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Have you tried #tricep rope pulls? 😏 These bad boys are guaranteed to get your triceps burnin'! 🔥 Form is very important in any tricep workout to get proper muscle activation- remember to keep your elbows stable throughout the range of motion and fully extend your arm with each rep to reap the full tricep gain benefits 😈 Thanks @cathybaabie_xo for the request!

Dizem que não chegamos a lugar nenhum sozinhos ... hoje seria impossível não atribuir meus recentes resultados a essa fera aí @cesinha.viegas exemplo de fisioterapeuta e profissional que me ensinou que " sem um bom padrão de movimento não existe performance e sim dor de cabeça " muito obrigado por todo o trabalho quem vem fazendo comigo meu amigo, pode ter certeza que estamos só começando 🙏🏾🏋🏾🚀🔥@prosportsfisio
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Do you tear your hands every time you grab a pull-up bar?

If so here is EVERYTHING you need to put an end to it! •
The reason your hands tear is because you are creating too much friction between your hands and the pull-up bar. This happens when our hands rotate as we go through our pull-up cycle (shown by the first video) and is usually due to one of two things. Either an improper grip on the bar (shown in the first picture) or lack of grip strength. •
The second video and picture show what you should strive for when gripping a pull-up bar. Start by gripping the bar with your first row of knuckles facing the ceiling, from there wrap your thumb on top of your index finger. When you start to lose this grip or feel deviation from your starting position, that's when it's time to drop off and rest. Remember building positional strength is a process and it takes time, but by practicing this and being disciplined you can reduce the amount of tears you have! •
Tears will still happen and I have the solution for that too! Check out @chakstoneskin they have a great product called Hand Jam that will have your hands healed in no time and it will strengthen your skin to prevent future tears! Check them out at chakstoneskin.com

Tag a friend that needs a fix and book your appointment today! (Link in bio)

Linear Knee Pop Drill For Leg Power with @brandonrichey76
When continuing to hone our skills for building speed and precision we must practice in order to become fast by adequately mastering movements that produce speed. In short, in order to be fast we must train to be fast. The knee pop cone drill for leg power is a great exercise for building on that very quality
The knee pop cone drill teaches us to accelerate and produce leg drive by training the act of “pulling the knee up” to generate acceleration and significant forward progress when sprinting. The ability to “drive” the knee is what generates athletic power for the purpose of sprinting and jumping
No matter your athletic endeavor leg power is a must if you expect to generate force through a feat such as sprinting, tackling in football, striking in martial arts, throwing a baseball, or even for the act of lifting and improving performance in the iron game
Each repetition is achieved when both the right and left leg has gone over the cones. Perform 3 to 6 reps before getting into heavier sprint work
Start out by lining up 8 cones, or other similar markers such as water bottles, chalk marks, or even tape on the ground. Keep the markers about 15 inches apart
Start out by emphasizing one leg. If you look at the video I’m demonstrating the drill with the right leg. Start with the right leg over the first cone with your knee pulled up and your thigh parallel to the ground
For proper arm motion be sure that your left arm is forward when you pull the right knee up. Next, as you descend the right knee onto the ground between the first and second cone offset your arm drive allow left elbow to drive back as your right foot strikes the ground
As the right foot strikes the ground immediately rebound it off the ground allowing your left leg to skip forward setting everything up for the next cone to repeat the exact same movement. The right foot should drop and rebound immediately allow you to “pop” the knee straight back up to the start position
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This has been a challenge for a few weeks.
I thought I wasn't strong enough or just quite there yet so I focused on the areas I thought would help.
They didn't help. 😑
Every time I got so far up the box I felt 'The Fear'. I've face planted and landed awkwardly on my knee before and obviously my brain hadn't forgotten so wasn't fully allowing me to go for it.
I played around with different parts to try and find out where I was lacking but it all came down to not having the confidence to commit.
After an hour of self chat and procrastination
I went for it and made it all the way up from the floor. Whooo!!! 🦄
#didnotfaceplant #whyallthefuss

