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When you realize that all that festive cheer isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.

Me: ‘Byron what’s in Mummy’s tummy?’ Byron: ‘Bubba’. We couldn’t be more excited to meet the newest edition to our little family later this year!
I’ve been feeling great so far, a little tired (hence all the nap posts on my insta-stories) & look forward to sharing this ‘anything can happen’ journey with you as I aim to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. @philjt
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Breakfast of champions 😝
What’s your morning routine!? I never miss a coffee and my daily multivitamin, pro biotics as well as something of each macro to start the day off strong! 💪🏽
#mealprep #mealplan #morningvibes

Tonight I did 3 back to back F45 classes! 🔥💧🔥💧🔥💧20 mins before the first class I was at home asleep!!!! SMASHED IT 💪👊 Thanks for the ongoing encouragement @elle_p75 @johnh_16 @f45_training_preston #f45challenge

Practice makes perfect right? So a bit of an epic fail with my choice of core session today. I went with #1 from Maintenance BOD and honestly I can't remember the last time I did this one 🙈. So I went ahead (since I've been doing so well with my plank practice I thought this should be a breeze) Fu*k no! I'm Sh*t house. I managed 3 rounds of Side plank 1 minute a side then had to go back to a normal plank. I'm starting to realise I'm a creature of habit/comfort and tend to favour the same core session (#5 if you were wondering) SO I guess this will have to be a regular so I can improve. Am I alone does anyone else do this? #thebod #thebodresults #bodbabes #bodsquad #maintenancebod #fitmums #fitmum #healthy #healthymum #core #coreworkout #coresessions #fitlifestyle #fitnessjourney #activemum #fitnessjournal #fitnessblogger #active #homeworkouts #homegym #Rawfitspo

SUPER EXCITED to announce that we have officially launched! Head over to wearorganic.com.au for buttery soft activewear 😊✨ PLUS, there’s 20% off LAUNCH OFFER for our new subscribers - head over to our website and sign up to our newsletter popup for 20% off your first order! ✨

A huge shoutout to @lululemonausnz @chatswoodchasesydney for being so supportive since the launch of our studio! Don’t forget to head down to the Chatswood Chase store and sign up for a free yoga or reformer Pilates session happening at our studio this Sunday, 25/03 at 9AM! See you there xx

If anyone knows me I LOVE homemade soup anything homemade soup is the best because you know what you put in it :) !! So today for lunch I made homemade tomato soup I actually hate tomatoes with a passion lol but this isn't that bad my ingredients are 6 fresh tomatoes peeled , 1 half onion , 2 garlic cloves , 1 potato and half cup of water with 2 teaspoons of vegetable stock , salt and pepper and I also stuck balsamic vinegar as well I let it boil and once it boiled I let it cool and blend it in my ninja .
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Making strong little choices. Surrounding yourself with the right people, showing up when you are tired and leaning in when it starts to get hard. This is endurance track. Thanks for the workout @fraserstreetrunclub
And grateful to @simoneslipper for being a killer cheer squad and eating partner.
Speed brought to you by the new Cardio Tights from @ryu_apparel

That time I developed a vegan curry recipe that even the omni's loved 🥘
I'll have to write up the recipe for you guys if you are at all interested...
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All the cravings for #smoothies and #pancakes this morning, so I thought I would do a #throwbackthursday of some of my favourites over the years!
Smoothies have become a contentious issue in the #weightloss world, with some nutritionists warning that they may do more harm than good. Many @weightwatchersaunz members are shocked at how high some smoothie recipes are. So, what's my take? As a general rule, for me, eating my protein and carbs works better than consuming shakes and smoothies- work out what works for you (this goes for all things- including how much processed sugar you consume). For me, they need to be a meal, and I always add a protein source (@bareblends is one of my favourites), a healthy fat source and greens for micronutrients.

Anyone else get anxiety being away from their own kitchen? 5 nights just seems waaayyyy too long! Looking forward to being back and whipping up my fav nutrient dense foods again, even though I’ve been working out of an #airbnb kitchen which is better than nothing 😁🧘‍♀️🥞 #kitchen #onepanmeal #yolkporn

