Following exciting news that my favorite @therock welcomes daughter today (congrats dude 👊) I have a strong belief that my husband will be a terrific father 🤗

|Holly| Last one for today. When I told my boys I was doing book recommendations they insisted I add “The Hobbit” to the list. We recently finished reading it together and I have see it playing out in their minds, from riddle games to pretending to slay giant spiders. Experiencing books together as a family is such a magical experience, and I love that homeschool gifts us so much time to read together. You’ve heard enough from me, I want to know what’s your number one book recommendation for read aloud? #HDHolly #readaloud #readaloudrevival #bookrecommendations

This morning after some of the hurt had worn off from losing the gold medal, Madden and I had a long talk. It’s not about the medal at all, as a parent I’m more proud of how he conducted himself all weekend, in a restaurant with 14 of his teammates and their parents and siblings, these boys had the utmost respect and manners, the shoulder taps, the shin pad taps and the goalie pad and helmet taps each time these kids knew their peers felt bad about a goal or a play, the sportsmanship and clapping for their opponents, that’s what I’m proud of. Did he play what he loves, is he privileged to be able to play at this level of hockey, and have parents who can support him, yes, and for that he should be grateful, because not all kids will get this opportunity. Will this medal collect dust along with all the other golds and silvers, yes it will, but the memories, friendships, attitude and effort, that’s what continues through life, and that’s what I will continue to encourage. Do what you love, even when mom sounds crazy in the stands. #proudmama #springhockey #raisingkidsright #attitude #effort #discipline #fun

Watched The Greatest Showman with the kiddos this weekend and this quote appeared at the end of the movie. Simple yet powerful and this is the message we are trying to teach our Giving Artfully Kids classes.
Send me a message if you’re interested in bringing a Giving Artfully Kids program to your community. #givingartfullykids #ptbarnum #thegreatestshowman

Oh the adventures we've had... Keep em' exploring. #natureboy #raisingkidsright

Proper #hoodoofamilylove afternoon going on today, at the Brewery Tap, Idle. Missing a few people, but next time!
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This morning’s sermon was so perfect. And was exactly what I needed to hear today. Our world needs more love - the right kind of love💗
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Neighbor Love! ❤ Aren't they cute? So grateful for some "play outside weather" for a change!

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