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🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥SkullCrawler🔥🔥🔥 #SkullCrawlers #Ramarak #MonstersVerse

As Otis and jack are came but Carl, jimmy, Malone and earl are came to see this #kong is came this jungle to face this oddako os coming to face to attack this king to face that battle but he is feel angry to attack oddako is dangerous but someone is the giant guys is calling the #ramarak is the villain to face this #godzilla and #kong are two guys came to this battle to face this ramarak to call these four #skullcrawler are dangerous to hunt this dead water buffalo but all buffalo herds are escorted this plains around this #skullisland. But skull crawler is free to live around this forest but ramarak is going to hunt this #skullcrawler by these two allosaurus are dangerous on this jungle. Ann never saw this ramarak is came for this happan. Otis saying this named is ramarak is the villain to hunt this buffalo but all buffalo and other herbivores are call mile deer and corythosaurus are run away this bamboo forest to scare this ramarak on #skullisland.

Love this apocalypse now version of the Kong Skull Island poster!! #kongskullisland #skullcrawler #ramarak #kingkong #legendarypictures

Kong che sferra un poderoso pugno a Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island)
Kong that launches a powerful punch to Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island).
#Kong #SkullCrawler #Ramarak #fight #violence #water #river #waves #punch #giantagainstgiant #splashes #SkullIsland #KongSkullIsland #MonsterVerse #Legendary

New #KongSkullIsland Concept Art, Interviews and More featured in #SFXMagazine!
Scans of SFX Magazine's April 2017 Kong: Skull Island spread have been leaked online and give us a magnificent look at some of the film's concept artwork as well as a number of interviews with the film's cast. The scans are high quality, allowing you to read their contents clearly. Throughout the interviews and concept art, #KingKong's new size is referenced and compared to other iterations of Kong (remembering that this Kong is still relatively young in this film and will grow before his match-up with #Godzilla in 2010), as well as the confirmation that there will be no Dinosaurs in Kong: Skull Island - "#JurassicWorld has that covered". We've cropped the new concept artwork and displayed them ahead of the full-page scans. You can view them all, plus more Kong: Skull Island images in our Kong: Skull Island Image Gallery!
Your welcome, @scifiedcom!! #skullcrawler #ramarak #artwork #conceptart #art

So we have a name for the giant Skull Crawler. His name officially, is Ramarak. #ramarak #skullcrawler #kong #kingkong #skullisland #kongskullisland #mothra #rodan #godzilla

🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥Monsters Encounters🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥 #MonstersVerse #Godzilla2000 #VelociraptorBlue #SkullCrawlers #Ramarak

Kong Squaring up with who could possibly be Ramarak! #kongskullisland #kong #legendarypictures #kingkongvsgodzilla #legendary #ramarak


In the California, this two partners are came! It's #scitwi and fiver are appear to came to the hill away in California: surly tiki and boxer are came, so it's benjiman, hawkbit and napolan are these heros are came to walk to the hill around this place! Then #mothra is return out to #skullisland! She is also found twi is imagin to see trasspaser is came. Mothers is the female angle to talk about #ramarak is also wipe out without #kong and #rodan are two heros are alive in skull island! Battra is going to love mothra is came to appear to shows megolon, odako, kambas, varan, manda, ebirah, kumanga, kamaceras and barogon are alive to live in skull island so #muto and #kingghidorah are came for last march. Then two heros came call gomora and red king are two heros are live in California. So angerius, Tiberius, optimimus, king Cesar, #dragonstorm and Zola are come back to live in California and Alberta Canada are two places around this #skullisland without these heros and monsters are there? Finilly #godzilla is still back to found #mothra and battra are two angles to love sci twi. Fiver and boxer are still saw blackberry is came to help fiver is still here to never saw new fools are doing to live California! Occasonly twi is saw blackberry is here! Suddenly heros are saw two robots are coming to the west! Bronic and decpocon are two guys, red king, #dragonstorm, battra, gomora, #mothra and godzilla are takes heros to come to #skullisland home in Alberta Canada. Godzilla will after bronic and decpocon? Battra and mothra are going to after bronic! Decpocon is going to after godzilla, his tail to slap him away! He has atomic breath to kill decepocon? So he afters bronic is going to after godzilla! He has atomic breath to kill bronic is got killed! So angerius, Tiberius, optimimus, battra, mothra, gomora, red king, Zilla and #dragonstorm are back to found Godzilla is alive!

It's the male python is the hero in the good movie and so he is also to spy this #ramarak.

It's the jackolop is the villin until #ramarak is doing to meet jackolop also live her and Amherst will is going to love Alphodon is the giant female rat! And the giant rat call cluddendius is here in Alberta Canada.

