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she was life itself. wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess.

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🌟 Sweet Potato Tacos 🌟
Repost @edgarraw
You ever wonder what to make with the last bit of veggies in your fridge? Well I usually make tacos because they are super fast and delicious.
PS. You may use any veggies you have in your fridge, this is just what I had left over.
Taco Ingredients
1 1/2 cups of chopped sweet potatoes
1 cup of chopped romanesco
1 1/2 cups of chopped daikon radish or carrots
3 cups of chopped kale
2 tbsp of garlic powder
1 tbsp of dried oregano
1 tbsp of cumin
1 tsp of chipotle powder
1/2 a tap of pink salt
2 tbsp of coconut oil
1/4 of a cup of @milkimchi kimchi juice
Juice of a 1/2 a lime
Almond Tortillas from @sietefoods
1) Chop all veggies into small squares.
2) Add coconut oil to pan and cook sweet potatoes for 5-7 minutes and add water if it gets stuck.
3) Add all your veggies (except the kale) sauté for 2 minutes or so then add your seasonings and liquids.
4) Depending how soft you want your veggies you would need to cook upon your discretion. I like mine barely cooked.
5) At last cook your tortillas and use any salsa you have and any beans to add on top. Enjoy.

Regram from @highcarbguru - Morning!!! 😍 Tag your photos with #gloobyfood and we will regram our favourites.

Feature time! 💫This stunning cake belongs to the incredible artist @juutlovesfood 💗I was lucky to connect with Jutri through another account a few weeks ago. It was love at first sight 💘You know I'm obsessed with raw cakes so you can imagine why I loved her account so much. If you want to see more beautiful creations like this peanut butter cheesecake please check her page and get inspired by this beautiful woman.
Have a wonderful Thursday! 🌸

Morena from Nz beautiful friends 🙋
How about your Morning breakfast ?
What do you love to have ?? My favourite on go is Smoothies, Piece of toast with some Fruits followed by green / Blue #matcha tea 💙💚 depends what I feel like having 😋
I never skip my breakfast no matter what. My favourite meal of the day starts with my breakie 😋
Qoute for the Day along with #moringbreakfast BE HAPPY
Make Joy and Happiness the centre of your World .
Have a fabulous day ahead.
Lots of love and hugs from MON 😍
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Breakfast though😏 Oatmeal bowl topped with sliced bananas, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, goji berries, panda puffs (corn puffs), a chocolate cliff bar, raspberries, star kiwis, sliced oranges, and frozen blueberries😉🌿🤘🏾✨


Beautiful corn cracker toast with pitaya, rapsberries and strawberries by @foodbites. Perfect breakfast idea
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☯️Alchemy Flow☯️
☯️Beautiful Fermentation knowledge and spreading the importance of Gut health. It is a pleasure working with Darren and much more collaboration to come. Check out his blog with a mention of our work together❣ link in his bio @_alchemyflow or our fb pages✌🏽
☯️AlchemyFlow is a personal journey turned social venture. In grappling with my own gut health I also made it my business. After my initial gut-ruption six years ago, in complete disillusionment with mainstream medicine and their approach to GI health, I was propelled into a world of alternative therapies and research. The ethos, principles and structure of AlchemyFlow were born out of that experience and has been a reciprocal process of sharing and learning ever since. ...
☯️To that effect, after years of different protocols, through the GAPS diet to different herbal regimes and mountains of supplements and fermented foods – I chose to work with Dominic Rapson from Origins of Vitality. A Brighton based primal-patterns coach and what you might call, evolutionary nutritionist – Dominic really stands out with his enthusiasm and passion for his work. Not to mention it’s hard to miss that he seems to embody what a healthy gut might mean for health and vitality. Dominic practices a type of nutrition and lifestyle coaching that is cutting edge yet grounded in the wisdom of our ancestors – which seemed to bring together coherently some of the knowledge I had come across in my own learning over the years. ...
☯️Discounted rate to all Origins clients for Alchemy Flow Workshop 23rd April, get in touch for more details now, more updates coming.


These chunky No-Bake Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by @clean_food4thought are paleo, gluten free and dairy free! No excuse not to make 'em.

¡Se acepta como picoteo!
Accepted as snack!

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Oi nam! Mulle tehtiin kotona sushia! Oli muuten tajuttoman hyvää! Uusi herkkuruoka! Kuvia piti napsia äkkiä ennenkuin syötiin kaikki 😋🍱🍽🐟 #mymanthechef #sushi #homecooking #sogood #tastyfood #japanesefood #ilovesushi #firsttimeever #foodporn #kikkoman #fishfood #rawfood #lovemychef 👨🏻‍🍳💕

FREE OUR ELDERS SPEAK BOOK with frozen purchase! 💚During the month of March, ​with your fresh-frozen superfood purchase, we ​will gift you with a must-read desktop reference book for a healthy life! 💚Our Elders Speak Book shares the wisdom of 4 Living Foods Experts:
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Heute Abend wird wieder bei den Topmodels reingeguckt 👯 dazu gibts Pralinen aus Datteln, Mandeln und Kakao 😍 #snacktime #healthyfood #healthysnack #vegan #cleaneating #rawfood #rawvegan #energyballs #foodporn #potd #fotd

Au natural - both me and the photo, but not the salad - it has omega oils and apple cider vinegar. Hehe Yummy budget lunch today was very productive. Now if this lighting could just follow me around.... seriously, would that be weird?? 😀#salad #lunchtime #fitnessbody #redhead #workinglunch #veggies #healthy #rawfood #happy #alkalinediet #candidadiet

Вот он идеальный вечер🌄, идеальный выходной и идеальный ужин 🍓
Я уже рисовала 👩🏼‍🎨 картину по номерам, теперь прикупила раскраску-антистресс🎨 В общем арт-терапия идёт во всю 😄
А чем Вы занимаетесь в свободное время?) Как себя успокаиваете?😴

Felíiiizzz haciendo mis compras en @punto_saludable_stgo 👌 acá encuentro de todo, pero de todo 😱 #quinoa , #amaranto , leches vegetales, jugos #organicos , sal del himalaya, pastas sin gluten, tinturas veganas, dátiles, #frutos secos, chocolates #veganos , quesos veganos y uuuff 😓 me quedo corta con mencionar todos los productos así que vengan a la tienda, en barrio italia o monjitas, se van a entretener mucho y no van a poder dejar de ir, como yo 😂💚
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На курсы брала с собой воду лимонную и 2 банана,после курсов дома пила сок (🥕+🍎)
и чуть позже съела яблоко и банан🍌
Я не знаю,что уже и делать.... кп отравляют мою жизнь,убивают здоровье и настроение... сегодня часов в 11 утра опять ... я себя так плохо чувствую теперь,голова болит и симптомы отравления... что же я творю??? Живот вздулся и урчит,изжога...стоило ли оно того?? Я РЕШИЛА ПРЕКРАЩАТЬ ВСЁ ЭТО,Я ХОЧУ НАКОНЕЦ-ТО НОРМАЛЬНО ЖИТЬ И ПОХУДЕТЬ🐖🐽🐷🐘

After a very long day I decided to treat myself to some soup 🍜 Veggie soup with all the good stuff 🍃👏🏼 And some toasted bread too 😍 Yaay!!

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