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UPDATE #6: Dear god, what have I gotten myself into? What am I missing? Where do I begin? I know people have been waiting to see the finished product but don't be surprised if it's a picture of splinters in my garbage can😂😂. Oh well, anything I screw up can be replaced. Fingers crossed.....#raulsguitarproject #ihavetoomanyguitarsalready

UPDATE #4: ok guitar nerds here is the latest update on my parts guitar build. My beautiful roasted 4A flame maple neck form @musikraftusa arrived today and it looks and feels amazing. I can't wait until I have the body to attach it. For those curious I went with a standard 22 fret Fender scale length neck (25.5"), a fretboard radius of 12 (because I do a lot of bending), and jumbo frets for the same reason. I also went with a 57 soft v profile for the neck shape as that feels comfortable in my small hands. I also had them install a tusq nut. And for those curious I will be installing Schaller locking tuners as they are what I have on all my live guitars. And as always, I will try and answer any questions in the comments section. #raulsguitarproject #ihavetoomanyguitarsalready #ihaveproblems

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