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1952 President Truman & Dame Caroline Haslett at the #WhiteHouse. She was there as President of International Federation of Business & Professional Women meeting in #NewYork. It was a high profile visit and covered by a lot of media. In a #womensengineeringsociety journal article she noted I "even ate breakfast before a television camera!" #thewomanengineer bit.ly/2LwbUxc p131
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The apple doesn't fall far from our cocktail this autumn. Sip on Valley-tea-ni, made with in-house chamomile infused gin & apple spice syrup. #RaisingTheBar
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The world is your playground! Open yourself to opportunities across the world with ACCA- A global course recognised in 181+ countries!
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What a pleasure to hang out with THIS bunch this evening for @theabbeyweho's annual #christmas in September toy drive! @leeannelocken @therealjayrodriguez #raisingthebar #loudandclear @cassandracass21

When your goal becomes a burning desire... when you want it so much you can taste it... When your faith is as strong as your desire and you know within your marrow that this is God’s purpose for you, you will without a doubt achieve the goal...

What a way to start a vacation! First time I’ve flown on Japan Airlines and i was amazed even before I hit Japan. Our inflight meals were superb as far as airline food goes. Taro Shumai, Smoked Salmon/ Potato Salad, & either Pork or Beef for entree. Comfortable seats & huge up to date movie selection. What I was especially impressed by was that the flight attendants walked down the aisles and personally thanked each guest and wished them safe travels before our descent. #JAL #raisingthebar #japan #customerservice

I feel so much gratitude after experiencing the @yoga_medicine Cadaver Lab in Boulder, CO with @tiffanycruikshank. I met amazing yogis, learned so much about our bodies, ate good, and saw two bunnies! Look out world- we are #raisingthebar @lizzymooreyoga I did it! #ym500 #yoga #cadaverlab #redartliving #yogateacher #anatomy #thescalpelisabrushnotaknife

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Dear Daughter,

One of the most important things I hope to teach you,
Is self-worth.
Quite a tall order, I can appreciate,
In this beauty besotted world we live in.

A world where without consent you will be objectified -
I want you to know that you are so much more,
Than the presence or absence,
Of a thigh gap.

That your body is merely a vessel,
Worthy of celebration, and adornment should YOU desire,
But by no means does it dispense your value,
Or purpose in this world.

I want you to be resilient,
So that the world’s evils both physical and emotional,
May ail your body, perhaps at times your mind,
But cannot and will not touch your soul.

May you recognize,
That numerous frowns are far less damaging,
To your personal essence,
Than a single broken smile.

I want to ensure that nothing and no one has the ability,
To douse your ignited spirit,
And will teach you to shoot for the stars,
Without bringing them to wherever you are.

No matter the cards you are dealt,
May you always know that you are worthy,
Of love, respect and compassion,
From the world, but most importantly -
From yourself.

This beautiful little girl isn't my daughter but she captured just the right energy for this post! 📸@kianashantel

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What a team! With these fabulous ladies we dissected an entire untreated cadaver over the course of 4 days. We learned SO much about anatomy, movement and ourselves. Mind blown. Oh and please note @apsara45 and I wearing what is apparently the “token Brit” uniform of skinny jeans and white tee 😂🤣😂 #ym500 #cadaverlab #anatomynerd #alwayslearning #yogisinalab #raisingthebar #yogamedicine

“Oh nooo, shoes don’t go on the table,” I said in a fun voice during lunch as I slid her leg down. She smiled and popped her foot right back up there. Again, almost playfully I told her to put her feet down. Not surprisingly, up here foot came moments later.

Words absolutely matter, but your tone and expression matter, too. In fact, I think they matter more. You can say all the right things and get a totally different response depending on your tone and body language. The third time I responded I changed my tone, making it more serious, and less of a game or request. “Shoes aren’t for the table. Please keep your feet down as we are eating.” This time she paused before smiling and trying again. Still in serious mode I replied, “Your foot stays down while we eat. I am not playing a game.” As I guided her leg back down we locked eyes and she knew I meant business this time.

There are times for playfulness, but at the end of the day your job isn’t to be their friend or their peer, it’s to guide them in this world. They need YOU to do that. Double tap if you’re ready to be their guiding light, even when that means being the boss. They’ll thank ya later, probably much much later 🙈

Dynamic shoulder stability (advanced)
This closed kinetic chain variant is a great way to really challenge dynamic stability of the shoulder. I love this exercise because it really promotes stabilization through multiple planes of motion
Key things to remember 🔑
1. Start with one direction and small movements to ensure form is not compromised and you are able to maintain a stable position throughout the motion. Progress to larger movements and angles once you are accustomed to the movement and can consistently maintain good form.
2. It is okay to feel the shoulder burn throughout the exercise as the local stabilization muscles around the shoulder girdle are being utilized through various ranges of motion.
🔹The video speed is increased to demonstrate the exercise. I like to use a 2 second tempo throughout each motion👊🏼

Hump Day Motivation.
What are you training towards? 🤔
Are you employing small measurable goals into your training that then leads to a bigger overall goal? .
We must celebrate the small wins along the way 🏆.
If you need help smashing your goals contact us today.
- @athletic_institute - @strength_coach_corey - @chantellek174 - @nhatvu.aep.sc - @ormsby.ai.coach

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