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Did you set a family or personal New Year's goal? How is it going so far? If you're anything like us, it's been a bit of a challenge. I love these words @marycarver shared on our blog today: "Running the race with family goals - whether that means daily devotions with your children, eating dinner together more frequently, holding your tongue when you want to yell, or going to church on a regular basis - isn’t easy. But God will give us strength to keep going." When you're feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, remember He is your strength in your weakness. We don't have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and muster it up on our own. We don't have to try harder. Let's fall into the rhythms of His grace and let Him renew our strength to continue the race set before us.

@fruitfullkids plates. Non-breakable BPA-free plates with inspiring scripture on the border. $6.95 for one or $19.95 for a set of (3). #RaisingChristianKids #kidmeals #scriptureplates #dinnertime

“When I see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth.””
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭9:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬. Had so much fun sharing this promise with Hannah last night after the storm! #toddlerlife #godwins #nofilter #rockfishvalley #raisingchristiankids

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. Isaiah 9:6 #christmastime #kjv #bibleverse

"Jesus said it's not time to clean up toys." "Me and Daddy and Jesus say it's not fair to clean up toys." #raisingchristiankids #heknowsmyweakness

I have often shared with mothers my SECRET to not becoming EXASPERATED in my mothering as ...
Filling up my days with kind words of affirmation MORE than words of correction or criticism. .
Moms, you have to fill those relational love tanks in order to have productive truth-telling moments of correction. If you are CONSTANTLY ragging on their behavior you will EXASPERATE your child. Believe me, I know! And the Bible warns us parents {Col. 3:21 & Eph. 6:4} about the consequences of that! .
Parents can be well intentioned, teaching Scripture, offering instruction, providing every physical need, BUT if they FAIL to affirm or commend their child when it is appropriate, their children MAY TUNE OUT the TRUTH.
This may seem simple, but this practice alone is one that MANY parents miss. And it can literally be the make it or break it relationship puzzle piece. .
Plus, the more you can find to be thankful in your kids, the better your attitude will be, and the better the atmosphere in your home will be.
So say something nice to your child, who was made in God’s image. I’m sure there is something worth commending or affirming. Praise God for the growth he is producing, no matter how small!
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My son's first-ever rock concert. It was a wonderful loud night! @soulglowactivatur @capitalkingsmusic @visiong12

🙌🏾🙏🏾An everyday struggle as this generation has their work cut out for them 😎🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾#akinkagl #raisingthemright #raisingagirl #raisingchristiankids

"The Shrine Has Grown Old" is in the blog. Click on the link in my profile. Correction should be given carefully, but so should compliments. When our children see us put confidence in their flesh, they will inevitably be disappointed when their flesh fails, as it will time and time again... #raisingchristiankids #noconfidenceintheflesh #christianparenting


Now through Christmas we're offering the whole @Whatsinthebible DVD series for only $99 - plus free US shipping!

Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, and the Parable of the Talents. These are 3 Bible Stories that can help you teach your kid what it means to be faithful. Our friend Jess (@gatherandgrowco) is sharing conversation topics and tips for teaching your kids #jellytellyparents! (link in profile)

How did St. Nicholas turn into Santa Claus? Our friends from @Whatsinthebible will help answer this question in today's #5minfamdevo! (link in profile)

Have you and your family spent time memorizing Scripture? I've been reminded recently of how impactful it can be. On JellyTelly Parents, our guest author Anne Marie has pulled together 5 wonderful passage to share together to unpack the richness of Jesus' birth this Christmas. Maybe you can choose a verse or two to memorize with your kids, so they can reflect on the story throughout this Christmas season. Let us know which you choose! We'd love to encourage you! (link in profile)

Travel back to 300 AD with the What’s in the Bible? Crew to discover who Saint Nicholas was and discuss how you can be generous as a family with today’s #5minfamdevo! (link in profile)

So... I purchased my 6 & 5 year old daughters this Prayer Journal as a Christmas gift! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to start using it with them. My plan is to sit down with them every Saturday or Sunday night and help them fill it. That way it should last 2 years!
The bible says we should ““Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬ I’ll always do my best to keep them on track! C.G

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🙌🏾🙏🏾An everyday struggle as this generation has their work cut out for them 😎🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾#akinkagl #raisingthemright #raisingagirl #raisingchristiankids

