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You know, if these people weren't so overly shemotional, then they wouldn't have to keep inventing new fake words and cuntsplaining them to other people lmao. Seriously though, this is so f'n dumb 😂

Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!!!! -k #sexualassault #rapeculture

im not kidding when i say im terrified of male entitlement.
.she said he sent this to her along with a "sarcastic diatribe" about how he wouldn't miss her while he was away and then didn't respond for 24 hours. she cried herself to sleep and that he wasn't usually so "bitter, immature and full of hatred". and later when she shared this in hopes of getting some support, men online told her was that she was a "selfish bitch" and should be grateful he wants to have sex with her and isn't cheating, and shouldn't say no.

This is how @fatboy_sse walks into @asapferg’s studio session 💀😂 #HHVW

The disgusting things that abusers in this country can get away with, even in 2017 are unbelievable.


#Repost @nwoprophecies
We are victims of #indoctrination and the speed at which we are indoctrinated is ramping up.
We have been indoctrinated into believing that #God doesn't exist.
That #evolution is true and there is no need for a designer.
#Sin doesn't exist and That morality is relative.

Now we have been #indoctrinated to fight against each other.

Our #woman are told that they are #oppressed by the patriarchy.
That we live in a #rapeculture although all it takes to ruin a man's career is just accusation of rape even if he is not yet found guilty.
They are told they don't have #equality with men when now women have more rights than men.

Our #children have been #confused by an evil agenda to blur the line between genders. They are told #gender is a social construct as if society created the male and female genitals. They are told that you can be any gender and all kinds of sinful sexual practices only historically found in sodom and gomorrah are perfectly fine.
Heterosexuality is discredited while sexual perversions are promoted.
Our children are oversexualised and our teens are given #idols in celebrities who lead them in a path of destruction
We tell our woman it's empowering to kill their unborn children while #bigpharma makes billions selling the body parts.

Our men are dehumanised sent to die in useless wars. They are encouraged to see women as sex objects due to women themselves being indoctrinated into oversexualising themselves for #LIKES and the porn industry completely rewiring men's psyche. More and more men find it hard to #love because sex has been made so readily available.
Races which is a social construct are at war with each other. They kill blacks then create grass roots movements to rally blacks against whites.
Through #politicalcorrectness #truth is suppressed and protected classes are created. Now gays lesbians and transgenders can shut down anyone who remotely disagrees with their sexuality.
They can shut down #Christian businesses while they can refuse businesses from christians.

We are victims of indoctrination and no one ever stops to #think of how much we have been divided while the world continues to drown in sin. #Tukkit

So very actually who I am 10/10 Mad laughing to myself still can't get over how the #potus said son of a bitch. I know I know so many mad hat moments but something about this man saying son of a bitch... highlights of #rapeculture defame the creator #womenarethecreators these men should be scared quite honestly #theendisnigh

"I used to live in the Ps, now it's a crib with a gate!" Congratulations @iamcardib I'm so happy for you! It's been amazing seeing your hu$tle & grind to the top! Now you're No. 1 🏆We did it #BARDIGANG 💯❤️🤘🏼Cardi made history y'all, hood dreams do come true!!! 😭😇💯#bloodymoves #moneymoves #bodakyellow #cardib #billboardhot100 #number1 #history #iamcardib #bloodgang #dreamscometrue #believeinyourself #amazing #congrats #hiphop #rapeculture

Last week, I read the Gizmodo article "Anti-Rape Gadgets That Never Delivered", and it's pretty disturbing how much attention and funding has gone towards creating products (mostly for women) to "help prevent sexual assault". We're supposed to literally buy into the idea that the onus is on the potential victim instead of teaching respect and providing the necessary support for survivors. 🌓 #nomeansno #design #illustrator #illustration #plannedparenthood #consent #typography #teenvogue #rapeculture #respect

🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿 #fucksexism #rapeculture

Wow I felt happy for 6 days in a row and now I’m back at being sad... -
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