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Picking up some @dapproducts #rapidfuse from @homedepot

This #rapidfuse from @dapproducts is fantastic glue. I just wish I could find anything larger than the 2 oz bottles anywhere. #dapproducts #rapidfusewood

Shout out to our new best friend Paige @dapproducts. Definitely trying out the #rapidfuse tomorrow on a quick project that anyone can make! So tune into our Instagram stories! Plastic Wood X is the only filler we use!

Okay @dapproducts #rapidfuse! I'm counting on you to hold these caps down when I go to pour the resin. Stay tuned.... #woodworking #bottlecabartop #palletproject

The door panel on my truck started separating but was able to get it sealed back together with some Rapid Fuse All Purpose and some painters tape in just a few minutes. Swipe over to check it. Good as new! #quickfix #diywithdap #rapidfuse #mrfixitdiy #sp

I'm starting a new dresser this week and that means I'll have some plywood scrap. Guess it's time to make another stacked plywood lamp. Such an easy DIY!

Perfect job for the @dapproducts #rapidfuse ! Quite time consuming project!
#lovemyshop #woodworking #cuttingboard #3d

Carlos is working on some old doors today in our 150 yr old #renovation project with @hughjeffersonrandolpharchitect He's using @dapproducts #rapidfuse to glue in some hinge blanks before planing them to change handing. This handy glue has earned a spot in our tool belts! #carpentry

It's the little things that count ♥️. This #FathersDay, give dad the #GiftOfFix. All you need is 30mins and a little #RapidFuse. What needs a quick fix in your home? Let's #DIYforDad!


I'm starting a new dresser this week and that means I'll have some plywood scrap. Guess it's time to make another stacked plywood lamp. Such an easy DIY!

Blue Tape Clamps! 8' long shelf with edge trim. @dapproducts Rapid Fuse at work here. My miters came out nice too!

#rapidfuse #dapproducts #dap #bluetape

You don't need a #vacation to get #beach inspiration—check out these coastal #DIY candle sticks by @confessionsofaserialdiyer, a quick #RapidFuse fix to start this #thrifty project. #Repost ・・・
I'm sharing a fun and SO easy project today! These coastal-inspired candlesticks started out as a collection of six dinky ones. A little Glue from @DAPproducts was perfect for this DIY project! See them at the link in my profile! 😊 #ad #DIYwithDAP #rapidfuse #coastal #DIYDecor #thrifty #upcycle #candle #candlestick

Scroll saw signs are gaining in popularity and I got a chance to finish this one with reclaimed wood and crown, baseboard, and chair rail moulding the other day.
I used a jigsaw for the "family" but I may be searching for an actual scroll saw soon.
Special thanks to @johndunningiii for the crown 👍🏼

Rapidfuse is my go to for splines! Makes the process super fast and with the clear glue I can actually see when the spline is fully seated properly. @dapproducts #customwoodworking #rapidfuse #woodworker

Standing tall!! The lap desk by @iskelter has been converted to a free-standing desk with the addition of custom fabricated poplar legs. The leg system is assembled using @dapproducts #rapidfuse glue and @spax_usa screws. The crossbar is dadoed into the legs to add additional rigidity. I clamped some scrap boards to the leg halves to get them inline and square to each other before attaching them to the top. A maple block attached to each leg acts as a simple stop, allowing the legs to splay to 10 degrees for stability and balance. The tablet slot was widened using a router and simple jig, to allow use of an iPad with a hard case. @our1chance

As you're bringing your #4thOfJuly decorations out this #4thOfJulyWeekend, remember #RapidFuse bonds virtually everything! #RedWhiteAndFuse all your fixes this fourth.

Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School at our church, and if you have been following you know we took part in building the stage set this year. What we didn't share was the fact that all of these pieces were assembled with @dapproducts #rapidfuse. We are officially believers, as were the rest of the helpers. By the end of the day people were asking to borrow "the rapidfuse" by name. Thank you @dapproducts for making a great product. (This is not a sponsored post, we are not sponsored by Dap. Just really impressed with their product and had to share). #dagwooddesign #vbs #makerfunfactory #vacationbibleschool

Who could use an an extra 23.5hrs in the day? ✋🏼 Who loves #RapidFuseWood?
Who wants a whole CASE of it? 🎁
RapidFuse gets you back in action and onto the #lathe, #planer, or ready for #sanding after just 30min of clamping instead of 24hrs.
Check out our #challenge below—#NothingToLoseButTheWait

1. Tag us in a picture of your favorite #woodworking project you've ever done, no MATTER the adhesive used, and include #NothingToLoseButTheWait (Not sure if it's a "woodworking" project or not? Did it involve multiple glue-ups of wood pieces? Then it's enough for this challenge. No worries if you're a beginner, or you consider yourself more of a #builder—we've got you ALL covered!) And for those of you outside the US, we LOVE you, but your countries don't yet carry our glue, so we're unable to ship RapidFuse to you. Feel free to participate, though, and if drawn in the top 2, we will draw again until we fill that spot with a US resident to whom the RapidFuse prize will be sent and the original winner will receive a case pack of (shipping in no more than a 12-pack) any other product of their choice—provided it's sold in their country— listed on DAP.com

2. In a comment, tell us what you'd do with another 23.5 hours in YOUR day

3. ***Head to the link in our bio*** and submit your info before Monday, July 3. at 12:00pm eastern.
Then, on July 4 🎇🎆, we'll randomly select not one, but TWO of the entries to receive their own case of 4oz. bottles of RapidFuse Wood.
That's right—we're giving away 24oz* of this stuff!

Have a friend who might appreciate that? Tag 'em below in the comments! (No need to repost and fill up their feed! 👍🏼) *Not familiar with RapidFuse and thinking, "HUH? A "whole" case is only 24oz? Well, #RapidFuse isn't like "other" glues—with us, there's no activator, there's no need for #overglue (too much of this will actually cause your cure to take longer), and curing doesn't start until you start pressing those two surfaces together. That means, on average, you only need about 1/4 of what you'd use of #PVA. Still not sure what that's about? Head over to http://bit.ly/2tZ6G4X and let us show you.

So how soon will Paul's Father's Day trebuchet be ready to shoot toys for us to fetch? #isitreadyyet

It's the little things that count ♥️. This #FathersDay, give dad the #GiftOfFix. All you need is 30mins and a little #RapidFuse. What needs a quick fix in your home? Let's #DIYforDad!

What's that you say, son? Headed to the beach and your water gun's 2nd chamber is broken? Nothing a little @dapproducts RapidFuse can't fix!

Finishing touches on my daughter's headboard. I love being able to customize furniture for them! 💜❤️💜 My miter saw and nail gun got a workout on this one! Having the right tools makes my projects so much easier! #builtnotbought #ryobiairstrike #obsessiveconstructive

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