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Let’s get our drink on #raseberrylemondrop

You're never far from my mind. I won't ever deny that I miss you. More than anything I miss my best friend. To all the men out there sorry, but he was AMAZING. And to everyone looking for love or who are in a relationship. Don't settle for anyone that doesn't make you feel like your beautiful, that you can do anything, that encourages you to do what you're too scared to do. To be lost in time with that person. That what was three hours felt like 10 seconds. Let me tell you I can't even begin to tell you how many times I realized that I needed to be up in 3 hours because I was sitting in the parking lot talking to him for hours. He was the best I ever had. The guy who made sure I wore my glasses when I drove. That I studied for my exams. That I got fed to fuel me hunger for knowledge. Who made sure I had whatever I needed to be successful at whatever. The guy who bought me make up brushes to fuel my creativity. For those of you who don't know how I fell in love with him Halloween 2015 he took off my mask looked at me with smoked out eyes and said I was beautiful. In the middle of the dance floor. That man could make me feel like no one one else was in the room. That all eyes were on me. You will always be my person. #raseberrylemondrop #shots #fluxbarla #theboys #12202015

Where's my drinking buddy #loner #drinks #drunk #fun #raseberrylemondrop #vodka

Reunited with my Cher Bear! And I think I found a new favorite #drink. #RaseberryLemonDrop #yum #sugar #martini #slo #girlsnight

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