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Unicorn painting party while is snowed outside, it was all very magical!! Happy Birthday Addi! I will sleep well this evening. #comoniwannapaint #paintingparty #sheilashamel #sheilashamelstudio #raleighartist #paintingbirthdayparty #unicorn #unicornpainting

Spent the afternoon being inspired by flowers 🌺 and art! Form, line, color, shape, no matter the medium, it’s all design. And it’s all inspiring! More pics to come! What’s your favorite flower?

Our team is ready for tomorrow! Invite someone and Join us! 9:30// 11 am or on online 🖤

Tried to step outside of my creativity box with @nibvana today•••Raleigh, NC (shot on a OneStep 600 with Polaroid Originals Color Film for 600)

Minis are hard!! I think my process is so often driven by the freedom of “dancing” with a large space on canvas that when I tighten up, it feel so different! Regardless, I’m working on some ‘smalls’ to release in a month 🙌 #southernartist #raleighartist #artforeveryone #artforinteriors #thenewsouthern

Rainy Saturday in Raleigh? Sounds good to me ☺️ #newwork

365/Dichotomy : Pieces
Mixed Media 9x12 inches

Thank you to everyone that came out to show support for a #localartist last night, I felt the love.
#formalism #abstraction #worksonpaper #southernartist #motherandmaker #raleighartist

“To Fold In England”

🚀 👽 Sci-fi landscape on 5x5 wood panel inspired by 1951 JetsRocketSpacemen trading cards if anyone knows what that is

Happy Saturday! Is it sunshine breeze or a blizzard where you are today? I’m a busy 🐝 in my little work corner and don’t mind a bit! #mortarpress

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