Learn how Christmas trees can beautifully point us to Jesus in today’s BIg Questions About Christmas #5minfamdevo. (link in profile)

Have you been sharing the Christmas #5minfamdevo with your family? What have you learned so far? Today's will answer the Big Question: When was Jesus born? (link in profile)

Is anyone else as eager for Christmas as me?! 🤣😆 Whilst I don’t buy into the money making part of Christmas... For me I love the Family time! The joy on children’s faces when they see a pretty tree! In my household I also use it as a time for teaching my children gratitude and to be content and thankful for a warm and loving home! I Get my children 1 item they have shown a lot of interest in over the whole year! I then get them to write a note how thankful they are for the people they have had in their lives and how they blessed them this year!
How do you do Christmas? #ukchristians #ukwives #christmastree #christmas #love #familytime #blessings #grateful #gratitude #thankful #family #christmas2017 #cantwaittoseefamily #daughters #mummyof4 #teachchildrenfamilyvalues #gratefulchildren #raisingchristiankids

Who is Julius I and what does he have to do with the celebration of Jesus’ birth? Watch the today's Big Questions About Christmas #5minfamdevo with your family to find out! (link in profile)

Today begins the official countdown...2017 Advent ready for when the kiddos wake #christianbook #allthingschristian #christmas2017 #heisthereason #happybirthdayjesus #raisingchristiankids #christianmomma #homeschoollife

How cute is this homemade advent calendar on my wall? I am so exited to start the advent season tomorrow with my little man. Check out my IG story today for details on how you can make one for your home as well!

This came last night, and like a true homeschooling momma who loves tea time with her kiddos, I'm super excited to pack a few of these within the tea cups I picked out for each of us and place into everyone's stockings! #christianbook #everythingchristian #stockingstufferidea #charolettemasoninspired #specialfind #raisingchristiankids #christianmomma #homeschoollife #christmas2017

"Christmas" is a combination of "Christ's Mass," which was the traditional church service to celebrate Jesus' birth. Learn more about it from Clive and Ian in today's #5minfamdevo! We'd love to hear what your kids think of the song!

I (Ashley) am trying out some honest diapers for Caleb Man. We have been having trouble getting him to not leak in other diapers. We are giving these diapers a try from a Black Friday special. They are supposed to be the best on the market. #stillnessinmotherhood #biblicalparenting #biblemoms #christianparenting #christianmoms #honestdiapers #motherhood #biblebased #jesus #mindfulness #bestill #mindfulnessforkids #moms #raisingchildren #raisingchristiankids

Sometimes it can feel like Jesus Christmas and Santa Christmas are two totally different holidays. Thankfully we have @whatsinthebible's Buck Denver & Friends to guide our families through the meaning of Jesus’ birth and all of the Christmas traditions this Christmas season, beginning today!

Sign up to receive the family video devotionals free to your email over the next 4 weeks (link in profile)! #5minfamdevo

Looking for a devotional for your family this Christmas? Join us over the next 4 weeks as we unwrap the meaning of Christmas and discover our favorite traditions can point us to Jesus with video clips, discussion questions, prayer prompts, free activities, and more! Sign up to receive them for free by email.(link in profile) #5minfamdevo

Looking for a little help explaining Advent to your kids? We've rounded up 4 short videos for our favorite shows to inspire your kids about the upcoming Advent season (link in profile). We'd love to hear if you have found any other resources that helps you explain Advent to your family!

Went on a date with my three boys to see, "The Star." I encourage everyone to take your children as a family to see this movie. I took time after the movie to explain to my little ones this is the true Reason for the Season.#GodissoGood #RaisingChristiankids

Your kids will love singing along with the fun music videos from God Rocks! now streaming on JellyTelly! As they sing, they'll be hiding God’s word in their heart, and learning things like:

God loves you very much (Did You Know, Freckle, God So Loved the World)
God is Good (The Lord is Good)
Have faith (If You Have Faith, Little Bit of Faith)
Be strong in the LORD! (Be Strong, Do Not Fear, Take Your Stand)

Check out some preview clips featuring the God Rocks gang and watch all 20 music videos on JellyTelly today! We’ll be adding more soon! (link in profile)

That moment when you realize your child stares intently at your face... she gauges your feelings, she hopes for affirmation, and her next and every move depends on your opinion of right or wrong. Then you realize you can't just slack and be at ease in life. Because there's this beautiful human being God has blessed you with, who depends on you. Yes, there's a life that depends on you... so it's either you craftfully teach right and wrong; or teach her about Jesus and let her decision of right or wrong be according on His Word. Your choice. Our choice. 🙏Live through me everyday, Lord. Parent with me. Help me disciple my child. Amen.


