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I’ve heard it said before, “it takes a village to raise a child.”
This could not be farther from the truth!
However I’ve seen this true in more than just raising children.
It doesn’t matter if you are starting a business, raising your furbabies, or transitioning into a new phase of life, it takes a community of people helping you, supporting you, and encouraging you.
While I was flying home this weekend there was a mother who had a one-year-old little girl that was just struggling. Her baby was tired and I know I can’t sleep on an airplane so I don’t blame the baby at all. But amazing things happened in that moment. The flight attendant offered to walk the baby girl up and down the aircraft well the mom got all of the snacks and the toys put away. Then when that wasn’t working out, the lady sitting next to me across the aisle from this mother offered to help as well.
I know that when my baby is screaming on an airplane I get warm, tense, and frustrated. I can see how that’s not the greatest environment for sleep.
This fellow mama took that baby gently rocked her and guess what? Yes you guessed it, this baby girl fell right asleep. And let me tell you that mama was super thankful. But how cool right?! A community of moms who don’t know each other surrounding themselves to help this baby go to sleep!
In my business building journey my family, my spouse, my extended family, and friends have been there helping me along and without that community I wouldn’t be where I am.
I was gone last week for the military and let me tell you if I didn’t have that same community surrounding and supporting and helping me the same would apply!
Who is your community? Who’s in your village? Who is your tribe? Tag them below! Give them a shout out because they sure deserve it!

When your skincare routine can double as a mask to chase your kids around with 😂... I love finding things with multiple uses, makes me feel like I’m winning at life 🙌🏻! #redefinedailycleansingmask

#nationalhusbandappreciationday - yep apparently that’s a thing. Any excuse to celebrate my partner in crime.
We met when we were 1️⃣2️⃣. First day of 6th grade.
We were friends - then we weren’t - then we were again.
We reconnected when I was in college. We were friends again.
I left the country to study abroad 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 .
We met at our friend’s swim meet the summer I got back.
Went to Wienerschnitzle.
Dated long distance my last year of college.
I moved back home and 14 yrs, 12 yrs of marriage, and 2 kids later... here we are!
@chadrbris you are the lime to vodka cranberry 💜 you!!!
📷: @krichele.allison

💜 Sock Hop 🎶 50’s Style Father/Daughter Dance! .
She was so excited! She’s a total Daddy’s Girl and I hope she always will be!!! 💜

Havana good time 🌴

I look away for 2 secs... 🤷🏼‍♀️

Because daddy is home and The Letter Factory by @leapfrogofficial is life right now 🙌🏻 “The A says Aaaaa” .
I do have to say that he knows all of his letters and sounds and I’m pretty sure it’s all because of that video 😂👌🏻 #winningatthismomthing

I mean ... Rp @mrscast6 @sarcasm_only

Our life isn’t perfect - our relationship is volatile at times - mostly because she’s as stubborn and persistent as I am - but I do enjoy the moments she cracks me up and we giggle before she drives me bonkers with her exhausted wines and back talk 😂
Around 8 o clock at night, when Chad is on duty, I remember why I like wine 🍷 .
📷 : @krichele.allison

47 hours is the average number of hours an American adult works at their full time job. That is the equivalent to working nearly 6 days a week. Now add in commute times, the part time job we have to add in because our salary just isn’t cutting it, and the time you spend running kids to and from daycare before and after work. When are we living?This statistic hurts my heart 🖤. We spend more time working for the job that pays for the house that we are barely in than we do living in it. We spend more time working for the pay check that pays for the gas to drive to and from our jobs than we do making memories with our kids or even just living for US. The bottom line? <<<We work to live while we long to live>>> But wait? Isn’t that the American Dream? or is it? For me, this wasn’t the dream. I wanted a way to support my family without sacrificing it. I knew that I was a hard worker and that there was money to be made, but I was just going through the motions... working 6 days a week and watching my children’s baby and toddler years quickly pass me by. When I decided enough was enough, when I decided to take control of my income and my time... that’s when life changed. So today, as I enjoy “Lap Sit” at the Library with my two year old son, I am thankful that I was give the opportunity to be in control of my life, my heart bursts with joy for my friends and business partners who are enjoying this same commodity and my heart aches for the momma out there who shed tears when they dropped their child at daycare this morning and for the mom who will miss their sons basketball game, soccer practice or recital because they are working... working for the paycheck to pay for those exact activities. Enough is enough, my friends. YOU are your own hero and guess what? Time Freedom does exist. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not a scam. It takes hard work, grit, and a whole lot of faith...but women and men all over this country and taking back their lives and taking back their time. I’m here to tell you, I’m here to show you. THIS is possible. All you have to do is choose freedom.