A little story I hope that you read...
On Tuesday morning, I woke up SO excited and feeling the best I ever have health wise in my entire life, as it was the final day of my 6th 16 week challenge I have completed using my Isagenix products (+ clean eating and exercise to of course). I got up early, went for a run and got home and was busily getting my make up done before my hairdresser was coming to do my hair for the photo shoot I had booked to mark the end of the challenge.
I was so busy in fact and focused on my final morning from a health perspective, I missed a call that came through at 630am. That call just so happened to be the co-founder of our company, Kathy Coover, ringing to tell us we had just become #256 Isagenix Millionaires globally (#31 in Australia).
I listened to the recording with Morgan and burst in to tears (waking the numbers up no doubt with the screams from excitement).
But as soon as I’d calmed down, it was business as usual. Off I went to the photo shoot to celebrate my results (pictured) and then it was still business as usual with calls, team training, meetings and go go go with packing to fly out to our companies biggest event of the year.
I truly don’t believe it’s an accidental coincidence however, that the day we are announced with our newest business title, was the day I first and foremost was celebrating my health results ... because that is what it has ALWAYS been for me and will continue to be - health first ... and the business success and abundance naturally flows second from that.
So this week, when I do get the chance to just stop (not yet 😉) and receive all the love and congrats we have humbly received from so many, which has had me in tears 17,567 times - and properly celebrate US... I will also be raising my glass and celebrating first and foremost my health, and the body and vitality and radiance the products have gifted me the last 5 years and w what they’ll continue to gift me the next 5(+ forever) years.
If I didnt have my health you guys, my abundant, energetic, radiant health ... the money would mean nothing, and THAT is why I do what I do (CONT’D in COMMENTS)...

There 1 thing I could tolerate is belinda leg + booty session 🍑 you know when you do deadlifts when there chalk on your tights and maybe on your butt too 60kg deadlifts followed by crab walk with a band & Bulgarian lungees holding a dumbbell locking in that core and a lil bit of shoulders as well . 🙊 . & chalk on your pt back 😉 .
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Bless you Camberwell Lemons for yesterday's #worth100 yoga at @theretreatyoga ✨🙏🏻 It was exactly what my mind and soul needed.
Being surrounded by inspiring, strong and incredibly beautiful women doing their thing and leading their best life.
Thank you @romylow @georgiaacraig for the day drinking ✨

Smoothies for daaaays!!!
You know I love a good smoothie, and you know I love how much goodness you can cram into them.... This is one of the smoothies you can find in my personalised meal plans, I would absolutely LOVE AND APPRECIATE if you could pop over and support my new page @build.a.bod 💕💕 All my hard work and studies are finally getting put into practice!
Thanks in advance gorgeous people! Xx #mealprep #mealplan #buildabod

Hey All! Welcome to my new page! Here I will share everything Nutrition meals and clients so I can keep my personal page.. well more personal!
Here’s an example of some of the meals you can expect to see in my personalised meal plans! 💪🏽❤️
#macros #mealplanning #mealprep

Hot damn snacks are my jaaaaam 💁🏼‍♀️🙌🏼💃🏼 .

Especially when they are fibre boosting and freakin deeeelish!! .

All things gut health in the Wholesome HQ at the moment and these ‘Fibre Boost Choc Chip Cookies!’ 🍪🍪🍪

Recipe link in my bio 😍😋😘

“Appreciate the incredible opportunity you have to be physically active. We think it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and go to training, but some people can’t get out of bed. Some people can’t use their bodies to swing their legs out and stand up from their bed.
Our bodies are a gift and while we can, we should use them and use them well” -MM

@courteneylee_pt and I running for the kids ❤️ #R4K

Throw back photo I can't believe my eyes I was that big !! Everytime I walked around Sydney Parramatta I need to sit down *short of breath* sorry kirralie for showing this photo but damn time has flown when I was looking at my biggest in this photo, I don't like this photo but it does have a reminder to me not to give up my journey and not to quit .
Im a fighter through and through I don't give up I have a strong heart and I will PUSH untill theres nothing left in me .
Im a fighter of a battlefield of depression and guys I will certainly push through until I have nothing left Inside of me . I will overcome this but it going to take some time .
Im not using my depression as "seeking attention" because apparently I am , im using it as a battlefield or a battleship im in the battlefield conquering it all .
I hope everyone understand where im coming from
Im a survivor of childhood bullying till adulthood bullying which causes me to have depression words are nasty but hey they must be insecure about themselves and has nothing better to do .but I got this and guys I honestly appreciate everyone support ! THANK YOU SO MUCH stay humble ,stay true and you got this you literally got this ! '
#fitfam #fitgirl #girlscanlift #fat2fit #fatlossprogress #fitlifestyle #changinglifestyle #instafitness #instafit #shredding #weightlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #weightlossprogress #mymindmatters #naturalweightloss #focused #weightlossblogger #fitness #rawfitspo #fitnessventures #christinebaber_journey #curvyfit #battlefield #battlingdepression #battlefieldofdepression

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