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Grand Rising!! ☀️ Rotating bananas over here! It's always a waiting and rotating game in the fruit life. You want to wait for those bananas to be spotty and a bright golden color. Look for the sun in your fruit! That's nature telling us when to eat! 🍌
This is a great example of what bananas look like in every stage. The bunch on the left is green and still needs about a week to ripen up. The middle bunch is juuuust about ready while the last bunch on the right is ready to eat! Eat more ripe fruit for your health and optimal performance!
Happy Thursday!! ✌️

🍌🍎Fast food at its finest 🍎🍌 Bananas aren't as spotty as I'd like but sometimes you have to compromise when eating on the hop 😂

This evening's dinner salad 😁 This one had 2 spiralised zucchinis, 3 small cucumbers (halved and quartered into sticks) 4 stalks of celery (a few chopped into pieces and the remainder left in stick form), 5 medium tomatoes (quartered), topped off with sliced fresh chilli and red onion with a sprinkling of raw dulse flakes and lime juice 😍👌 This is one of my favourite salads but is slightly more complicated than what I and certainly my digestion would prefer - my preference is a very much simplistic, ideally mono-meal type of eating, having this type of more complex dinner meal only once or twice per week 😊 🥒🍅🌶🍋 The simpler the better for perfect digestion, better sleep that 'optimal' feeling 😁 #lowfatrawvegan #livingfoods #rawveganlifestyle #simplicity #rawfoodlife

'We become what we think about 💭 ' #gomel #gomelwoodworks #belarus🇧🇾 #rawfoodlife #сыроед

Dinner... Grape tomatoes, mini Cucumbers and yellow onion salad with chia seeds and Olive oil... #Rawfoodlife #RawVegan

Grand Rising! 🌤 It's a green smoothie kinda morning. I have locally grown kale, dates, spirulina, bananas and coconut water. This is my go-to green smoothie recipe. Its fast, simple and delicious. 👌
Just remember to blend all the ripe fruit last. Start by blending the dates and coconut water. Then throw in the kale and blend until smooth. The bananas are last just pulse them at the very end to prevent oxidation. Try a green smoothie for breakfast for your health and optimal performance! 💪

Son's lunch today:
Mock tuna salad in avocado boat with artichoke hearts and a curried vegetable salad. Sun-dried olive to top.
#nomorediabetes #rawfoodlife #healthylife #ilovemykid

Из каких же элементов слагается счастье? Только из двух, господа, только из двух: спокойная душа и здоровое тело.
Так сказал один из моих любимых писателей, Михаил Булгаков и попал прямо "в яблочко". 🍎

If you have a super sweet tooth this is for you !!!!! #mameysapote #banana #nicecream ➡️ 1 & 1/2 cup frozen #mameysapote and one large frozen banana blend in a high speed blender until its the consistency of ice cream ...it's great scooped up with celery stalks for the perfect #saltysweet snack !!!! The celery really helps balance blood sugar so you have hunger control longer too #TANNYRAW #everythingyouneed #nothingyoudont #everydangday the Mamey sapote came from @miamifruit


🍌🍎Fast food at its finest 🍎🍌 Bananas aren't as spotty as I'd like but sometimes you have to compromise when eating on the hop 😂

Berry and coconut smoothie bowl... What a blissful way to start the morning. ☀️

Who else loves the deep green vibrancy of spinach mixed with earthy mushrooms?! 🍄 🌱

💛 In love with these donut peaches at the moment 💛

Sweet and summery 😊

Mash from sunflower seeds, dry tomatoes, tomatoes, red paprika, tamari, ume vinegear...with parsley and mustard. #Fruitarian #tennis #run #rawfood #rawvegan #rawvegantennisplayer #vegan #vegantennisplayer #vegetarian #rawfoodlife #healthylifestyle #Prague

🌱 Grounding & Earthy day continues with a kale salad 🌱
Used the rest of my 🍄 dip as a dressing with some cracked black pepper and it tasted even more amazing 🍃

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