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PT 3 of my walk around Chinatown I came across the "Andy Warhol - Late Dreams and Early Thoughts" exhibit at the @ravizzabrownfield . My first thought was to put my own Warholesque edit on an already dope picture. I hope yall enjoy. #andywarhol #oahuphotography #oahuphotographer #photography #sonya7rii #canonfd50mm #photographersofinstagram #photographersoninstagram #jhphotoandfilm #ravizzabrownfieldgallery #ravizzabrownfield

Late Dreams and Early Thoughts. A show about the artist with aspirational dreams to become a famous artist. A N D Y W A R H O L C L O S I N G : J A N U A R Y 5

#flashbackfriday to our booth in @flashbacktorino art fair.

On November 2 - 5, 2017

featuring art works by artist from


Nanda Vigo
Alberto Biasi
Christian Megert

Captured from our last exhibit with Hawaii-based artist @TaijiTerasaki. A banana, the iconic #rocknroll image for the Velvet Underground soundtrack gives another meaning to "Consuming". Allow us to bring you along to another time in the world in Ravizza Brownfield Gallery's latest exhibit: Andy Warhol
Late Dreams and Early Thoughts 📸:@bazza_lens

Opened this weekend at my gallery in Honolulu...
According to Warhol, the inspiration for the cow theme stemmed from art dealer Ivan Karp: ‘Another time he said, 'Why don't you paint some cows, they're so wonderfully pastoral and such a durable image in the history of the arts.' (Ivan talked like this.) I don't know how 'pastoral' he expected me to make them, but when he saw the huge cow heads — bright pink on a bright yellow background — that I was going to have made into rolls of wallpaper, he was shocked. But after a moment he exploded with: 'They're super-pastoral! They're ridiculous! They're blazingly bright and vulgar!' I mean, he loved those cows and for my next show we papered all the walls in the gallery with them.

#andywarhol #cows #ravizzabrownfieldgallery #ravizzabrownfield #pastoral #honolulu #hawaii #sharibrownfieldfineart #warhol #moo #hawaiimeetswarhol

The 'Feeding the Immortals' wall variation, becomes most valuable when reassembled into community performance giving a public the chance to grieve from loss. In his body of work, @taijiterasaki redesigns age-old traditions from a landscape surrounding those in the Pacific. Acknowledging that life is a gift and we can prove our success in it. The permission, in #Obon manner, the variation is prepared for any feast. The happenings provide hope in our desire to be reunited again. Prolonging the comfort of those we loved and lost. Naturally, allowing a grievance or coping to nurture the weary experience. A space with a cherished memory of your loved one.

'Sacrificial Offering,' 2017
Wood, encaustic, fabric, and light.
12 x 12 x 10 inches.
3000 USD
contact gallery for details.

Taiji Terasaki (b.1958)
'Hear My Song’, 2017
wood, ceramic, iPod Nano, and sound
26 x 26 x 18 in.
Zhang Lu - "Little Sheep Going Home" "Red sun goes down, babbling Hey Yeah Hey
Flocks of sheep home babbling Hey Yeah Hey
Little sheep to follow mom white and black flowers
You may have to eat full
It was already dark! Stars are bright!
Little sheep followed the mother
Do not be scared
I put the lights point."
(Yeah Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey)

Wailua (pronounced why•loo•ah) translates from the Hawaiian word of spirit, ghost; remains of the dead.

Kahuna (pronounced kuh•who•nah)
Defined as an expert in any profession.

Here we see Kahuna Keli'i Makua, expert in Hawaiian Tattoo traditions featured in Taiji Terasaki's work titled:
'Wailua - Walking in Duality'

People learn through experience.
Thank you @hichinatown for the feature of our newest show #feedingtheimmortals by @taijiterasaki. Open now through October 10

Honolulu contemporary artist @taijiterasakii's newest exhibit, Feeding the Immortals, at the @ravizzabrownfield pays tribute to his late father while searching for a meaningful purpose to death. The exhibit will run from August 22 to October 10

Feeding the Immortals' community 'performance' brings together those that have lost a loved one. A 'food offering' becomes a connection with participants biased of their religious or cultural distinctions.

On view now through October 10


An exhibition exploring long traditions of making food offerings to those who have passed on.
On view through October 10

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