As the worst storm is coming the whole place out here, muki, Luna and mike are doing this while game is doing in the building! Suddenly Luna is fright to hears footsteps is coming to he spaces for the night. The giant foot is walking to the ocean. It's #ghostgodzilla is always alive to arrive the ocean! He ocassonly to kill oogway is got defeat. However #scitwi and fiver are came to meet #principalchinch is came to what to see this feuture. He talks about #ghostgodzilla is awake to the sea. He is also to arrive to attacks #Godzilla, #kong, #rodan and #mothra are alive in the woods to share in Alberta Canada for years. He against #ramarak is dying for the war in 2017? Fiver imagin talks about two legged snake is came. #scitwi is imagin to talks about five things are in Tokyo sos? Flash and guy call Ben are walk to nowhere to saw ghost is doing. Blackberry is coming to talk flash what is the name. Flash is the name and he has his friend call Ben. Blackberry is take flash to the walk for the wounderful woods are doing. But she is having her sirster call primrose and other broth call broom are came. Flash imagin to saw broom is here to see his guy. He talks about where do this ghost monster is appear this woods. Flash talks about this monster is call #ghostgodzilla is awake to the sea.

Disegno su commissione.
T-rex Gigante(Primeval-stagione 5-episodio 5)contro Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island)
Drawing on commission.
T-rex(Primeval-season 5-episode 5)against Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island).
#Trex #GiantTrex #Primeval #season5 #episode5 #BBC #ImpossiblePictures #Ramarak #KongSkullIsland #Legendary #MonsterVerse #fight #violence #bitetheneck #blood #giantvsgiant #SkullIsland #splashes #water #mountains #background #drawingoncommission

Kong che sferra un poderoso pugno a Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island)
Kong that launches a powerful punch to Ramarak(Kong-Skull Island).
#Kong #SkullCrawler #Ramarak #fight #violence #water #river #waves #punch #giantagainstgiant #splashes #SkullIsland #KongSkullIsland #MonsterVerse #Legendary

As python, bumblebee, #TimberSpruce, #soursweet, pipkin and fiver are going to see #ramarak and #hellhound are not there on the ocean which means they belong in Australia. But whale and #anglerfish are not there ether. But they looks #sci_twi and #arlo are see #midnightsparkle is appear. So they walk to see arlo and sci twi are always to miss campion to got killed by the story. Fiver tell arlo is not to be sad by campion is also die by the monster. Indominus is alive now. They walk to the Clift hanger. #TimberSpruce is hige #sci_twi and #arlo are how to do campion is awake for sad life. But python, bumblebee and #soursweet are talk these two guys not to worry. But sci twi is also to search #midnightsparkle is nothing there. She must be on the dark cave.

It's little torosaurus is appear this woods by these three heros like #arlo, fiver and pipkin. But suddenly alro saw those black rabbits are here! Which means they saw little guy is saw these heros. They are meet five friendship guys like #sci_twi, python, bumblebee, #soursweet and #TimberSpruce there to show this nightmare vision. Fiver talks #SciTwi is have this dreams. It's #midnightsparkle, #ramarak and #hellhound are there at night. Arlo and pipkin are looks scary to help fiver. Sci twi is going to help arlo to stop #midnightsparkle. Finilly she loves alro. But he want there friends like hazal, bigwig, blackberry, her kids, baloo, baghera, soothsayer, primrose, patchi, juniper, scowler, spartina, Keih, Hannah, Forrest wood bush, major, Alex, shale, feldspar, moss, dandilion, hawkbit, clover, holly, broom, balckavar, strawberry, Gluck, birdo, #rodan, #kong, #mothra, hickory and marigold are share at new home on red stone. Sci twi is also to do correct answer. Fiver talk arlo will must help sci twi to stop #midnightsparkle is is fright two #muto and two #rokmutul are alive to share those nests on #watershipdown. Bumblebee is also talk about these monsters are there. Such as indominus Rex and #skullcrawler are back. Fiver knew blackberry and clover are have final story to stop skull crawler to help arlo to save him. Sour sweet, bumblebee, timber and python are help fiver and pipkin but perhaps sci is going to take arlo walk and to see midnight is there in Utah.

Dibujo a lápiz de Ramarak (Skullcrawler) de Kong: Skull Island.
Realizado me 15 minutos
Traditional draw of Ramarak (Skullcrawler) from Kong: Skull Island.
Made in 15 minutes

#skullcrawler #ramarak #kong #kingkong #skull #island #skullisland #kaiju #monster #traditional #draw #dibujo #isla #calavera #islacalavera #monstruo #pencil #lapiz #monsterverse #scifi #movie

It's all stuffs are there to the oldest house today by #haunted like #hellhound, #ramarak and #midnightsparkle are came.

