Uh I have a serious question for you Mikey.. are you ok? 😂😭😭 @roadtriptv

My weirdo 💛. @roadtriptv

When your dad does a musically to ur fav song . Thanks jack 💫💕🌸😘 @roadtriptv

Randy video people who say randy broke up like what that will never happen ever they’re meant to be together I love them so much #randyisreal please tag @roadtriptv @roadtriptv @roadtriptv @roadtriptv @roadtriptv @roadtriptv

« and what if we rewrite the stars? »

Guiz I have evidence here. Take a look of the video. That's not Andy's room, that's Ryan's room. But what is Andy & his guitar (it is in Rye's bed) doing there?
And let's check Andy's outfit. He has his nice black jeans, his sunglasses and a T-shirt that belongs to Ryan. Hahaha. Make your own conclusions, babes. And always remember: #LoveIsLove and #randyisreal
Love y'all ❤

How can you go from cute to weird ? 😭😂 he’s so hot , I can’t - 😍😩💋😘💕💛 @roadtriptv

I have to say a lot of things about it hahaha.
1st they're cuddling and that's cute
2nd it is all the cute things you can say but have you looked at their faces?
Andy is like: WE WILL DO STH REALLY NICE HHMM 😏 and he has such a pervert face
And Rye is like: im his bae but look at my dewlap, even doing this face im buttyful hahaha 😂
If you have read it comment your fav colour! Love y'all❤ #randyisreal #LoveIsLove #roadtriptv #andyfowler #ryebeaumont

+You're my favorite place to go when my mind searchs for peace+

#LoveIsLove #randyisreal #andyfowler #ryebeaumont

There will be a marriage soon😏💕 #randyisreal #randy @roadtriptv

Randy collage😍 (@elli642004 made this not me😂💕) #randyisreal #randy @roadtriptv

They tweeted that on December RANDY IS REAL so now they are dating for 16 months (over a year)😍🐝🌵 thanks @elli642004 for sending me this💕 #randyisreal #randy @roadtriptv

It might be an old tweet but still there is Randy🔥 #randyisreal #randy @roadtriptv

I love their stupidity too much♥️😂~Lena🌹
#andyfowler🌵 #ryebeaumont🐝 #randyisreal #iloveyouguys
#roadiesforever #roadtriptv #followme #englishroadies *
* Good Morning♥️
* follow me♥️🤞
🌹tag the them please🌹
@roadtriptv @roadtriptv

They say they’re just mates, we’ll sure doesn’t look like it 😂😍 #randy #randyisreal @roadtriptv

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