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I've never been more in love.💕 @henleygracehehner, you're mommy's everything.💗 Thanks, @people for being just as excited as we are to welcome our sweet baby girl.👶🏼🌈 Link to article in my bio. #MyGracieGirl #MyEverything

When the cat wants in on the action 🙈
Excuse the bed head... this is one from this morning. I'm so proud of my breastfeeding journey so far, today Raven has been weighed and she hasn't lost any weight since birth. I'm relieved as when you're boobin it's so hard to know if they are really getting enough food and nourishment. I feel incredibly fortunate as I really do know that when it comes to breastfeeding there is a certain amount of luck involved as to whether it is successful. Raven nursed immediately after birth and we had a lot of support at the hospital to make sure we were confident at home. There is such a huge push for bf but really there are so many factors as to whether a baby can be bf or not, and also a lot of guilt and shaming attached when it's not possible - which is just wasted emotion as far as I'm concerned. We all just want the best for our babies. I feel very proud that we are so far able to feed together, but the proudest moments are when I'm told my baby is healthy and thriving and that would be regardless of how we got there, boob or bottle.
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On the day that you were born the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue.... #handpickedforearth #hope #reggie #alfie #meadow #rainbowbaby

I dreamed of this moment for so long 🙏🏻 to hear that first cry, to feel such warm & soft skin against my own 👶🏼 Jude has well and truly blessed us with the most precious gift .... I wouldn't swap this feeling for the world 🌎 okay, maybe a little more sleep than 4 hours in 72 hours, but who's complaining 🤷🏽‍♀️ #rainbowbaby #rainbow #neonatalloss #infantloss #prematurebaby #premature #pregnant #pregnancy #35weekspregnant #35weeks

If you've added it up, we conceived this baby two weeks after we miscarried our first sweet baby. Yes, we knew the risks but we tried anyways. God is in complete control no matter what. So we waited until it had been 4 Saturday's since we miscarried before we tested. Jaime wanted to be home when I tested so we decided on Saturday, June 24th. I got up early to test, after waiting several minutes it didn't look like a second line was going to show, I left it on the counter, and I crawled back in bed. Jaime woke up and I let him know it was another no. Jaime got up maybe 15 minutes later to use the restroom and he yelled from the bathroom, "I thought you said you weren't pregnant?!"😱 I was like "I'm not!" "Well there's two lines!!" He brought the test into the room and lo and behold, there was the faintest second line!👶🏼💗💙
We took a digital test and it said 'Not Pregnant' so that threw us off. However, after learning how far along I actually was at my first ultrasound, I had only been 4w1d when we took a test. It's a miracle that it even showed that early. We were still cautious and didn't tell anyone until I was about 6 weeks. I took a test almost every other day to make sure the line was getting darker. With my miscarriage the line didn't get any darker after a certain point. We're so beyond thankful every day I have this life growing in me. Still doesn't even seem real. So I've been taking weekly 'bump' shots which kinda shows the bump forming, if you squint your eyes and look really hard at my fat/fluff.😜
P.S. I already had stretch marks from growing fast when I was younger and getting fat and then skinny in Highh School. Those are old marks and I'm sure I'll be making more.😅
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Kisses for bubba-- so many people ask how Hayden feels about becoming a brother. He has no clue! I will say he is super sweet to other babies and just has a very sweet heart and temperament. This is the one thing I literally can't wait for. To see my two boys together 💕 it's going to be crazy wild and I can't wait! #boymom

Absolute heaven on earth holding this beautiful rainbow baby! .

Dancing (and really wanting to take a nap) into the 30th week! Oh so thankful to God for another week with this precious baby boy! The last few weeks have been rough BUT God has given me His joy today! I get teary every time I remember God's goodness and how He's answered so many prayers. THANK YOU all so much for your prayers and encouragement! #forthischildweprayed #babypowellnumber2 #soverythankful #Godgivesthebestgifts #theblessedlittlewifey

