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Shout out to the SLP 🔌#SaintLaurentParis #RangerBoots

No they are not brown. Just dirty #rangerboots #vintageengineerboots


Marco & Vine '12 #tbt. I remember seeing a pair of polo ranger boots on Wall Street back in 2010 and being blown away with how they looked. The formality of the toe, the height, the black pebbled leather, the horse on the side, they're nickname "cookie cutter". Everything. This was one of the fashion items that really shifted my style. Kinda like when I first got a real nice organic Cotten polo. The actual brand didn't have much to do with it. If it was GAP I would of felt the same. From that point I got like 10 more. Some I got for dumb cheap other well above retail but the decision that it would continue to be apart of my life was already made. It was a "Mateo's timberland" and mf was sooo sick when I came back down to the Mia cause they didn't even know what they were looking at lol. #mateoacrylics #MALG #marcopolo #rangerboots #customsneakers #customs #customboots #henna #hennatattoo #wheat

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