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So, in violatoin on the Geneva Convention's prohibition on biological weapons #RatchetYard called reinforcements in the form of fire ants. A red line has been crossed I have tyo respond with a chemical attack. #TrumpDoctrine

Like the solar eclipse, #RatchetYard is not to be viewed by the naked eye. Protective lenses are required.

The best day to plant a tree is 20 years ago.
The second best day is today.
#RatchetYard meet tree

#RatchetYard is planning another escape attempt

#RatchetYard made a break for it during the storm last night. Don't worry West Fort Worth, it's still contained.

Seriously thinking about transplanting the "grass" in #RatchetYard with Lantana. #NoHOA #BotanicalWarfare

New battery for the mower. You will not win this day #RatchetYard

Grass only seems to grow here & in the herb garden. #RatchetYard

#RatchetYard couldn't kill the Lantana or violet Pentas I got from the @birchman_student_ministry flower fund raiser. That's the absolute best endorsement a plant can get. Hit @abigailtucker._ up for lots & lots of flowers.

Good night 6:30 sunsets Hello Daylight Savings Time #SpringForward #RatchetYard

It's leftover day #RatchetYard #EssentialChemicals

Don't let its beauty fool you from a distance. At its heart it's still #RatchetYard #1Samuel167

Texas, where you have to water your foundation. #Adulting
Texas Summer > foundation > #RatchetYard

They love some #RatchetYard

Dear God,
A little thing that might've made the world better is a gag reflex in dogs.
do not eat off of #RatchetYard

The stump is pulled man #RatchetYard #actualratchet

The best part of this is the cool designs she cuts into #RatchetYard never let an artist cut your yard.

#RatchetYard it just got real.

#Damage by Red, The official song of #RatchetYard Episode II The Weeds Strike Back

Seriously #RatchetYard do I really need to mow on Christmas?

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