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'We become what we think about 💭 ' #gomel #gomelwoodworks #belarus🇧🇾 #rawfoodlife #сыроед

This evening's dinner salad 😁 This one had 2 spiralised zucchinis, 3 small cucumbers (halved and quartered into sticks) 4 stalks of celery (a few chopped into pieces and the remainder left in stick form), 5 medium tomatoes (quartered), topped off with sliced fresh chilli and red onion with a sprinkling of raw dulse flakes and lime juice 😍👌 This is one of my favourite salads but is slightly more complicated than what I and certainly my digestion would prefer - my preference is a very much simplistic, ideally mono-meal type of eating, having this type of more complex dinner meal only once or twice per week 😊 🥒🍅🌶🍋 The simpler the better for perfect digestion, better sleep that 'optimal' feeling 😁 #lowfatrawvegan #livingfoods #rawveganlifestyle #simplicity #rawfoodlife

❤Perfect lunch after a busy morning ❤

Rise and Shine Brand New Day 🌅 #curlyhairdontcare

Noite de 6a feira é no Mercado 🌟🔝 com este maravilhoso tártaro de peixe misto em cama de arroz 🌴🍃na nossa Carpacceria ❤️🍃 #acarpaceria #mercadodecampodeourique #rawfoods #rawrestaurants #rawfoodlife

❗️Как не болеть зимой❗️
✍ сегодня хочу поделиться с Вами простыми, но очень эффективным методом.

Большинство людей, усложняя все на свете, склонны предполагать, что они болеют от того что "на улице холодно" или от того, что они "вдохнули микроб от случайно чихнувшего в их сторону прохожего"... Безусловно эти аспекты могут являться дополнительным следствием к процессу возникновения болезни, но причина зарыта не там!

Не буду сейчас трогать вопрос питания вообще. Хотя, его я ставлю на первое и самое почетное место! Сейчас не об этом, поскольку рацион непотребно- питающихся, уже избитая и тошнотворная тема... Даже для меня)

Итак! Что бы не болеть зимой, да и вообще в любое время года, нужно: 💚 Регулярно быть на свежем воздухе. И не просто стоять и мёрзнуть, выжидая когда пройдёт отведённое на прогулку время, а естественно двигаться, и размеренно правильно дышать. В идеале это пешая прогулка средним темпом. 💚 Ежедневные физические нагрузки. В идеале, это спорт зал. И я не говорю про тягание железа и изнуряющие приседания со штангой в 100 кг. Адекватное кардио без насилия над собой: легкий бег, эллипс, круговая тренировка с собственным весом... Вариантов масса. Это, так же могут быть танцы, или йога. Кто что любит. 💚 Обязательная зарядка с утра и растяжка после тренировки на разогретое тело. 💚 Обильное и регулярное питье в течение дня, чистой, в идеале структурированной и позитивно заряженной воды. 💚 Промывание пазух носа слабым раствором: вода + морская соль, после посещения мест с большим скоплением народа- общественный транспорт, гипермаркеты, и т.д.
Продолжение... ⤵️⤵️⤵️

I'm calling this breakfast creation "Turkish Delight" in honor of Cashmere's aplets and cotlets. But mine is the MUCH healthier version ;) Chopped apples and strawberries tossed with coconut flakes, Apricots, pistachios, and tahini. Items I never thought to combine, but work great together.
#rawvegan #rawbreakfast #rawfoodlife

Dinner... Grape tomatoes, mini Cucumbers and yellow onion salad with chia seeds and Olive oil... #Rawfoodlife #RawVegan


♡ Mango Monday ♡

This is my favourite pick me up when I'm not well. 💚🌿 Recipe and health benefits in the link in the bio 🌿💚

♥ Taking time out ♥
Today was a very busy day with clients and catching up on emails, so it was even more important for me to remember to take some time to just breathe and chill for 5 minutes.

It's so easy to get swept up in being on the go all the time, especially when your energy is high, but it's crucial to get balance and stop occasionally.
Mala beads courtesy of @the_blueberry_queen check her out, they are gorgeous!
How do you guys take time out?

❤Perfect lunch after a busy morning ❤

I've not been well this week, so cheering myself up with pretty things to juice

Grand Rising!! 🌤
Starting the day with a big green smoothie! Coconut water base, 3 dates, 3 frozen bananas, spirulina, organically grown purple kale, napa cabbage and baby Dino kale. This is how you get all your greens in one smoothie! 👌
My CSA is loaded with dark leafy greens. So much that I can have salads every day and enough for green smoothies! It's perfect because I love all the variety and if you have greens you don't know what to do with - you just blend em all up! It's easy and ripe bananas balance the flavor of the bitterness. It's a great combo and with one big scoop of spirulina all the phytonutrients are covered. Drink your greens! Put down that coffee cup and start blending!! 😍

♡ Sweet, sweet melon to start a new day ♡

How are you guys ending the week?

Grand Rising!! 🌅
Starting the day with a super green purple kale smoothie! 3 frozen bananas, coconut water, spirulina, dark leafy greens including purple kale, a few dates and 100% pure love!! Its getting chilly out! Need to stay active and get the blood moving this morning. 😉
Fall is setting in and showing it's true colors. In the sub-arctic of Alaska we get to see all 4 seasons in just a few months. The sun is setting sooner, northern lights are popping out and it's time to play! Hope you all enjoy this glorious Thursday.
Peace ✌️

🍉 Back on the melon train today 🍉

Salad Time 🍴
Locally grown organic mixed greens including romaine, Asian greens, arugula and kale. Shaved carrots, raw sunflower seeds and my favorite vinaigrette. My favorite time of day!! 👌
This is mindful eating. I'm all about meal placement. It's not only what you eat it's WHEN you eat. If your constantly eating the body doesn't get a chance to rest and heal. I have at least 4/5 hours in between meals with no snacking! It improves Agni the digestive fire. Big salads are great for getting phytonutrients and fiber. Eat a salad a day to keep the doctor away. 👍

💚 Powering up for a busy day 💚

How are you starting your day?

🌟 How gorgeous is fruit in its natural state? 🌟

After a bad night's sleep, I'm going easy on my digestive system and starting the day with juice 🍊 Juicing Recipes In The Link In The Bio 🍊

🍉 Sometimes you just gotta learn to share 😂

💛 Ending the day with these furry friends 💛

Italian vibes In the #littleRoar kitchen. Amaretto, coffee and raw chocolate, with chunks of dark matter! 👌Beautiful organic almonds from @essentialtrading 😍Getting these babies ready for a @harvestbristol delivery.
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