Who left me a snack for my walk this morning? 😏🔥 #ratchetsnacks

Heat outside calls for a coconada from Big Daddy's! #ratchetsnacks #renada #summatime

Hi guys, Nick B. here with a long winded post! A number of Christmases ago in York, PA I was gifted a homebrew set from my father. Within a day, we were brewing up my first homebrew, an extract amber ale, that I still have a half box sitting in my room. I doubt I'll ever open them. I have no real need to, it's more of a keepsake from my first ever brew. It was a great time and it sparked me to change my path to pursue a brewing career. So, to brew our first Funguys Grand Opening beer back in York was beyond surreal. Some things come full circle for a reason, and this certainly felt like one of those things. .
Over the weekend, we brewed up a collaboration with Collusion Tap Works called "Epic High Fours"! Dedicated to all the amazing high fours we had over the weekend. Epic High Fours is a kettle soured gose (pronounced goes-UH) with salt and coriander, fermented with a blend of Sacc and Brett strains, and will receive a healthy dose of chamomile. Don't worry, our mouths are watering too! .
To Ben and the rest of the @collusion_tap_works crew, thank you for the wonderful hospitality and an amazing time. This was truly an honor. Expect a collaboration to be brewed in NC with these guys Grand Opening weekend! #same #ratchetsnacks #epichighfour

🖤🔥🏆🏆BLACK BAG XXTRA FLAMIN HOT @cheetos FOREVER AND EVER 🏆🏆🖤🔥 | #number1

You have to find joy where you can. Mine is in the little things. Stopping for a soda I found #rapsnacks with a #dabofranch 😂😂😂 So here's hoping they taste good.

#humpdayshenanigans #amused #ratchetsnacks #thesmallthings

About 2 hours early buuuuut happy birthday @texasgal_22 !!
Got your favorite white girl candle burning, cleaned the house, put all your "ratchet snacks" in a bowl, got this cute ass cake & your wine waiting to be served when you get home from work💁🏼
May all your wishes come true & many more! You deserve it all! Thank you for being you & being there when I needed you the most!
I'm more excited for your birthday than I think you are 😂😂😂
Now time to tuuuuuurn up 😬
#DamnSomebodyWifeMeUp 😂

@tc_90 knows my heart 😂 #ratchetsnacks

I could reaaaaally use one of these right now #ratchetsnacks #mangofruitcup #watermelon

There's one person responsible for this....😠 #slimjim #ratchetsnacks #thanksbabe😤

This is all just too cute. 💙 #HeWroteThis

Had the best #girlsweekend with my beautiful cousins celebrating Kim's birthday! 25 looks good on you love! #houston #wine #kemah #prayaboutit #ratchetsnacks #bootyshoots #uncle #ratchetratchetholdup

When you keep throwing up but pickles and olives are life #ratchetsnacks

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