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Balayage bounce. Blonde ends on a walnut base kept strong with @goldwellaus products

Grow longer and stronger hair with @kerastase_official Extentioniste. @nivesoresnik enjoys including it in her regime.

Cheers to the week that was and the rest of the weekend that lies ahead 🥂

☀️ We’ve got your spring carnival covered ☀️
Space out your tans and save with our red hot deal, just buy 3 and get 1 free!

Come in and ask us what @dermalogica can do for you. We’ll give you our expert salon opinion tailored to your needs.

Anna is back on 14th!
Her team can’t wait to hear about all her adventures and we’re sure you can’t wait to book in! ☀️💃😻

We want you feeling your best! Invest in a keratin treatment to smooth hair and add shine @rawedgehairandbeauty

Smile when the sun hits your face and the breeze catches your Spring dress 📸 @jessalizzi

Pink hair, don’t care!
#hairtrends @rawedgehairandbeauty

The money shot.
Blonde highlights looking light and fresh.

Did you make the most of your weekend?! #FOMO #YOLO

Say no more.
Josie is the best. 😊❤️👌

Don’t get tangled up this summer!
Golden beach hair deserves @kerastase_official

Blonde highlights shining bright @edwardbealehawthorn

Spring has sprung!
The divine @camillawithlove show, complimented by @goldwellaus #mbfwa

Hair looking a bit stiff?
Not quite looking like barbie these days?👩
Hair transformations for spring happening @rawedgehairandbeauty

We love putting life back into dull hair. Caitlin has worked her magic again @edwardbealehawthorn

Want long lush garnet coloured hair like Emma?! We’ll help you find your perfect berry shade @rawedgehairandbeauty

Introducing our new beauty package. Walk out looking AND feeling your best! ☺️

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