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All of my heart in one picture.💗👶🏼🌈

Mine 💞 #RainbowBaby

I meannnn...😍 • We have graduated to size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing and my heart can't take it. It's all going too fast already! || #iknowiknowitsonlygoingtogofaster • PS: why are baby armpits so freakin cute? 🤣

Guten Morgen!🌸 Hier seht ihr das Outfit von gestern dann angezogen (ohne die Schuhe)!Ich hätte sie wie immer auffressen können!

Und jetzt ein kleiner Aufreger: Gestern durfte ich mir öfters Sprüche anhören wie "Sie ist aber gut in Futter!, Och du kleines Moppelchen..." gerne untermalt mit Wangenkneifern (absolutes No-Go!)
Ich finde das ganz ganz schrecklich!!!Ich habe das große Glück(!) dass Marie vom Kreißsaal aus super getrunken hat und wir ein perfektes Still-Team sind!
Wie kann man generell über ein 3Monate altes Baby solche Aussagen treffen!?😤
Ist das Kind sehr schlank werden Tipps zum Beifüttern gegeben, hat es pralle Bäckchen dann sowas?Ich finde das eine Frechheit und total grenzüberschreitend!

Empfinde nur ich das so?

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His shy little smile, her bald little head. I just can't. ✋🏼#mybabies

13 weeks 👶🏼💗💙
I am feeling extra blessed as each day passes. I love watching my tummy grow again and I am finally feeling myself again after some difficult weeks. We are still waiting for our consultant appointment which we need asap to plan this little ones specialist heart scan. Getting the right care plan is all what matters right now so we can bring you home and make sure you're here to stay 🌈
#rainbowbaby #lovedbeyondmeasure #pregnancy #13weekspregnant

our baby girl is making our life together unbelievably sweet and full of love ❤️ lucky to feel so strong and healthy through this pregnancy, minus some tough weeks in the beginning. I believe credit is owed to acupuncture, workouts with @juicifer, yoga, walking and eating mostly good stuff (plus lots of 🍦for balance 😛) she kicks me all day and night and it's wonderful 🤸🏽‍♀️ This right now, this part of my life, this is my bliss. Can't even believe it's gonna get better from here. 👶🏼🌈🦋#rainbowbaby #26weeks #pregnancybliss

B A B Y . W E A R I N G
Today I received a stunning ring sling from @slingstudio - this photo doesn't do justice to how incredibly beautiful it is and I know this will be something special that will be used with a lot of love. Go and check out their beautiful page - baby wearing never looked so chic and I can't wait to be able to use it.
I am a completely obsessed with baby wearing now and worry that I'll soon have enough carriers and slings to open my own library! I will definitely need to book to see you again @eastdulwichslings to get some advice on how best to use this beauty.
And another amazing thing about these slings is that @slingstudio give 5% of their proceeds to @Tommys_thebabycharity as well as sponsoring the Mums Voice Award - they couldn't have chosen a better charity in my eyes 🙌🏻

So the first few days with a new born is always a bit of a roller coaster of emotions.

For @stevejashton and I it's definitely been bittersweet. Emily arrived three years to the day from when Oliver stopped breathing in my arms at home.
Today marks the third anniversary of when our gorgeous boy took his last breath. Always a tough day for us, so we decided to link our two together by registering Emily's birth today, and giving a positive association to a tough day for us.
I only wish there were other ways we could see our babies together, but I am sure Oliver is very proud of his little sister. I went in a shop to buy a card for someone else and found this lovely heart with one of my favourite sayings on it; 'When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars'
Another place my two little ones can be together. I was obviously meant to buy it today for Emily's nursery.

#rainbowbaby #pregnancyafterloss #crazycoincidences


I love that chub, that smile, and that girl. 😍🛁❤️

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Today my Bestie & Stevo will find out if they are having a Pirate Boy OR a Mermaid Girl!?!?! I am EXTREMELY HONORED to be the safe keeper of the envelope! I have worked very hard on not only keeping the secret from our close friends, but prepping for the part-ee!!! With the POP of balloons we will soon all know! This is a big milestone in our lives...not just because this baby is a miracle, but because this baby is a 🌈 baby hand picked in Heaven by our precious Ellie (Abernathy Angel baby) and in my own little way I think Grammy (Bestie's grandma), my momma & our Zachery (Emory Angel baby)too 😉
I know Jesus & these Grandmas are snuggling our babies & loving on them till we can!
So today...PIRATE OR MERMAID...let me know what you think...
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7 weeks today. I cannot stay awake, I'm like a hibernating bear. I can't sleep on my stomach anymore already because I am so bloated it's uncomfortable. My only craving so far is Chic-fil-a. I am ready for Tuesday so we can check on the baby. #7weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnancy #rainbowbaby #rainbow #pregnancyafterloss #pregnantafterloss #duejanuary2018

Every pregnancy is a gift. Even so in the case of loss. My family and I know this to be true as we have suffered the loss of our two boys in pregnancy. Kohlson Ryan Mills on April 29, 2015, and Daylin Parker Mills on February 4, 2016. Tragedy struck us to the very core we were absolutely broken. We turned to the Lord for our strength and praised God through the storms. But you see our Heavenly babies changed our lives and saved my life. We are now expecting our Rainbow baby. After every storm, there is a rainbow and our sweet Kohen Chase is our blessing from God. After suffering through loss it’s so hard to stay positive and not worry. For me, as a mommy of two beautiful children and two Heavenly baby boys, I am praising God for every moment. This pregnancy I have prayed more than I ever have and praised even more than that. You see I am thankful for every heartbeat, every movement, I’m even thankful for the heartburn and my aching back its all part of having my little Blessing. READ MORE from this #heartofamother story and beautiful photography today on blmommy.com in "Rainbow Baby Maternity Session and Story by Sarah Gillogly Studios".

4 years ago I completed this baby blanket for the little baby we were expecting. He told me last night he needs a bigger blanket because "Mama, I'm growing up!" 😢💙 #ohyaycrochet #yarn #crochet #crocheting #lovehim #littleMrMister #momlife #motherhood #boymom

So happy this turnt up! Just in time for ovulation #ovulation #conceiveplus #lube #sex #ttc #ttcforbaby #rainbowbaby

Six. Months. Old. I wish I could make time slow down! Adelaide sits up all on her own, is just days away from crawling, has two sweet little teeth, and her favorite food is blueberries and avocados! This season goes by so fast!❤️
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