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Vaguely reminiscent of how I looked whilst pregnant and trying to get out of bed in the morning, or putting shoes on while pregnant, or trying to get some booty from my ex husband while showing him how attractive the beached whale look was while pregnant. Except she's cuter and definitely furrier. .. her eyeliner wing game is much stronger too. #chipmunk#sorryiwentthere#ramblingcaption#pregnancyPTSDafter10yearsstill

I'll title this "insole(nce)." Thanks to my unhealthy perfectionism that I deny having yet admit, I fear failing to meet not only others'--but MY OWN expectations as well. It has come to a point where this kind of anxiety manifests into not doing the job. My brain goes all or nothing--either I do the job RIGHT or don't do it at all. I don't want to do it mediocrely. Silly brain, won't you learn that getting something right is a process? #cadetlife #cadetboots #perfectionistproblems #closetperfectionist #seacadet #ramblings #ramblingcaption

I took this photo a few weeks ago while on a walk w my man and our dog. Photo reminds me of carrots & sweet potato fries, celery and broccoli. Is it strange that I now see life as a series of organic vegetables? (Of course it's strange).
Also am currently in a middle seat en-route to ORD and suffering thru turbulence so a cup of Sauvignon Blanc & Instagram shall be my jam to get me thru these potholes in the sky.
#veggies #playground #vegetables #dogwalk #inflight #seatbeltsignison
#ramblingcaption #sweetpotatofries

Appreciation post part 1 ; The past 2 weeks of April has been nothing but FUN! Celebrating birthdays and spending quality time together. Not to mention how hard it is for ALL of us to come together for a simple meal (okay lah not so simple cause it's Seoul Garden, but still pssshhh)
Not much "pretty" pictures to be uploaded cause I realise that as I grow older, it's all about embracing the moment. Either that or I'm just getting lazier to take out my phone and take pictures lah okay 😒 But ultimately, family over anything all day every day!
#ramblingcaption #familyday #appreciationpost #birthdays #idkwhyilooksuperawkwardinpictures #mustbemyface #lol

16: Last sentence read in 2016
So quick catch up, Haikyu became my life this past week (every time an episode finished I was like "ONE MORE!"); I'm reading Dead Simple by Peter James and I'm enjoying it so far; Laura Marling and Dodie Clark are in Glasgow next month but, disappointingly, tickets are sold out; anxiety has been a bit of bitch as per usual but one of my friends just got a guide dog puppy to look after for a year before they start their training and I can't wait to meet him (he's called Winston). All in all, I needed a wee break and still need some actual time off work but it's happening soon so I've got things to look forward to.
Hope you're doing well and if not, think of cute puppies. I'll even send you pics of Winston when I meet him if you like 🐶
#acotar #sarahjmaas
#newbookginnings17 #bookchallenge #lastsentence #bookstagram #instabook #booklover #bibliophile #igreads #bookstagramfeature #ramblingcaption #anxietywarrior

#TMW: you're organizing things and come across the coffee portrait print of #CarrieFisher that you got autographed a little over a year ago and seeing it kinda makes you want to cry because you remember giving her the original while being really nervous (and resisting the urge to ask if you can pet her dog) and her saying "oh, I love it!" upon receiving it.

#memories #PrincessLeia #art #Coffee #CoffeePainting #ArtPrint #INeedToPaintHerAsGeneralOrgana #RamblingCaption

I almost forget how much has happened in the last year! It seems like everything has been rushing past and the year is disappearing but at the same time it's felt like forever! #keys #thismustbetheplace #pink #minimal #hand #ramblingcaption #cool #fade

good afternoon {11.28.16} this cold wasn't going to stop me from walking in the woods with @maple_surple and Nelson (best dog ever) for portraits, and now I'm practicing bass wearing a sassy dress and moto boots I couldn't zip up for 3 years, all excited even though my eyes and nose are runny and gross #ramblingcaption #hipstagram #hipstamatic #irom2000

It's officially fall and I'm genuinely surprised at how much more we love Halloween in the states than they care about in Europe. Pumpkins, corn husks and skeletons everywherrreeee.
Anyways, I just want to be back here right now. Can you tell? #ramblingcaption