Mothers, let us teach our daughters to be strong but not rude; to be kind but not weak; to be humble but not timid; to be proud but not arrogant... and most importantly, to have faith in God and spread His fragrant love throughout the jungle that is out there. 👯💗🌹🌞 #itsajungleoutthere

"Prayers against bad dreams are a part of our nightly before bed prayer routine. Both of my children pray earnestly for the Lord to help them have, 'No bad dreams, only good dreams.' My first-grader has even been known to purposely keep himself from falling asleep so he won’t even stand the chance of having a nightmare. This is the reality around our home.

Everything within my mama heart wishes there existed some magic elixir spritz that we could spray around my children’s rooms and that would inoculate their imaginations from any sort of unpleasantness while they sleep. If you find it or invent it, please PM me.

Until then, here are a handful of helpful habits we have employed around our home that have hopefully aided in easing a bit of the fearfulness that seems to surface around 8:00 pm every night." - Sarah Rieke, How to Encourage Your Kids When They Are Scared or Anxious; Continue reading on JellyTelly Parents (link in profile)

When Mary helps you do your Bible story for the day... #homeschoollookslikethis #sonlight #raisingchristiankids

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be Something you do, but someone you raise. -Andy Stanley

#RaisingChristianKids #mommyof4 #CatholicMom #Christian #momlife #Catholic #scarlettphyllis💕 #anali

This week we’re excited to add both God Rocks! Animated Series and God Rocks! Parable Playhouse to the JellyTelly catalog! Your kids will learn Biblical truths such as what it means to be strong in the Lord, obey God’s Word, and to serve God’s people through this fun series filled with original music! Check out this preview clip and learn more about the new series on the blog (link in profile).

#AllSaintsDay is the perfect day to watch Torchlighters with your family. Each episode depicts the true stories of heroes of the Christian faith, the sacrifices they made, and how their sacrifices impacted the world we live in today. Start streaming the series in English and Spanish today! (link in profile)

A Note for Parents: We suggest these episodes for children ages 8 and up, and encourage parents to watch along with their children and talk through the historical facts and consequences of following God

Mamas, the work you put into raising your kids to know Jesus matters. Never doubt this.

It's raining...
It's Saturday...
You are on your 10th YouTube video...
Add this one to your down time.
The newest #LetsTalk video is up and we are are talking about #RaisingPastorsKids
Let's have an awesome convo :)
(Link to channel in bio)
Ttys #raisingchristiankids #raisingchristiankids #Parenting #parentingTips #kids #mom #dad #church #Christian

It's been a bit of a rough week for us. But I thank God for clarity the ability to see past the situation.

Have you ever noticed the more determined you are to dig deep, the more resistance you face from the devil? It's how I've learn to determine if I'm on the right path or not.

The enemy is a lousy hater, y'all!! If you feel God calling you and you're respons is "yes, Lord I'm coming ", best believe you've become a prime target. Don't let the enemy distract you from your destiny, and don't let the enemy use your family against you. Fight back, open the Word, put on your whole armor & stay in prayer!

Jesus saith "I am the way".
#christianblogger #john146 #showlove #Godisgood

I awoke to angels in my bed 💫💖

SO PROUD OF MY LITTLE ONE. I wish Momma & Daddy could see what their little granddaughter is accomplishing. #raisingchristiankids

"Want to see a group of Christians become divided? Bring up the topic of Halloween. Those on both sides of the aisle are passionate about their views. While I can see points from both, I believe that Halloween can be an opportunity to share God's love with your children and those around you.”
On JellyTelly Parents, @abcjlm is sharing 4 wonderful ways we can shine the light of Jesus during this holiday season (link in profile > menu > blog).
We’d love to hear if there are ways your family or church has used this time of year to share the Gospel!

