I'm 38 weeks pregnant today. I've had the most amazing, easy (knock on wood), beautiful pregnancy but I'm not gonna lie- I miss jeans, tequila and this (me and @negin_mirsalehi 38 weeks ago)👆🏽let's go #raissraissbaby, we got some having fun to do🍼🍾

Hurry up #raissraissbaby, we can’t wait to meet you. @raissagerona @snapshotd

#raissraissbaby i hope you’re ready for all the titas 💚

Pink, everything 👶🏻 #RaissRaissBaby

As much as I appreciate all the women in my life, I have to give thanks and appreciation to my better half, my best friend, my rock @snapshotd. This journey wouldn't have been as easy, rewarding and beautiful without you. #raissraissbaby and I are truly blessed to have you. I love you so much. You're already the best dad❤️ p.s. we're f*^*^d!!!

Everything was so beautiful yesterday. Thank you @erinnhill for putting everything together, @aimeesorek for the perfect flowers, @maemaescookies for the delicious cookies, @eat_piece for the incredible cake and to @rocksea for all the photos. You guys made it so special❤️ #raissraissbaby

It takes a village❤️ #raissraissbaby

Celebrating #RaissRaissBaby. @raissagerona, you’re one of the hardest working woman I know but also one of the funnest and positive woman who LOVES supporting other women. So excited for this chapter of your life. Thank you for having me part of your journey. Can’t wait to meet this lucky girl! ❤️

More #raissraissbaby love with the people I love❤️

#raissraissbaby has so many Aunties! #girlgang

So in love with my sisters aka the most admirable new mothers I have ever known. So happy to be intimately a part of your journeys (as it has been Quite the Journey so far!) and I cannot wait to spoil the Sh** out of Aunty’s babies!!! Congratulations @raissagerona , you are a Beast!💪🏽!!!! Can’t wait to get that phone call from @snapshotd !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👼🏽 #raissraissbaby

Big ups to all the ladies for coming out and showering @raissagerona! THANK YOU! 💗5 more weeks! 🐣 #gulp #raissraissbaby

When your sis has carried a child for 9 months but looks the same as you after a burrito 🙌🏼🤰🏻🌯 We can’t wait to meet you #raissraissbaby! So much ❤️ for the parents to be @snapshotd and @raissagerona !

Celebrating girl power + #raissraissbaby yesterday! So much love for you @raissagerona @snapshotd #babyshower

Celebrating the most beautiful mama-to-be today! Can you even believe her teeny little bump is going to be a baby soon!?! @RaissaGerona for years now you’ve been this superwoman of an entrepreneur and even better friend. This baby’s bound to be a boss because she’ll be learning from the best 😉🙌🏽💪🏽 Can’t wait to watch our little girls grow up together! Love you! #raissraissbaby

Party of 3👨‍👩‍👧 thank you again @lasventanasalparaiso and @rosewoodhotels for an incredible time. We did what every parent told us to do- SLEEP! Can't wait to come back with #raissraissbaby 👼🏽 #thesritapans

Today I was surrounded by the beautiful, strong and intelligent women who have, and continue to, inspire me. Together we celebrated the newest member of our crew, #raissraissbaby 👼🏽how fitting to have her shower the same day as the #womensmarch 💪🏾with all these women helping to raise her, we're off to a good start @snapshotd ❤️

celebrated our boss mama today, can’t wait to meet #raissraissbaby also @raissagerona looks too good to be 9 months pregnant 😍

When you all show up to a baby shower in basically the same outfit @sincerelyjules @collagevintage #triplets #raissraissbaby

Awaiting the arrival of #raissraissbaby! Cannot wait another minute. 🍼💕 @snapshotd @raissagerona #thesritapans

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