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I’ve decided to create this Instagram account to release all of my thoughts that run across my mind. Most people journal but I have decided to take a different approach to this. Using the internet as my journal. I really don’t care what the world may say or think of my posts. It will not matter because I will continue to be myself regardless of any comments left. I hope to inspire people to fully live up to who they really are. You know that person that only you know, that person that lives inside your head but never comes out. This isn’t for likes or followers. This is purely the raw life of a human being that you don’t know, but will get to know more of one post at a time. P.S. all of the pictures taken are mine. #1love #forthelove #ofhumans #rawfiles #b #u #releaseyourself #authentic #fortheculture

엄청 많은 여행사진 정리 😵 사진파일 변환 하는데 비행기 소리 난다...👩🏻‍💻
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Wanna be female Alucard 🥀🦇

Наткнулась на Сегу и поняла,что за эти годы растеряла скиллы даже в Сонике 😕

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