Squats are one of the essentials. It's as simple as that. It's not leg day for me, but I'll do lightweight squats like this in most warm ups to get my core and lower body activated, keep my body familiar with the motion, and continue to work on that range of motion. #squats #humpday

Swipe 👉🏼 Tip of the day: STRETCH! Too often we find ourselves killing our workout but half a**ing our stretching. This is detrimental in soooooooo many ways. Make sure to take ample time to stretch a little before, a little during, and a LOT after working out. The benefits of stretching are endless: increased range of motion, decreased risk of injury, increased flexibility, and so on. Make sure to ease into the stretch and hold for at least a count of twenty. As you are able, go further into the stretch. Now go stretch!! #stretch #flexibility #rangeofmotion #athlete #fitness #fashion #fitfashion #fitmom #momofboys #mom #writer #author #blogger #blog #wordpress #yoga #yogi #bikinicompetitor

Exploring range of motion. We have a "mobility-first" approach because *short* restricted strides stop the horse from getting the proprioception data his brain needs to reset better movement. We don't "fix" asymmetry so that we can get more range -- we do the opposite -- "fix" restricted range to get more symmetry. Working a horse with only mid-range strides usually makes progress MUCH slower -- or does not happen at all -- because the horse can rely on his prime mover muscles when using shorter strides and does not need to recruit what he MOST needs to improve movement -- the deep stabilizers. We cannot improve the stability/motor control of the horse unless he has unrestricted range of motion. Repeating exercise movements such as shoulder-in with only mid-range strides will not be enough to cause the horse's brain to release the protective bracing. When one hind leg appears "weaker", this is almost always a problem that needs working with the horse's *brain* and no matter how much we practice "correct" movement, we cannot change the brain's movement patterns by rehearsing movement unless we get the *brain* to have better *input* and processing. And we can only do THAT by getting the horse to use his natural full range of motion. The places we see and feel restrictions are almost NEVER the real problem -- but only a symptom. We can't treat asymmetry by "fixing" the seemingly "weaker" leg or seemingly "tight" area because these are symptoms, not the cause. Serious crookedness seems to persist because we treat the symptoms instead of helping the brain make better choices. If I asked you to predict the result of kicking a ball but gave you no information about the size and weight of the ball, you would say, "I can't predict unless I have more data!" This is one reason the brain creates bracing, stiffness, and asymmetrical weakness. The brain says, "I cannot predict this movement (stepping under, etc.) will be safe! Need more data!" In human rehab and performance, many persistent problems can typically be "fixed" in a matter of days and sometimes minutes! Because they talk to the *brain*, instead of fighting it. Exploring range is fun AND brains love it ❤️🌿

Ever thought about adding back bends to your routine? They're great for Olympic Lifting, helping with range of motion in your shoulder flexion and thoracic extension. Sound advice from @strong.i.am.
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Go ahead...what am I thinking? :-P

Tiny spaces aren't so bad for practicing, you just have to be mindful of your surroundings. First #Bakasana, or #crowpose in quite a while. It felt good to come back to an understanding of coordinating the right muscular activity & feeling the difference. When strength is present, stability increases which sustains better balance. #Yoga is not just stretching, it is a progression of body & mind in strength, stability, balance, flexibility, mobility, #rangeofmotion & so much more! If you building, it will come! 😘✨
#Therapeutics #yogajourney #yogapractice #meditation #bepresent #lovewhatyoudo #studentfirst #butttothewall & all

@jaredsheire and I after his massage. He's much happier now that we're done. No one likes me when they are on my table, but they love me the next day. What I do it definitely delayed gratification. But the results are undeniable. #massagetherapy #deeptissuemassage #sportsmassage #rangeofmotion #scartissuebreakdown #classicphysique #npc #competitor #icanfixanything #icanhelpyougrow #biggerleanerstronger.

