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@kennyg shares helpful tips on success with @wurrlyedu 🎤 🎵🎷 What does it take to "make it" in the business world? Hard work.
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About a year ago I was sexually assaulted on my train ride from school. I shared my story with @hannahbelle.michelle, who is sharing the stories of women and giving us all a voice. Head over to her page and if you'd like, share your story. ❤️
“About a year ago I was traveling home from NYC on the LIRR and I sat down by myself in a two seat. I looked up and accidentally made eye contact with a man (maybe early 30s?) who quickly rushed through the aisle to grab the seat next to me. There were PLENTY of empty seats around, so I definitely found this suspicious but...I let it go. A few minutes later this man fell "asleep" but his right hand kept wandering onto my legs and getting increasingly closer to my vagina.
I felt really embarrassed and extremely nervous, but I thought maybe he was asleep and really had no idea that his hand was in an extremely inappropriate place. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt...sometimes I feel as women we are SUPPOSED to give men the benefit of the doubt...but I kept convincing myself that what he was doing wasn't deliberate.
I pushed his hand to the side and he didn't even budge. I stared to panic that maybe he wasn't really sleeping after all. A few minutes later his hand wandered in between my legs AGAIN and I started to panic. I didn't know what to do, he was a big guy and I didn't want to cause a scene. His hand was on my left thigh, then slowly kept moving until it was directly between my legs. My face was red and my blood was RUSHING!! I was really freaking out. I felt so vulnerable and stupid...I saw a man across from me giving me a strange look and I wish he would’ve said something. I pushed his hand away AGAIN and he didn't budge.
I didn't get up to move my seat because I felt so scared and froze. I was trying to process what had happened but I was just in shock. A few stops later the guy got up and walked off the train...he didn't even look at me. I just keep remembering that moment we accidentally made eye contact and this scary smirk he had on his face. I was sexually assaulted on my way home from school and UGH I could scream thinking about it.” - Maria .
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Ghar ka azakhana. The commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.) is a reminder to always raise one’s voice against oppression and tyranny. His struggle in his last few days was meant to send across the message that one should never submit to unjustified and oppressive power and oppose it as well as strive against it till one’s last breath. Muharram is not a celebration, it is a mourning and remembrance of the many sacrifices of the Prophet’s grandson, Imam Hussain, and his family (including that of his children). .
“If you neither believe in religion nor fear the hereafter, at least be free from tyranny and arrogance.”
“Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves.”
“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”
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Your voice matters. ✨ (Quote: Mahatma Gandhi)

There has been a surge in hate violence against South Asians and other minority communities post 2016 presidential election.
85% of hate incidents were motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment.
63% of women targeted wore hijab or head scarf.
Trump, a Trump administration policy, or a Trump campaign slogan was referenced in 1 of every 5 hate incidents.
To support @sapnanyc and @wearemalikah in bringing a self-defense workshop to Muslim women in the Bronx, donate to Sapna NYC: http://sapnanyc.org/donate/ (link in bio)
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Source & 📷: SAALT - Communities on Fire

🔸️One of my core beliefs is the Abandonment core belief, which lives side to side with my Emotional Deprivation core belief.
🔸️What does that mean? It means that deep down I believe that no matter what I do everybody is going to abandon me. And if that gave me some difficulties related to sentimental relationships, it really gave me an hard time as a mom, since that core belief applies to everybody, my daughter included.
🔸️It means that if something happens between me and her, if she gets upset at me or the opposite, the first thing my mind goes to is "she is going to run away from me as soon as she will be able", "she is going to ask me to go live with her father instead that with me", and thoughts similar to these.
🔸️We cannot get rid of our core beliefs, because they are part of our programming, but we can find ways to manage them. 🔸️Except catching myself thinking negative thoughts and reframe them so that they are neutral or positive, I found useful to tell myself that I am trying, that I am doing the best that I can and she will understand that. That "I am willing" and that is enough, because perfection doesn't exist.
🔸️I hope this helps someone out there, as it helped me thinking about it today.
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(English below)

Tierbefreiung = Befreiung der Menschen = Befreiung der Erde 🌳 Obwohl Liberation Essen auf Speziesismus/die Unterdrückung der nicht-menschlichen Tiere fokussiert ist, ist uns sehr bewusst, dass alle Formen der Unterdrückung und Zerstörung in dieser Welt Hand in Hand gehen.

Deshalb haben wir am Dienstag eine große Demo organisiert für den Schutz des Hambacher Forsts, einen 12000 Jahre alter Urwald und das Zuhause vieler Tierspezies, den RWE zur Braunkohlegewinnung (weiter) abholzen will. Das alles passiert in Buir hinter Köln und damit in direkter Nähe zu unserer Essener Gruppe.

Das Event am Dienstag war unser größtes bisher mit über 200 Menschen, die zusammengekommen sind, um mit uns gegen RWE zu protestieren. Die Menschen sind traurig und wütend darüber, was unserer Erde und seinen Bewohnern angetan wird. Nächste Woche sind wir wieder dort! 💚

Braunkohleabbau gehört genauso in die Vergangenheit wie die "Nutz"tierhaltung. Daher sagen wir, in Solidarität mit der Aktivistenbesetzung im Hambacher Forst,

Animal Liberation = Human Liberation = Earth Liberation 🌳 Although Liberation Essen is primarily focused on speciesism/non-human animal oppression, we are very aware that all kinds of oppression and destruction on this planet are interconnected. This is why, on Tuesday, we organised a huge protest for the protection of the Hambacher Forst, a 12000 year old ancient forest and home to many species of animals which is currently being cut down for brown coal mining by global energy company RWE. This is happening just outside of Cologne, so close to where our group is based.

Tuesday turned out to be our biggest event so far with over 200 people coming together to protest. People are upset and angry about what's being done to our planet and its inhabitants - rightfully so. We'll be back next week! 💚

Coal mining is just as outdated as animal agriculture.
So in solidarity with the activist occupation in the Hambacher Forst,


Our newest staff member @elsielo is excited that we are featuring the latest book of her friend and mentor, @mskathykhang, entitled #RaiseYourVoice, at the Regent Bookstore! @regentbooks @ivpress

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