Moje deti 💛💓Počala som 4 dušičky, 2 odišli takmer okamžite a dve sa rozhodli zostať u mňa v brušku. Môj syn a moja dcéra. Mesiace a roky čakania, hodiny a hodiny dúfania, tony sĺz a sklamania, nekonečne mnoho snaženia, večné strácanie a znovu hľadanie viery... a toľko krát zaznela tá veta. Musíš vyčkať a byť trpezlivá... a tak čakám a okolo mňa sa stále rodia nové a nové deti, tehotenské brušká miznú a časom pribúdajú nové a tak stále dookola a ja som už roky stále na tej čakačke. Bubnujú mi malé nôžky v brušku a hlásia, že už hádam naozaj iba na chvíľu. Tri mesiace sú len zrnko v čase, ale pre mňa po tom všetkom skoro ako večnosť. V mojích dlaniach vždy ukryté tajomné bytôstky, ktoré poznám iba cez moje vnútro, ale malé nôžky v brušku hlásia, že už hádam naozaj nie na dlho. Potom v nich nájdeš ukryté dieťatko. Dar. Dušičku v živom tele, v ktorom vždy bude aj kus z neho. Lebo bez toho na ľavo by nikdy nebolo ani to na pravo. Bez strateného by nebolo ani nájdeného, bez bolesti by nebolo viery, bez tmy by nebolo hviezd. #2015 #2017 #son #daughter #rainbowbaby #babyontheway #tehotenstvo #pregnancy #bigbrother #littlesister


Our sweet funny determined little fire monkey 🔥🐒 is 7 months old today. She is clearly feeling all the feelings with this new milestone 😳
Thank you for choosing us as your parents & teaching us so many lessons as our tiny guru 🙏 ps - Mummy & Daddy miss sleep 😴😱😬 @tao_and_dharma

He has been so fussy the last few hours. But laying on my chest listening to my heartbeat calms him right down. ❤❤
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I think I might have birthed a chipmunk 🐹 #cheeks

Baby is perfect! Organs in proper locations, heart beautiful and whole, ten fingers and ten toes. I don't quite believe it yet. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Daniel is truly looking over this little one and we are feeling beyond blessed and grateful. We have a long way to go before this baby is safely in our arms, but this is a step in the right direction. Bonus - we got a couple 3D pictures during the appointment -swipe to view! ❤

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"In January 2014, my husband and I found out we were expecting. We had just started trying and this was a welcomed surprise!
⠀ ⠀
When we went in for our first sonogram, we learned that our baby's gestational timeline and size did not add up, and there was no detectable heartbeat. Our doctor suspected that I may have had a miscarriage, but we were told to come back in a week to see if there was any growth of the baby. There was a possibility that we had miscalculated the date of conception. We were so discouraged and heartbroken, but prayed for a miracle during the longest week of our lives. I'd had no symptoms of a miscarriage yet, and we clung to the tiny sliver of hope.
⠀ ⠀
The next week during our sonogram, our worst fear came true. The baby had not grown and there was still no heartbeat. Together we decided I'd opt out of having a D&C. Instead, I'd take a pill that would force my body into physically miscarrying. After going to the pharmacy and having to consult with the pharmacist, I had not realized this (Cytotec aka misoprostol) was also the way that early-on pregnancies were aborted. It was the absolute worst pain I have experienced, in addition to the emotional torment of it all.

About one year later, we were happy (and pretty scared) to learn that we were expecting again. But, a few weeks later, I recognized the terrible symptoms... I was miscarrying again. After a follow up with the doctor, we were told the Cytotec would be necessary once again because my body hadn't fully recognized that it wasn't pregnant anymore.

While going through this for the second time, I couldn't help but be angry. Angry to be doing this to my body again, and angry that some choose to take this pill for an unwanted pregnancy when we so badly wanted and prayed to be pregnant.

Three months later, I was pregnant again. Though nervous, cautious and sometimes fearful, we finally got to hear our baby's heartbeat! On January 22, 2016, we welcomed our rainbow baby, Emorie, into the world! She's 18 months old now. I tell my husband sometimes that I think God gave us our active, but very affectionate, little girl as a comfort for the babies that we lost."- Lindsey #standforlife

So glad we could help this beautiful family have a keepsake for their Rainbow Baby to help her remember her big Brother Ryder will always watch over her. #restinpeacebabyryder #guardianangel #rainbowbaby #love #family #ryderj #angelbaby

