13 Reasons Why really exposing all the trash that's been holding in #rapejokes ~ idk though

EXCLUSIVE -2: Second part of the statement by @jimsarbhforreal concerning the allegations on the rape joke.
I'll be honest, it did come as a bit of a shock to me that someone like Him Sarbh would make such a casual joke. I'm awaiting more on the context around the controversy.
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EXCLUSIVE - 1: @jimsarbhforreal responds to my story asking him for a concrete statement.
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I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’,” he said. Kangana Ranaut, who was standing next to Jim, cracked up.

Hello fake feminist.
@jimsarbhforreal Go fuck off

4 people who don’t play fair, hold grudges, kick people while they’re down, make jokes about everything no matter how serious the situation, do things just 2 piss people off, and never ask 4 forgiveness. We knew we was wrong b4 we did it, n we don’t give a fuck! #fuckfakearmy #horriblepeople #badguys #realniggaz #itwasfunnytho #rapejokes #villains #villainsunited #assholes

I was feelin several ways about this video but couldn't put together why until I started reading what other people were saying about it. I'm not a huge Donald Glover or childish gambino fan, i never watched his stand up or cared about his career except for a few songs. Reading up on his past and the problematic things he has said and proudly done just make this even more uncomfortable to watch. The point of the video is to show explicitly how numb and distracted we are by all these new fads in rap and pop culture that we dont notice or do anything big enough to stop violence against black folx. And while thats a good point, coming from this dude, it loses its value and genuinity. Don is a perfect example of a "fake woke nigga". Someone who has decided to brand himself as woke once he saw how popular it was getting and how much money he could make off of it. I cant take any nigga seriously talmbout race if they don't like or support black women. Someone who liked being called a nigger by non black women during sex and who got success as a comedian for not acting black and disconnecting from that culture wants to talk to us about racism now??? Nah. I hated the violence in this video, it was so gruesome and we see this happening irl enough to not want to see it in our art. Stop getting money off of the killing of black people. So much to say but thats just a few things. Hes not a genius, hes a fraud. #childishgambino #donaldglover #yourfavisproblematic #misogynior #rapejokes #homophobia #ableism #nword #racism #frauds #fakegenius #staywoke #thisisamerica

Haha #RapeJokes 😂😭💦💦😋♿️👴🏾😩

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