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mystique & magneto / radioactive.

collab with @crya.otiel what a talented girl, i'm feeling blessed

i love the outfits sm // i wish raven had her comic book look but i think the others looks great tbh

I'm going to have 6 tests next week fml -
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Almost done with all the illustrations, one more to go 😉
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Support your local Mutants 😆😎 #Mystique @rebecaa_romijn_officiel_ #Xmen #ravendarkholme

✮fandom; x-men.
✮date; 24/2/17
✮scene; x-men dopf.
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Q: Last movie you watched in cinemas?
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Mystique repels slowly from the ceiling towards the computer located in the centre of the room. Her canary yellow eyes scan her surroundings, no signs of any guards, but she would still need to move quickly. Arching her back the mutant goes to work on the computer, her fingers move gracefully over the keyboard. It only takes her a few moments to find what she is looking for, a list of all the facilities housing mutants for a multitude of reasons. Some were for study in eradicating the mutant gene, while others were using it weaponize. There were seven facilities in total located throughout the United States. Mystique reaches into her the pocket of her leather pants, an extension of her skin, removing a thumb drive and inserting it into the computer. She begins to download the files when she hears the door open behind her. Swinging away from the computer the agile mutant spins and pulls her weapon from its holster. The guard reaches for his side arm, but is too late, Mystique lets off two shots from her silenced pistol. The first bullet rips through the man's throat, causing a gurgled scream in reply. The second kills the target instantly, the bullet passing through his right eye and out the back of his skull. While the man bleeds out on the floor Mystique returns to the computer, the files now downloaded. Removing the thumb drive Mystique pockets it and climbs back up her wire. She had the info she needed and the next targets on her list. This group was using mutants for weapons and she was about to bring them war.
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Hello everyone!! This is my first cherik account and I hope I can post at least once a day! Please follow!
Credits to the owner
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Regulations. TBA

mystique & magneto / radioactive.

collab with @crya.otiel what a talented girl, i'm feeling blessed

I love Jen with dead strait hair❤️ So there was another terrorist attack in Manchester today and it breaks my heart to think that there's people in this world who want to induce harm on other people😪 My thoughts are with the all the friends and family of the victims and the victims themselves. #Manchester
Q: Do you watch reality TV Shows?
A: Yehh, probably one of my favourite types of TV Shows.
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Upbeat pop music thumped vehemently. Dozens of young bodies swayed and rolled around the dance floor in a wave of lust. A myriad of colorful lights flashed and slithered across the club, illuminating the atmosphere with a psychedelic fog.

It's one hell of a birthday bash.

I sat in the nearest booth from the bar and sipped innocently on a dry martini. For this special occasion I wore the face of a famous, gorgeous, Colombian rich girl: Paola Colmenares ( whom truly couldn't attend because she was unconscious and tied up in her closet ). Luckily, Colmenares was a person of interest for my target, because, unlike anyone else attending the party, she received an invitation.

The volume of the club died down and was replaced with an excited holler from the birthday boy himself-- Ralph Carzito, prodigal son of the brutal anti-mutant activist: Maximo Carzito.

My original plan was to knock off Maximo and be done with it, but baby boy had to make his daddy proud by shooting a mutant girl in cold blood. Now, I have to make daddy pay double time. What better time to kill a man's son than his 22nd birthday?

Ralph called for a toast to his father and all their future successes and I joined the crowd in raising my glass. I could tell that he was scanning the club for his little booty call by the way his head darted around, and I made sure that he'd see me. I stood and hollered for him just before the music began again. He noticed and turned my way, a goofy smile spread across his face, then he motioned for me to join him in the VIP section.
|| CIC ||

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Day 1: Something Blue ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Raven Darkholme/Mystique ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
I really do not know where Mystique's loyalties lie at. Raven really doesn't identify herself as a heroine or a villainous criminal. Raven is a renegade, she'll betray the team for her own benefit. I don't need to use my telepathy to know Mystique is up to something, plotting against someone, maybe even plotting against me. Although she can change who she is with her mutant ability, Mystique will always be a backstabbing tosser. Mystique has lost the plot, she will do what is possible to take you down; for me, Mystique is indeed a challenge, but nothing compared to me. Mystique and I go way back, from working with each other, to fighting each other. I really don't agree with her actions, her choices/decisions are exactly like Magneto's. You all know how that worked out, Magneto stressed me out, frustrated me. Raven is as stubborn as Magneto is, a correlation they both share with each other, not only that, but they're both as selfish. Magento left many secrets out when he told me his plans, one of them was being affiliated with The Hellfire Club and Mystique and Fantomex. I grew tired of all his secrets, his untrustworthiness, and resigned my position from the group and began to hunt down people who were threats to the mutant race.
After leaving, Mystique hunted me down when Magneto had ordered her to look out for me. Obviously Erik still worried for me after threatening him if he did anything that would risk the lives of mutants'. At the end of the day, I don't trust Mystique or even plan on doing so. Mystique has no feelings, no heart, no remorse.

Name: Bucky Barnes
Universe: MAU
Faceclaim: Sebastian Stan
Brief Description: Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier is part of the Avengers. He is Steve Rogers oldest friend, and was under hydras confines for over 70 years.


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