Looking for a fun way to teach your preschoolers about the Bible? You'll love the new series Two by 2 on @JellyTelly! This Australian series was created by the original Yellow Wiggle - Greg Page - who brought together his background in interactive entertainment with his faith to produce the series. The show features Chris, Tanika, Luke and Gemma as they share God’s word in song, dance, games, and more! Every episode focuses on messages straight from the Bible and what we can learn from them. Along the way kids will learn their ABCs and numbers too! Start streaming the series and other Christian shows today (link in profile)

#soulfulsaturday In a world full of negative energy, hate and crime it's sooo nice to hear words of faith, happiness and love in all of Matthew West's songs.🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼 WJTS91.9 family .
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Kiddos playing after JAM tonight. Obviously M was not having as much fun as everyone else....
#girlattitudes #momof4 #raisingchristiankids

🌸🌿"God is within her, she will not fall."-Psalm 46:5💜 Who would have guessed that when I snapped this quick photo over 23 years ago that it would become a treasure, framed next to my bed?🌱These three daughters are my soul, my heart, my joy! ✨ As I lay my head on my pillow each evening and pray for each of them individually, I look at this little photo and think about the darling little girls that they once were and the astonishingly brilliant women that they've grown to be! 🙏 I truly have such complete faith in each one of them, the journeys they are on, and the purposeful lives that they are living.🌸 It is truly a complete act of faith for each of us, as mothers and fathers, to send our children out the door each day.💕 Whether it is to their first day of kindergarten, the first time they drive the family car alone with their brand new license, or the day we walk them down the aisle, the faith we have in them must be unwavering. 🌿✨And the only way we can do that, with peace in our hearts, is with the full knowledge that Jesus is within them.🙏 He will guide them and guard them and the fact that He loves them even more than we do… well, I will never be able to fully wrap my mind around that grace!✨🙏May God continue to bless my children, and my children's children.✨💜💙 #parenting #godsgrace #graceupongrace #godblessmychildren #parentingteens #parentingadultchildren #faithfilledparenting #raisingdaughters #raisingchristiankids #psalm46:5 #psalm465 #scripturesforparents #grandparents #grandparentsofinstagram #daughters #mercyandgrace #mimilove #forthechildrenco

“It’s not our job to toughen up our children to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.” How do we do this? How do we raise our kids to shine the hope and light of Jesus in the broken world surrounding us? How do we raise them to not deflate from discouragement?

Our friend, Christine, is sharing an absolutely beautiful and timely blog today, "How to Empower Our Kids to Face Hard Things.” Please take 5 minutes to read it and share your thoughts. (link in profile > menu > blog)

"Our God can do anything. I truly believe it. I want my son to believe it. I want him to ask his great God, with all sincerity and faith, to perform big, unthinkable miracles all throughout his life. But I also want him to have the wherewithal and tenacity to know, just as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did, that sometimes faith is most decidedly itself in the little space where lies, 'Even if He does not ...' Even if He does not, we will be faithful.

Even if He does not, we will believe He is able.

Even if He does not, He is still good." If your family is being impacted by the hurricanes, we're praying for you. These beautiful words from @Sarah Rieke are for you.

Continue reading --> link in profile > menu > blog

I cannot tell you how proud and blessed I am to be their mom. At 12 years of age, they are witty, compassionate, caring, loving, strong, giving, intelligent, hard working, trustworthy, and have strong character, morals, and integrity. I am blessed beyond measure to call these two my sons.
#boymom #boysoffall #footballmom #raisingchristiankids #raisingwarriors #christfollowers

Hey, mamas. All the ways you're pointing your kids to Jesus matters more than you could know. Thank you!

Standing up on everything these days! ❤️ Look at those little sandals! 😍 #octoberbaby #cosleepingfamily

"As neo-Nazis and alt-right activists marched around Charlottesville, VA this week and their images were juxtaposed against counter-protesters, one of whom was violently killed, I felt the weight of what was happening in a new way. I saw my daughter playing out of the corner of my eye, and I wondered how do I talk to her about this? What do I say? How do I show her and tell her that Jesus is the only answer to the brokenness of this world, and that Gospel-centered reconciliation is a necessity?

As Christian parents, we can’t always turn off the news. We can’t pretend racism, violence, or our country’s history don’t exist. Instead, our call is to have hard conversations that don’t hide the truth, that honor God, that point to him as the ultimate authority in heaven and on earth, and that are filled with prayers for our country and for all of God’s people." On JellyTelly Parents, our Director of Content has rounded up a helpful list of places to start - conversations, books, ideas and more - to talk to your kids about Charlottesville and beyond. Click link in profile > menu > blog to dive in.

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