Breakfast was coffee and pistachios (someone threw out my protein shake!), lunch was rotisserie chicken salad and cheese. Dinner was taco salad, but I forgot to take a pic. 💩 #latergram #ramblingcaption

When you working doubles ALL weekend long but you gotta do what you gotta do cause you need a new car but your hair color cute and all the residents are chillin so you in the office having a selfie session #ramblingcaption #yalldontcare #itwasallneccessary #silklyjohnston #playerhaterball

Hope you all had a great Easter! 💐🐰💕 I'm not really one to celebrate, but I do celebrate Spring and bunnies and new beginnings, and I love the idea that we can all be reborn. And not just in the afterlife (or whatever may or may not be beyond this world), but every single day, we can wake up and decide who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. It's never too late to change, to be better, to love more. Spring reminds us that, even after the coldest winters, we can blossom anew.
I'm still reading #TLTSTW and so many things are resonating with me. I don't want to give away spoilers, but this line from Alice (really the whole monologue) hit me hard this morning: "It's okay to be scared. Your big feelings are powerful." Oof. I think I'm loving this book so much because it rides that great line of typical YA romance and giant-Universe-filled-feelings-that-make-you-want-to-cry story. You get cute pop culture references, and then you get wise, grandmotherly advice. There's sweet, high school love, and then First Nations' stories that make your heart ache, and it's woven together so perfectly.

Anyway, rambling because I haven't gotten enough sleep the last few nights, and once again I'm awake too late reading. Happy belated #sockSunday!

One more post, then it's time for me to get some sleep. I have an appointment with a geneticist tomorrow to learn what new meds might be able to help me and if I have genes that might predispose me to other illnesses (joy, like I need another on top of #ehlersdanlossyndrome). Anyway, wish me luck! I am so damn nervous that somehow it might say my other blood test for #eds was wrong, and I'm back to figuring it out again. That would be my worst nightmare! Going from dr to dr and specialist to specialist to find out what was wrong with me, with many suggesting it was in my head or that I was a "drug seeker" (the doctor I had years ago labeled me a drug seeker in my charts because she kept giving me tramadol, which didn't touch the pain at all, and I kept ending up in urgent care or the hospital because I'd lose function in my legs. She thought I was faking it, so she dumped me as a patient. The next doctor was awesome and had other EDS patients, so it was a blessing in disguise. She struck the drug seeker comment from my chart (as did a pain specialist, for extra good measure) and called my previous doctor a quack. Anyhow, that was long-winded and an over share, but #goodnight to my lovely followers out there! #SuicideGirls @suicidegirls #suicidegirl #pinup #pinkhair #pinuphair #pinupmodel #dreadlocks #girlswithdreadlocks #ramblingcaption #likeforlike #like4like #xoxo

After a break away with my love and what turned into 5 days not 100% on plan 😳🙈 (sorry for the lack of cwp posts and responses) I've had a good day 100% on plan and a little creative burst tonight...invented this step 2 fakeaway style quorn fillet and cabbage/cauli combo. I'll be honest I'm thinking of coming off CWP, I can't handle how it messes with my head. I'm giving it till the end of the month and if I'm still struggling I'd consider switching to slimming world
#oversharing #ramblingcaption #foodpost #dinner #healthyeating #step2 #lcd #cwp #cambridgeweightplan #undecided #struggling #quorn #protein #positiveday #fakeaway

I am not late for work by posting this picture.
So grateful its Friday you have no idea
Praying everything works out
If you have hope, its the most dangerous demon
#demon #hope #selfie #lateforwork #ramblingcaption

#throwback so P. mentioned that today was his mom's birthday and I was like "??? Did we not go cycling on your mom's birthday oh my god that was a year ago?!" Anyway look old picture from our cycling adventure one year ago
How time flies, soon A and P will be enlisting and I will be very lonely oh well.
#random #ramblingcaption

Peter Parker ain't got shit on me. (Except for the whole being a superhero, and a professional photographer. But at least I'm not a fictional character. ) #nyc #empirestate #ramblingcaption

Errmahgerd! Cute toes, girl! "Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish..." JK (who's old/young enough to remember doing that to choose who's 'it' before playing hide-and-seek?) #ramblingcaption #jci #bodyspa #nails #toes #pedi #pedicure #nailart #nailpolish

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