Sneak peek behind the scenes of today's Winter Wellness Mobility filming... Coming to you via @lesmillsaucklandcity soon 😊
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Using a baseline large joint arthrodial goniometer on this young patient 8 weeks post a serious whiplash injury. The goniometer is used to measure range in cervical rotation, lateral flexion of the neck and cervical flexion/extension. The bubble level on this device assures that measurement is made on a horizontal plane. #whiplash #children #assessment #reassess #injury #goniometer #caraccident #falls #neck #neckpain #cervicalspine #drelseri #chiropractic #chiropractor #yxx #abbotsford #abbotsfordchiropractor #fraservalleychiro #fraservalley #mva #motorvehicleaccident #icbc #bc #rangeofmotion #movement

Flexibility is so important... When you weight train your muscles will get tight causing restricted range of motion which may lead to injury......being a Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor I often see clients hurry through stretching to move on to warm up and training etc.... We love the enthusiasm to get started but not so much the pulls, strains and pains due to poor strectching, Always allow sufficient time (10-15 min) for stretching and proper breathing, in doing so you'll have the best workout ever!! Happy lifting fabulous!! 💪💪
Park strectch, nature's the best!!
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When it comes to service, the world is flat. Stay connected to a world of empowered clinicians by teaching and sharing with clinicians from around the corner and around the world. #Share and #Learn with us by signing up and getting involved at movetogether.org
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Kallpa Fitness y MoovFt se unen por primera vez en Guayaquil para realizar la primera certificación de movilidad (mobility) en el Ecuador.
Este curso esta dirigido para entrenadores, atletas, personas con carencia de movilidad, personas con lesiones etc.
Gracias a esta certificaciones serás capaz de identificar en ti y en los demás, los desbalances del cuerpo humano y aprenderás a generar un equilibrio por medio de la liberación de tejidos y la autocorrección de los mismos.
Ayudaras a mejorar tu rendimiento y de clientes, acelerando el proceso de recuperación del cuerpo y también mejoraras en:
-rango de movimiento
-menos fatiga
-mayor capacidad de trabajo
-mejor calidad de vida
No te pierdas esta increíble oportunidad! Te esperamos EL SÁBADO 8 DE JULIO en @kallpafitness (Club deportivo Diana Quintana km. 3 samborondon) de 9am a 4pm.
1. Dos certificaciones
2. Licencia de venta
3. Kit completo de mobility (2 rodillos, banda, mochila, pelota y colchoneta)
4. Manual teórico.
Cupos: 25 Costo: $ 280 (hasta 3 de Julio)
Más info: 0995801713 @diegomoovft @kallpafitness @joseroseneykallpa ó escribe a josekallpa@gmail.com

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I talk a lot about "Targeted Tissue Work" but most people still don't know what it ACTUALLY is.
Download a copy of my FREE "10x Your Flexibility" eBook to get 2 BONUS videos (1 explaining what "Targeted Tissue Work" actually is.) Enjoy!

Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist Dan Williams presents an intensive, information dense learning weekend that will leave PT, Gym Instructors and Coaches with an enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and hundreds of practical applications in the exercise and fitness field. Invest in yourself to supercharge your personal and professional development and take your value and expertise to a whole new level. Link in bio.
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Had a blast working with the PGA Junior Camp teens today! #stretching #resistanceband work, and #rangeofmotion activities followed by a #nutrition talk aimed specifically for #golfers ... #leadersoftomorrow for sure! #destinationkohler #kohlergolf #strength #flexibility #eatright #foodisfuel #fitness #exercise #mindset @kohlersportscore

Roll with me! 🦄

Foam rolling is fabulous for helping with exercise recovery, range of motion, flexibility and lots of other things.
Thats why I went on live today to give a quick demo and go in depth on why foam rolling should be part of your regimen.

I uploaded the replay to YouTube. Go check it out and take a friend who could use a little rolling in their life! 😜

#foamrolling #foamroll #foamrollexercises #howtofoamroll #fitfam #fittip #fitness #exercise #weighttrain #bikinimuscle #bikinimusclestrong

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