for me to love someone else the way I LOVE YOU.

I will never get tired of saying you about my feelings but i dont want to repeat those 3 words and less my feelings. Time passed so quickly, like its just a blink i feel. Its like i saw you this moment and everything again refreshes. Those moments of waiting for #Rawstar. That moment i cried when the trophy wasn't in your hands. Those moments i saw girls hugging you. Those moments you suffered and i cried. And these are all part of my fangirling memories.

FANGIRL? Hurts! Yeah it does but will always carry this tag coz you gave it. I'll wear it with pride coz you gave. Promise.

Even if you ask me not to do all these crazy stuff i wont stop coz this is just 0.001% pure emotions and feelings. Not really anything can measure or compare what you made me and what you mean to me.

Dear love,
Let me tell you, you are an angel in form of human who took away all the sufferings and had spread happiness and love in my life. That angel who is far-far away from me yet never fails to make me smile. Be it sadness or depression you helped me overcome it.

Whenever it is- God let it be @darshanravaldz .
Day or night let my every thought be @darshanravaldz .
Prayers or wishes let the first word i speak be @darshanravaldz .
Smile or excitement let it be coz of @darshanravaldz .
Be it life or death let it be with his face infront @darshanravaldz .
Be it my last day or last night let it end with the reflection of him in my eyes, with his voice in my ears and a memory of him in my head @darshanravaldz .

PS- Thank you if you read everything❤
Request-Do not comment anything that hurts, coz these are words from core of heart and i dont want anyone to hurt my emotions. NO OFFENCE. ❤


#gabbu #misshim #rawstar ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Follow his good voice @rockstarhimanshu_

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