So grateful for my mom! She does a lot for me and my family. She’s one of my best friends, favorite wine-drinking partner, and fellow travel-junkie! She’s the best!

when you hear what others have to say about you 😍😍😍 sometimes you need to take a second and write your own bio. when is the last time you have done that? •

“Strong mother of two and woman of faith. Like most of us, she didn't come from the financial industry - in fact she practiced divorce in family law which fueled her desire to prevent the number one cause of divorce... financial hardship. In the business for less than a year and a natural born leader who's been building BIG since day one.... please help me welcome Ms.Jeh-Nahhh Heh-rare-uhhhhh. *bidi bidi bom bom starts playing “

“Jenna is a single mother of two who took control of her finances and time with the WFG opportunity. She is on fire for God, her daughters and her business, in that order. Her passion is to help other moms realize that they too can take back control of their life through the same opportunity she was blessed with “

“She's a loving mother of two. One of the fiercest business women I know. She's just the right amount of crazy for this business”

#raisingBusinessesAndBabies #momBoss

🌟Hard to believe that almost a year ago I said goodbye to teaching.
🌟That 3.5 years ago I decided to do something “unconventional” to say the least.
🌟I decided that I was captain of my own ship 🚢 and “why not me?”
🌟I’ve been able to watch people become the best versions of themselves who have started well before me and well after me.
🌟Now, I get to celebrate being a part of the Number 1 skincare company in all North America 🇺🇸 + 🇨🇦 .
🌟Cheers to so much more to come!!!
🌟And why not you, too?

#SundayFunday with my bunch. Had an awesome morning at church listening to @lee.strobel and his story 🙌🏻 . He spent 2 years researching Jesus in order to disprove the resurrection as an agnostic and ended up becoming a believer based on the evidence he found.

Sorry for any shipping delays! This little 😇 decided to arrive a bit early. All orders will be shipped tomorrow! ❤️ #bloom #womanowned #skincarebiz #businesswoman #momlife #mompreneur #raisingbusinessesandbabies #newaddition #futureceo

Someone to deal with your nonsense. 🌙
Someone to keep you grounded. 🌙
Someone who lets you run towards your dreams like you’re chasing a butterfly 🦋 🌙
Someone who doesn’t look at you like your insane when you are pacing the room, ecstatic on how you are going to change your lives. 🌙

Someone who trusts you enough to support the “ABSOLUTELY ABSURD “ plans you have. •

Get you someone like that.
Then marry them.
Have a couple kids and all the dogs.
Get you a #Gerald

Travel with them. •
Get lost with them •
Get mad at them •
Forgive them

Have as much fun as you can with them

Then make sappy love posts about them when they support your ambitions and help you Perfect your talents. 💛

That might be the secret to this whole marriage thing. •

#orMaybeBecauseICanCook #whoKnows #WhoAreWeKidding #GeraldStoleTheShow #corgisofinstagram #corgibutt #sirgerald #corgiPuppy #newMac #iMac #ambitious #goalDriven #theclimb #KEG_unscripted #BeautifulPhoenix #raisingbusinessesandbabies #LeveledUp #NewGame #IllWinThisOneToo

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I Love Writing letters to my boys,Here is my next one.
My Dearest Boys
As one travels ones mind opens and one realizes the value of people.
The value of people living their authentic life and how we as imposters in their home are able to accept, respect and appreciate them.
We emerge ourselves in their culture, accepting without terms and conditions yet back home terms and conditions for how we accept our fellow citizens kick in.
My wish for you as your mom is that I am able to teach you to love, appreciate and respect without any terms.
To emerge yourself in the cultures and traditions of others knowing that this is not an infringement on your own beliefs or the beliefs you have been taught but rather a sign of respect for the people who’s lives we are imposing on while we visit their home.
My boys , start in your own home, with the people and cultures we get on our daily path.
Ask questions, listen to their stories, learn phrases of their languages, shake their hands and give them hugs.
This prepares you so that one day when you step in to the world and home of someone else you are able to fully experience , appreciate and respect their culture with zero terms or conditions.
With this you my boys you will grow into strong men, with an understanding of true acceptance and respect and in the future you will raise children with the same understanding and this my Darling boys the world so desperately needs.
I Love You


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