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AVOCADO! 🥑✨ There are 5 different varieties of avocado on my plate. Each has a slightly different flavor and texture. Fruits aren't meant to be GMO. They aren't meant to look or taste exactly the same. Organically and in nature, fruits and veggies are meant to be unique and flavorful with crazy shapes and colors. There are sometimes HUNDREDS of different varieties of individual fruits...just as I'm showing you here! This is amazing and so special. Who here loves avocado?! 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

My next chia pudding feature goes to this stunning Raspberry Chia Pudding from @oatmeal_stories. I'm in awe of this dreamy creation that Magda whipped up for my comp. Her page is filled with other beautiful recipes and she is one of the loviest people. Please do yourself a favor and check out her amazing page

If you would like to join in on Chia Pudding Party: ⭐Create a plant-based chia pudding. It has to be a new creation, but you can be as creative as you want. Let the chia pudding be your blank canvas. ⭐Tag me in the photo and caption so I can see your new creation. Make sure to mention the chia party in your post. ⭐Use the hashtag #vwchiapudding
Have a great day everyone! 😁💕

Morning! Who wants a strawberry nana ice cream bucket topped with fresh bluebs and quinoa crispies with me? 😳
Seriously it's first come first served as these bad boys will be melted in 20seconds flat 😂🍦🍦 #nicecreamissues #meltstoofast

Hala Hogwarts Cadılık ve Büyücülük okuluna kabul edileceğime inanıyorum 🔮 I 'm still waiting for the day I'll be accepted in Hogwarts 🔮 Todavía estoy esperando para el día que me acepten por Hogwarts 🔮 .
Cadılık kariyerim için bana mutfağını açan halam @nardane.k ya, malzemelerim için @ayhanercanofficial a, videom için ablam @tutkuby a çok teşekkürler 💜 #harrypotter20 #harrypotter #vegan #rawfood

Sometimes you just need to make things simpler, am I right? I always spend hours styling my pictures until I get the "perfect" one. But this MANGO & PASSION FRUIT cupcake wasn't asking for anything else. It was too beautiful itself. I really like the simplicity of this picture. What do you think? Big hug from Shanghai 💛
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Nature is beautiful 💖
Enjoyed this platter on the weekend with an abundance of gorgeous fruits that are available in the middle of winter. Strawberry season is really ramping up here so my diet is basically half strawberries and half green smoothies I swear 😂
Have a great day everyone 💖•

• •

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🌟SHARE YOUR STORY WINNER-DAY 9🌟repost from @jtami Well someone is happy with their new book! Life Changing Foods by @medicalmedium. I've been ranting to them abt this for the past yr..esp cuz my mom is losing her memory. Her mom lived to 96 with severe dementia for years prior. So she's all into doing the heavy metal detox w/ the sporty blender I got her for Mother's Day👏🏼Although I had to jog her memory several times - WHAT is was & WHERE it was. I went to find it-- still in the box 🙄 So I took it out & made her make a smoothie LOL. She says I'm speaking too fast. The English isn't registering. We've always spoken English to both of them since Kindergarten. Dad speaks English to us; mom speaks Japanese. My dad was born here; she wasn't. Anyway I'm super happy he likes the book, because he can translate and explain everything to her YAS! He even took it to his lazy boy & was still reading it😁He said "it's a good book" which to him means he loves it lol. He's sharp as a tack at 91, but has some minor health issues - knee & back pain, & digestion....In past years he's had re-occurring bronchitis, shingles, acid reflux, diverticulosis, and surgery for his prostrate. BUT now I know WHY he had all of the above, and WHY my mom is losing her memory💡because I learned from #medicalmedium ❤️ Hey, story time again!😆📖...One of dad's 7 brothers died of Alzheimer's in his 70's (caused by heavy metals--Mercury). One died of Tuberculosis in his early 30's, one died in a boating accident (commercial fishing), another was sent away to family in Japan from being severely abused by their step-mom. Most recent uncle lived to 90ish. The oldest lived to 96---no severe issues until he fell one year & his lung collapsed. He developed pneumonia & passed a yr later😞. My dad & half bro in Alberta are the youngest lol & theonly ones left. I think he can get a few more years in if he eats more FRUIT. We didn't eat a lot of fruit growing up. A lot of seafood, meat, rice, noodles & Teriyaki sauce ha ha. So because they do trust my knowledge, they will now understand why FRUIT & veggies & herbs/spices can reverse conditions or just improve your life!❤️💫

Raspberry Dreams 💗💗 Hi I'm back with these raspberry plant yogurt yum yums ☺️ Summer is good! 2 fruits, raspberries, baobab, vanilla and almond milk. Hugs! #smoothie #yum #summerlife


"Dangerous" Durian contains tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin and induces a feeling of relaxation and happiness 💆🏽......and it can produce intensified sexual libido and stamina, and also reduce the chances of infertility in men and women...🤰 Too bad it stinks so bad it's against the law to bring it on the subway in Singapore. 😂Nevertheless, eat it fresh, in a smoothie or with dessert.💚

😋🍌🍎🍓🍊☀️ #vegan #govegan #rawfood #rawlife #vegana

К вечеру получилось выпить стакан свежевыжатого сока из сельдерея и яблока, выбирайте сладкие зеленые яблоки, тогда получится то что надо😍 #детокс #се #живаяеда #живоепитание #сыроедениерецепты #сыроедениеиспорт #сыроедение #растительноепитание #raw #rawfood

Sometimes simple is best! When the ingredients are fresh, local&seasonal - and you only have one hand to eat (while pacifying baby with other 🙈). Dip is soaked cashews, fresh coriander, lime juice, salt&pepper. Super creamy&rich!

🇯🇲the land I love🇯🇲

So, few days afo we decided to try and make our own, homemade gravadlax and we nailed it! This is just the first plate and we just couldn't stop eating! 😂
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2 of the many reasons to eat (or blend) those papaya seeds!
The nutrients inside papaya seeds can help your body and your skin to rejuvenate better as some of the nutrients from your body will not be easily regenerated by your own body as it gets older.

Consuming papaya seed with the right dose of intake can greatly increase sperm production for a man, where eating papaya seed can help to maintain a woman’s fertility of the eggs

E a degustação dos cheeZecakes SEEdS continua...daqui a pouco, na @mundoverdetijuca. Vem experimentar! 😋😍 #seeds_brazil #vegans #vegano #cheezecakes #realfood #rawfood #comida do presente

When you crave @chipotlemexicangrill so you make your own bowl. 🥙🥑🍅🍚😆 — P. S. It's vegan cheese. 🤙🏼

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