We are on day 2 of a new (mostly) plant-based diet. We've been talking about going meat-free for years and have cut back a great deal. Now it feels like the right next step for us is to cut out most other animal foods too. (For the time being we're still doing a small amount of eggs and fish, mostly for Esmé.)
•{CW:disordered eating}•
I feel it's important to say here that I do not believe there is any one diet that is right for everyone. As someone who has spent the past 15 years in recovery from an eating disorder (and I feel that recovery is an active, ongoing, life-long process), the most important thing for me is to have a good relationship with food. And that means I don't make value judgements about food choices, my own or anyone else's. It took many years of deep and difficult work to get to where I am now, and stopping the binge-purge-restrict cycle was only the beginning of a long hard journey to heal my relationship with food and my body on a deep level. I am now able to eat intuitively, and preparing and eating food have become, for the most part, acts of loving care. But having a healthy relationship with food means not categorizing foods as "good" or "bad". And also knowing that we all sometimes eat purely for pleasure or to soothe stress, and that's ok! I don't do food shaming. And I refuse to engage in a toxic inner dialogue of guilt and judgment. Early in my recovery, cutting out any category of food would have been unhealthy. But at this stage I've come a long way, and not eating animal foods just feels right for our family and in line with the compassion we feel for animals. So we're giving it a try! That doesn't mean I think everyone should eat the way we do, because food is so much more complicated than that, and needs and circumstances vary from person to person. Health is also nuanced and complex and mental health is just as important as what you eat. So this is what we're doing in our family, but I support you doing what makes sense for you!
Last thing! I would love to hear any tips and resources from any other vegan/plant-based mamas out there, especially those of you with toddlers! Tell me your secrets! 🌱💕🌱

Happy hump day lovelies! After a sleepless night we're off to find some coffee for me and a park for Bébé to burn off some steam. Most days I marvel at a child's level of energy but when I'm sleep deprived the struggle is real to cope with it lol! .
#champagnesilvousplait #septemberbaby #thirdtrimester #rainbowbaby

Made this adorable baby grow today, for a local lady who's having a rainbow baby next month 😍🌈👶 .
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I found a 🌈 #rainbow #rainbowbaby

💍 I stumbled upon this pic as I'm trying to organize my home office. The girl about to get married, working out for HOURS, dieting, then BINGE eating 🍫🍫🍫, disappointed, lacking confidence. I had really wanted toned arms for 👰🏻 & I can remember how frustrated I was looking back at this pic. I hated opening these presents in front of everyone. I was panicking about having to walk down the aisle in front of everyone. Like legit panic & anxiety. I don't even like to really think about it bc I was so excited to marry Chris, but those feelings were overwhelming me.
And NOW 😍
Now, look at these beautiful babies, my girls. I am so proud to be their momma.
I have worked so hard on myself to be 😁CONFIDENT, HAPPY, ROLE MODEL 💗
I've learned to take care of myself with a healthy lifestyle but can still enjoy food, treats, beer 🍻.
I work out less than an hour a day(bc frankly that's all I have time for).
I am in the best shape ever after growing 3 humans & 3 csections 👧🏻👧🏻👶🏼
I have the toned arms I've always wanted 💪
But I HAD felt like my efforts were futile.
Now I know what to do.
And if you could benefit from support & guidance on your health journey, PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out. .
Change is possible & I can help you achieve your goals. 🖐🏼waiting. There will never be a perfect time. You have to figure out the time to take care of YOU. 🌟YOU ARE WORTH IT 🌟
Comment READY or pm me & we can start a convo on how to help you get started. Bc that's often the hardest part. .
THANK YOU so much for the 💗! I haven't been able to respond to all of the comments from last night's post, BUT I've read them & I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart 😘
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On the eve of your first birthday, Im remembering how it felt to finally hold you in my arms. You see my little boy, you are our rainbow baby. The pregnancy we lost before you ripped a hole in our hearts that could never be repaired. After continued years of infertility that hole remained. Just as we were ready to give up, we were given you. Those 2 lines gave us hope, that hope was sometimes tested because you liked giving us scares. Then came the music to our ears of your precious beating heart. Before we knew it, the anticipation that had been building for years was even sweeter than we imagined. There they were, the heart warming sounds of your first mighty cries. The cries that felt so surreal to hear. The cries we feared many times we would not get to hear. The minute you were laid on my chest something magical happen. The hole that had been torched into my heart stopped burning. While that hole wasn't replace, we were given an entire new piece. Holding your precious body, feeling your heart beat against mine, watching the rise and fall of your chest, and feeling the warmth of your breath told me you were here, you were real! The joy felt is truly indescribable. An immense happiness I hope you know will never fade. Just ask your sister! We will always love and fawn over you. Its part of the gig in our household. We love you with every ounce of our beings our sweet baby boy!

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