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Hunting for surf in howling winds. Early to rise for a 4am call to get to @chrisbertish as he is within 30 NM of the coast of Antigua after 93 days at sea. #epic #thesupcrossing #legend #worldrecord #raisingfundsforcharity ...
http://thesupcrossing.com to support his charities

2017 Tunarama Quest Entrants Announced. #Tunarama, #Port Lincoln, #Eyre Peninsula, #Festival, #raisingfundsforcharity,

Found Some super cute girls in Oceanside this morning #scuh2schichallenge#raisingfundsforcharity#❤️❤️❤️

This cruel world needs a little bit more benevolence. :)
#raisingfundsforcharity #debraireland #UCDMedSoc #UCDMedDay #UCDMedDay2015

Oops so no this is not knitting or crochet but this is what I mainly do, sewing. Over on the group page we voted as too what charities we would try and fundraise for over the year for the first quarter it is @support.macmillancancer 👍🏻 I am making some items suitable for you #yarnaddicts and hopefully sell them to raise money for the charity so will keep you posted 😊#sewingforcharity #raisingfundsforcharity #sixtymilliontrebles #yarnaddicts


Well done to these troopers for finishing the Scottburgh to Brighton on the new Vortex fishing skis and catching a 15kg tuna #scottburghtobrighton #fishingski #myman #soproud #Vortex #halcolures #lettielovefund #raisingfundsforcharity #welldone #soproud #tuna

JustDesserts By Aminah is proud to support The North London Big Iftar. All proceeds from our donated bakes will go towards this great cause. Raising funds for action against hunger in Yemen. Please come tomorrow and buy our cakes # northlondonbigiftar #justdessertsbyaminah #bakingcakes #bakingcakesforcharity #raisingfundsforcharity #yemen #actionagainsthunger #mysupport #everylittlehelps #wecanalldoourbit #

Assalamualaikum dan selamat bersahur semua. Alhamdulillah kami sudah menyampaikan amanat orang ramai yg menderma. Mulanya abang ni hanya memerlukan 'chamber' alat utk anak kecil beliau yg menghidapi penyakit asma. Kami sertakan sekali 'box ramadhan' kpd keluarga beliau. Bukan niat nak menunjuk tp hanya sampaikan sebahagian dr amanat org ramai yg bersedekah. Sesiapa yg memerlukan juga 'box ramadhan' jangan segan silu,pm kami. Dan sesiapa yg ingin menyumbang dr segi wang mahupun pakaian, juga blh pm kami. Selamat beramal dan selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan al mubarak utk semua ☺️ #seekingheavenkl #ramadhan #ramadhanhappybox #raisingfundsforcharity

Found Some super cute girls in Oceanside this morning #scuh2schichallenge#raisingfundsforcharity#❤️❤️❤️

Local RnB line dancers entertaining the crowd at our Ella's annual fundraising event as part of the Hither Green Festival.

A refreshing cool drink on a hot day at our annual fundraising event donated by Tesco Catford which raised over £200 for Ella's charity. Thank you everyone that came to support us.

Setting up the drinks stall for a hot day, with tea and coffee. The cakes were donated by the community. The Pimms and strawberries were donated by our local Tesco store in Catford. The beer was donated by @jossptaylor

Ella's foundation has 2 major fundraising events each year both of events are about bringing our community together and raising awareness of the work the foundation does throughout the year. Our fundraising event in May is as part of the Hither Green festival which takes place in May every year. The Foundation is a small local charity and we rely on donations and the support of local people to keep ourselves out there. Here Jo (right) Ella's swimming teacher who played such a major role in her life to keep her lungs going and Mrs C (twins God mother) who is ever present and such a positive role model in their lives help to raise funds on Sunday at the finale of the Hither Green Festival.

A @marydss_ já deu o recado, hein!!! Amanhã terá a venda de bolos e palhas italianas a partir de 12h em frente ao MASP na Avenida Paulista!

Não percam!

#fazerobem #amor #raisingfundsforcharity #rapunzelsolidaria #FIAP #CozinhaSolidária #SoulSolidária

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