All type of fish are coming to move on to the sea. Dory and nemo are coming to found Martin is always feel happy today. Martin is never saw nemo is felt mad now. He is almost happy now. Suddenly all salmons are escape to scare this largest net is coming. Dory is got trap now,. Martin and nemo are going to help her. Martin told these salmons are try to keep swam down. Boat net is trying to catch these salmons up. They try to keep seam down now. Suddenly net is broken. All salmons are escape. Dory is always live free. Martin tell dory is looking for nemo. Dory do ma him. It's nemo is happan to #midnightsparkle is back. Martin is not to afraid to her. She is the alive to hunt nemo. Dory is got truth now. Dory is looks angry at midnight sparkle is crash away this rocky. Martin is also to saw #ramarak and #hellhound are there to hell truth. Sadly hellhound and ramarka are there. Martin knew two guys are there to share on Australia. Why do ravage to this truth. Ramarak and hellhound are how to hunt this fish. Three of ravages are coming. It's the whale is coming to after midnight is Looks mean. Dory looks angry to stay away for nemo and Martin are aliveto stop ramarak and hellhound are how swaming to sea. Now #anglerfish is kill hellhound is dying to the cover of blood vison. Ramarak is escape to two monsters like anglerfish and whale are there. Dory and Martin are alive to saw ramarka is swam away. Midnight knew hellhound dies to the light and dark like anglerfish is there. And now whale is back. But midnight sparkle is how feel. She knew this ramarak is gone. Midnight sparkle is have wings of demon is escape to retreet this ocean. But anglerfish and whale are ahead this sea. Nemo is also alive to found Martin and dory are back to huge him to come back home.

Nigle is take two fish ahead to the ocean. He must be apologizing Martin and dory. He flys away to the ocean. Martin is feel sad. He talks dory is also happan by this day. Nemo is gone now. Dory is calling Martin to stop. She saying to do not leaving now. She promise to truth now. There are #nightmare like #midnightsparkle, #ramarak and #hellhound are came to the #baddream. But she also help to p Sherman and Sydney. Martin is saying to sorry to her. On this pipe these crabs are there to saw nemo is looking for his farther. Finilly he almost to found dory is back. But she looking for Martin. But she also found Sydney is have flashback today. Dory found nemo is also ever saw #midnightsparkle is there. Dory is always talk two crabs are watch at namo and dory are here. She's mad at crab to give to feed for seagulls!

Now Martin is coming to babies and dory are found him to back on turtle shell is seaming to join #migration. Martin is not to talk about. He has a idea. That is the long ago on Australia but he has his son nemo is look mad at him to find nemo is got captured by these man are take son to denctis. But Martin and dory are going to the dangerous place by the truth #nightmare by #midnightsparkle, #ramarak, #hellhound, #anglerfish and jellyfishes are there on Australia! Little one is follow these delax is have story about nemo. Even two catfish are on sea. But even lobsters are there in the sea. Even these swordfish are talk and fight today. Now there two bottom dolphins are five and swam this ocean. More of birds, iris, storks and palcans are here on the air and water in Australia. Early morning! More of seagulls are feel hungry. Nigel told them to SHUT UP! Nigel here's nemo. He give crab go get it. Nigel is talking these birds to saw nemo is going to do. Sea gulls are saw crab is swam ahead. Pelicans are coumacating to Nigel about nemo is went to habora.

At the day dory is have #nightmare is also have. She is fright to spoke to the #midnightsparkle, #ramarak and #hellhound are there to the truth by the dark sea of monsters. but she's gasp a namo is help Martin is dying to scare at #ramarak is coming but now #hellhound is there to use fire to blast around water waves is quick. But nemo and Martin are feel scare at #hellhound. Dory breaths to gasp this nightmare. That's why she is have #baddream! Martin saw dory is someone is doing the dreams. She is also looks scary to the #nightmare is happan by midnight sparkle. Martin is got mash on ahead to fell away this sub. But dory and Martin are want to miss the mask is gone. It lefted to mask is also gone. Dory is also talk Martin is want to find mask. Dory is take Martin to try to keep seaming down the deep. Under the deep sea! It's the little light is here. But dory and Martin are also to saw that beauty thing. It's not the beauty guy? It's the #anglerfish! He is going after these two fishes to run away. They found the mask. It's says p Sherman. Martin is saying to p sherman is not understanding to saying. Dory got this job to show light by anglerfish is fighting Martin. He is feel hungry to hunt Martin to eat. He is must be escape away for anglerfish is coming ahead to dory is reading about Sydney Australia. Suddenly anglerfish is moving out the mask to get rid of that. Martin and dory are singing about anglerfish is escape out. Martin tell dory why do #midnightsparkle is happan by truth is coming. Dory also have this bad dream! Anglerfish is luckily escape! Suddenly Martin and dory are swam away this monsters. He also to do free at the dark sea.

As #spinoraptor and #carnoraptor are two guys are there to see these three #megacerops are there to saw #ramarak is there.

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