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Podium pictures from the one year anniversary race at Whip It RC Raceway and Hobbies.#Tekin #Rawspeed #Cheaterracing #DCW #Whipitrc

Picked up a #jqracing sponsorship to go along with my #rawspeed program. Got the #greyedition ebuggy up and running and having a blast with 1/8 scale. Won my first club race with it Saturday, but have a bit more tuning to do to get it dialed in.

@koyoradjapan radiator will be in this week and then hopefully have the tube front done by the weekend. Lots left to go.

Had a great time at the one year Whip It RC Raceway and Hobbies anniversary race. I ran pro stock buggy and 13.5 4wd buggy. I qualified 4th in pro stock and end up 3rd over all. In 13.5 4wd buggy i qualified 3rd and finnished 2nd over all. My cars felt amazing and fast with Tekin power and Rawspeed tires with #Cheatersauce. Thank you to Adam Kushdilian and family for putting on a awesome race. Big thank you to all my sponsors and friends/family for making this all possible.#Tekin #Rawspeed #Cheaterracing #DCW #Whipitrc

Track season is right around the corner and it looks like I’ve been invited to represent Iowa and show off my raw running speed in Australia. #track #rawspeed #iowa

On top of making a new intercooler system for the Speed 6, we also whipped up this hood dump. Should make some noise on the track for sure 🔥

This past weekend I attended the final trophy race to be held on the clay surface at Speed RC in Mooresville, NC. This track will be shutting down while a new building is constructed and will reopen as carpet track! I was signed up to run mod SCT, 13.5 4wd buggy and 17.5 2wd buggy.
Round one was a disaster. Period. Broke my SCT before the heat even started, a wheel fell off my 4wd buggy and was rushed getting to the driver stand before the 2wd heat and didn't calm myself down to be able to drive like I needed to.
With round 1 behind me, I moved on to rounds 2 and 3 and began dialing in the cars.
After three rounds of qualifying, I was positioned in the lower mains in all three classes. 13th in 4wd, 19th in 2wd and 10th in SCT. Embarrassing.
First up was the 17.5 C Main. ...drove to the front early and won the race. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the B Main. Had a great car, very fast! ...just couldn't find my way into the top two bump spots.
2nd race up was the SCT B Main. Started second and was content following the leader around. About 3 minutes into the 5 min. race I made a small error that hung me up on the pipe, I lost a position and didn't have the time to recover.
Next, the 13.5 4wd buggy B Main. In similar fashion to how the 2wd c main went, I was able to take an early lead and eventual win.
Finally, I made it to the A Main where I belong. This was a wild race. Started in the back and slowly worked my way towards the front. The clock expired and i found myself In a drag race down the short shoot to the finish line for 3rd. I was able to steal myself a podium finish! Huge shout out to the new and very impressive REDS RACING VX2 motors. It was a positive ending to an up and down day. I ran RAW SPEED RC stage two tires on both buggies, and riptides on the SCT. STICKYKICKS RC yellow tire prep. -----------------------------------------

Pro tip: keep your motors cool!

Best way to do that is by running a fan and this trick fan mount I found on SHAPEWAYS has done wonders to keep my @reds_racing 13.5 vx2 motor temps down on my B64! My favorite part, its available in @ginger_crusader PURPLE!

This fan mount is designed to to fit the B64 and B64D buggies from Team Associated. The mount clamps onto the end bell and provides a mount for any 30mm fan. This mount contains ports designed to direct air down the sides of the motor for increased cooling.


Three more painted! I like these colors. #iwata #createxcolors #tlr #tlracing #airbrush #rawspeed

The prep is done. Time to race!
13.5 4wd buggy
17.5 2wd buggy

Raw Speed bodies painted up by War Paintworks for @jasonsnyder01 Loving these simple, yet dynamic bodies! #rawspeed #buggybodies #warpaintworks

The final hurrah for @speed.rc is tomorrow! One last trophy race before they shut the doors on the current building. I've been spoiled by having not just a track so close to home, but one of the nicer indoor clay tracks in the country. It's a shame to see it go, but it certainly was fun while it lasted! Rumor is, the new building will be carpet! -----------------------------------------

About 45 mins to an hour into the build and im already done for the night. Loving the quality of these yokomo kits. Far superior to other brands in my opinion. Gonna get her all finished up tomorrow.
#teamyokomo #yz2 #17five #muchmoreracing #airtronics #protekservos #prolineracing #jconcepts #teamorion #miponline #sdrcraceway #supportyourlocalhobbyshop #keeprcfun #tekinracing #specr #rawspeed #cowrc #iphoneography #iphone #stickykicksrc

Getting ready #rawspeed

Cut out plates today for my new Z diffs. Going to make a an install video for these! These also fit s13/14 diffs, available for order on the site now.

Customer was having charge pipe issues and popping couplers on this Speed 6 track car. We rerouted and bead rolled all new pipes to solve this.

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