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Angel Blessings, Stacie Overman #inspiration #manifestation #lawofattraction #abundance #magic

Feelin a lil wild this Wednesday... you can too cause we’re back! Yoga every Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am @thereefanguilla $20
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Classes Back On next week! ❤ I have been dreaming of this opportunity for 2 years and here it is manifested and I am so very grateful.. Thank you for the love and support I have felt.. It has truly lifted me 🙏 Class schedule!
Monday-Mommy & Me yoga age 0-2 6-6:45 $5
Tuesday- Little Berries yoga
age 3-5 6-6:45 $5
Thursday- Tween yoga
age 11-16 $5
Sunday- Berri Kids yoga
age 6-10 $5
Starting this journey with you all.. Can't wait to see where we go 🌈✌ #yogaforkids #yogakids #yogamom #kidsyogaclass #sarasotachildrensyoga #kidsyoga #kidsloveyoga #sarasotachildrensyoga #startarevolution #peacebeginswithyouandme #rainbowchildren #indigofairy #kerriberrikidsyoga #raisethevibration

Raise the vibration.

All about that pause.
🍁 I see.
🎶 I listen.
🌻 I feel.
😋 I taste.
✨ I am.
#worldkindnessconfetti #hitpause #enjoythelittlethings #yogilife #mindbodysoul #motherearth #highvibes #raisethevibration #collectiveconsciousness

You are in control of your own reality. This means that the reason you are where you are right now lies in your own perception, thoughts, words, and actions. You are the only one affecting you. How can you change those things to make your situation one that you actually want to be in?

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We all struggle with our #ego but as soon as we learn to accept it and acknowledge it, we can start working and living with our #soul 🙏🏽😍 #egovssoul

Self care comes first... ♥️

The Schumann Resonance is the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth. It has remained steady at 7.83Hz… this is also the vibration of the sacred mantra of creation Ohm. In recent years, this frequency had been increasing!
We can now see– in quantifiable means– that the raising of our consciousness is affecting the frequencies of the Earth.
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• || S a c r e d & D i v i n e || •
When body, heart and soul is fully aligned there is a brilliant energy created in our lifes.
It's a beautiful, strong and vibrant power.
A divine creation of purest form.
Honor it.
Don't settle for less. Don't play it small.
Never give away your own power.
To other people or circumstances. To thoughts or ideas that doesn't serve you.
If any disturbance in flow, accept it, raise from it and let them pass as gentle as possible.
Step into your truths, walk with poise and be proud of your pure being and intention.
Some will never understand. Some can not comprehend, feel or see. Some will try to bring you down.

What you're made of. Who you truly are. What you can bring to the world. What path you choose.

Stay as clear as you can. Grow as much as needed. Do it with your all.

In a world when many has no room or patience for serious reflections or soul connections be so proud that you stand out.
With being the best of you, thinking the best for you and do what you can to apply your biggest visions you will be an inspirational light to this world.

A year from now you will be amazed by where you are. What you become.
Keep your mind, heart and manifestations set. Give it the beautiful energy of You.
Your temple. Your altar. Your spells.
Make some magic. [ B e Y o u ]

#beyou #bebrave #consciousness #creativity #mindset #heart #goodvibes #lawofattraction #freespirit #energy #raisethevibration #soul #mind #flow #highervibrations #positivity #balance #gratitude #enlightenment #passion #happiness #newbeginnings #soul #spirit #spirituality #universe #connection #explore #exploremore

❤️💗THIS IS 41.

I’ll be 41 years old next Monday.

I remember being 18 like it was yesterday. It is still one of the best summers of my life. That summer right before college. No responsibilities, just graduated high school, my father was still alive, I had a half-assed car that drove us to the Jersey shore without ever breaking down, a job at GAP kids making $9/ hour and a solid group of friends. That was a good summer.

But 41. It feels so crazy but so exhilarating. 41. That was old as fuck when I was 18.
Time has a way of shape shifting our perspective.

I went back to school for my master’s degree when I was 29.

I ran my first and only marathon at 31. It was in Paris because if you’re going to run a marathon...run it in Paris. It’s flat. It took me 6 hours.😂 It turned into a first date. But that’s a story for another day.

I had a 16 year career in corporate fashion.

I started a business at 36.

I got married at 39.

I wrote my first book when I was 40.

My mom got her driver’s license when she was 50.

She quit smoking cold turkey after 40 years of cigarettes when she was around 55.

She got her bachelors degree when she was 65.

We Spiegel women do things on our own time.

Given that, I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do next year or GOD willing, the 50 years after that.

But I do know one thing...the world better watch out because it’s gonna be pretty spectacular. And my cute husband and our cats will be somewhere nearby loving me up and rooting my crazy on (yes, our cats will live forever.) This, friends, is the face of ...almost 41.

What other lessons have you learned with age? Tell me all the things.

I ain’t getting any younger.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn. xx 📸@kazumisakurai

While your dreams may be crazy, giving up on them is crazier.⚡️
2 years ago, @ebrooke.w and I began the conversation of owning a yoga studio. We dreamt the colors, and name, the people who would come in, the merch we’d carry. Then, the dream started to become real. We were inching closer and closer to a dream realized. I panicked. I was in my shit. I remember telling Brooke “I’m afraid, we’re taking a huge leap. Risking almost everything financially, for something that has no proof.” And she just said to me “no dream ever has proof. The first of anything never has evidence. Trust.” And so here we are, 9 months later, still dealing in dreams, except now we’re living them. ⁣
Crazy enough to believe in our dream, but not so crazy as to give up on it. (PS. I get emotional just writing this, as I love every being in our collective, with my entire heart). #soulfirecollective #raisethevibration #lifecoaching #poweryoga

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